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Rachel Uchitel: She Dated Elin's New Boyfriend!

7/16/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren may be in Sweden, but she just can't seem to escape Rachel Uchitel -- because we found out ... Rachel banged Elin's new boyfriend!

Rachel Uchitel and Elin Nordegren
We told you yesterday ... Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing exec Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon. But before Elin, sources tell TMZ Jamie and Rachel were an item -- and there was a little bit of an overlap with Jamie and Tiger, but Jamie bowed out to the golfer.

In fact, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, "That ok.  I'll date his wife, Elin."

And get this ... at the time the Tiger Woods scandal broke, Jamie was living with Rachel in a MIami home. 

And there's more. Remember the name, Jen Madden? She's the one who sold the Tiger Woods story in the first place, and she got the info because she stayed at the Miami home and overheard Rachel tell Jamie about her affair with Tiger.

Who knew Elin Nordegren had a little bit of Rachel in her.

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No Avatar


That makes Tiger and Jamie "Eskimo Brothers"!!!

1140 days ago


who hasnt slept with rachel uchitel? that chick is like a bicycle, everyone gets a ride.

1140 days ago


Wow-Rachel you are a filthy ****.

1140 days ago


Who hasn't that girl dated?

1140 days ago


Less people went down on the Titantic than the men who f**ked her.

1140 days ago


Jesus TMZ you don't know if they ****** or what...

Thats just ******* disrespectful. Don't you think after seeing all of this going down he would have told her he dated her and be honest about it. Just because Tiger is a liar doesn't make all men liars...

Also look at it this way..... He did nothing wrong. Like the story states he bowed out... he didn't **** Tiger nor did he setup all these **** dates for Tiger and her.

Oh and to be clear.... I would Date Elin too..

1140 days ago


Wow! "S!" I guess Elin needs to screen all new potential boyfriends so if they did not dated or screwed Rachel. Now, "Rachel is like a bolt, someone takes a turn"

1140 days ago


Elin has her own money. People with money often date others with money to assure they're not "loved" for their money.

Say what you want about Rachel: She did a good job in the TMZ interview. She didn't let trap herself by Harvey's questions. You have to be intelligent to survive such an interview.

1140 days ago

PRO US    

OldTimer about an hour ago

I really hope this guy pulled a 3 some. All women are skanks.


You shouldn't judge all women by your mother.

1140 days ago

K Parr    

Unbelievable. This out to play out in an interesting twist.

1140 days ago


Ha Ha Elin found her new love. NOT!!!!! He's just ******* her to get back at Tiger for stealing Rachel.LMAO the guys a pimp.

1140 days ago

PRO US    

Sad sad 16 hours ago

Defiantly not choosing this guy for his looks.

You mean "definitely" and I agree, definitely.

"Defiantly" means something else.

1140 days ago

PRO US    

Rich ugly guys like Jamie Dingaling Dingman (son of a billionaire who didn't make all that money by creating any jobs or manufacturing any products in America but just by manipulating money and commodity markets on Wall Street) get a lot of hot women to frack because they're salivating, hungry for them to part with some of their fortunes. LOL

Lucky ba-st-urd-s.

Next time you see an ugly guy, don't be so mean to him. If he's rich, he's probably getting a lot more beautiful women to frack than you.

What a funny world! Ya gotta laugh.

What an ugly face on that luck guy!

She's a knockout!

1140 days ago


Rachel is looking for more money.

Elin Woods was nothing but class. Worlwide embarresment, she was made a fool of. That would hurt anyone. Tiger Woods has tanked since. The classic injury, Doctor's say, and so on.

Dubai is no longer working, endorsements worth millions is now chump change. Nike who stood by him, probally out of embarresment has been bailing out. Elin Woods got 100 million divorce settlement. She is going out and dating. Why wouldn't she.

1140 days ago


Can we please stop seeing stories about this rachel yuck-whatever whore? After she got paid $10 million to not tell anyone that she was a disgusting desperate slut who f*cks married men (which she told about anyway), I was hoping she'd slime her way back under the rock she came out from under. But, apparently not; she's still slutting it up with anyone she can spread her legs for, and apparently we're going to be seeing her stained skanky stank carcass in future news items. Disgusting...

1140 days ago
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