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Columbus Cops: We'll Protect Casey ... For a Price

7/17/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony may be in Columbus, OH this AM, and if she is ... she can get police protection, but it's going to cost her.

The Columbus PD tells TMZ ... they have a Special Duty program, which allows people in their fine city to hire off duty cops for protection, and that's what Casey would have to do if she wants someone to guard her from the angry mob.

We're told, however, if there is a specific, real threat ... the PD would treat her the way they would anyone else and provide appropriate protection, without cost.

It may well be that Casey did not get on the Ohio-bound jet this AM (an airport official says the plane was carrying golfers) but the drill will be the same pretty much anywhere she goes -- if there's a real threat, cops will provide protection ... whether they think she killed her child or not.


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July 17, 2011. All of the mainstream press is wondering . . . where will CASEY ANYTHONY live. She was released from prison last night at midnight - and up until THIS MORNING - no one knows where she is.

But EXCLUSIVELY does. According to one of out ROCK SOLID SNITCHES, Casey is now in COLUMBUS, OHIO. And this is not rumor - this is 100% FACT!!

She left Florida as soon as she was released from prison. Casey boarded a private airplane at 1:04 A.M. and arrived at Columbus Ohio at 2:51 A.M.'s snitch tells us that her attorneys put her on a Lear Jet because she could not take a commercial flight due to death threats.

Casey is now staying just OUTSIDE of Columbus - in a PREDOMINANTLY African American suburb. We plan on releasing Casey's FULL ADDRESS tomorrow!!

Oh, and we have the FLIGHT NUMBER and everything below. And yes . . . it CHECKS OUT!!

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE REPORT. We work VERY HARD to break these reports, and we DESERVE credit for doing so.

1192 days ago


FK this hag!

1192 days ago


The person in the back had a bullet prove vest on.Where they expecting some action or is that just a normal thing?

1192 days ago


I truly don't care what happens to her. Well, maybe a part of me wishes someone would .... never mind. I'd better not.

1192 days ago


Casey is now staying just OUTSIDE of Columbus - in a PREDOMINANTLY African American suburb.

So they put here somewhere where she will stand out?

1192 days ago


NONE! NOTHING! She needs to get lost period,leave this witch alone and when the media goes away she will crumble. ANY ATTENTION FOR HER SHE FEELS IS GREAT! Lets see protect her NO let her go on her own she seemed to do pretty good before she made this huge mess.

1192 days ago



Dude you are so wrong! That flight at 1:04 am was confirmed to be carrying nothing but golfers!

However, Sources have told WFTV news station that Casey boarded a plane at the Orlando Executive Airport at about 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning. WFTV does not know where the plane was headed. Sources, however, did say that the plane has a connection to an attorney formerly on her case.

1192 days ago

Home Skillet    

This is only starting, Babykiller.

1192 days ago

Concerend Citizen    

I figured this all out ten minutes after she got out of jail she was headed to Ohio. I then saw a feed on KTLA of the airport with the N Number N145GM, which I then tracked, and the proof is on my facebook page which posted it. SO MTO, how about you credit me......

Here is what I posted over 10 hours ago...

"So, I'm watching the Car chase in LA going on 2 hours now... And they break to the Casey Anthony release, KTLA shows a feed from Orlando, and it shows her going to an airport, KORL. They showed briefly the N Number of the Lear, a 2008 Lear 45.Anyway it flew down from Ohio 2 days ago out of KCMH. 10 hours ago · Like"

"BTW N Number is N145GM, you can watch the flight on FlightAware,​e/flight/N145GM/history/20​110717/0200Z/KORL/KCMH

"She's Booking 40,000 feet, and 435 Knots... (about 500 mph)"

"And she is on the ground in Columbus Ohio...
8 hours ago · Like"

Hey MTO, this is not Rocket Science, it took me about 10 minutes to put it all together, and I blogged it live....

1192 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Big deal. Really. President Reagan was shot while surrounded by secret service. If somebody is really determined in their heart to take her out, they will.

1192 days ago


Why would she need protection? Didn't the courts find her not guilty? Leave her alone and let the media find a new scapegoats life to ruin. Enough T.V. shows made sure her life will be destroyed.

1192 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Omg, using tax dollars to provide protection for her? Nope! If she wants protection from the mob then let her hire herself some private security.

1192 days ago


Maybe we should just throw her on a deserted island, ya know, like in "Swiss Family Robinson" -- and let her fend for herself.

1192 days ago

Chun LI    

No Police Protection fo this baby killer.I don't want any officer hurt or killed when someone shoots her in the face or uterus.

1192 days ago


Casey did this to herself. She murdered her daughter because Caylee was interfering with her party life.

Don't think Casey will be partying anytime soon.

1192 days ago
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