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Artie Hasn't Asked Me

For His Job Back

7/18/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange said he'd do ANYTHING to get his job back on the Howard Stern Show -- but according to Howard, his former radio pal still hasn't taken one very important step ... actually ASK for it.

Artie Lange
Howard briefly discussed Artie on the Stern show this morning -- claiming, "Artie had said he wishes he was back on the show ... [which] stirred up a whole bunch of conversation that I don't even know how to begin to address."

When Robin asked if Artie ever personally approached Howard to ask for his job back, Howard replied, "No, but I think he would if he could get a hold of me."

As for Artie's possible return to radio with a new show -- Howard said, "Of course I support it. I think it would be great. I'd like to listen to Artie."

Howard adds, "I'm glad to hear that he's feeling better ... I'm really pulling for him. I hope he does okay."


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Give him another chance,I think he is funny.Look if 12 idiotic jurors can let a murderer and pathological liar go,why not give Artie another chance.

1159 days ago


howie is sooooooooooo washed up

that's why he is only paid a brutal $100 million per year, for the next 4 years

some of you 'tards need to get a clue

1159 days ago


WHY is this being handled like this is a big scandal or something??/ I really could care less about him or Howard but man, TMZ loves them some fake drama don't they? Godo lord, get him off your front page please and get some REAL news!

1159 days ago


@ TMZG, doesn't change the fact his shtick got old years ago. Some people are just loyal fans and gluttons for punishment. That's fine and more power to Howard for getting it while he can. But me, i bailed on listening to Stern years ago. Everyday it's same old tired crap, different day. *YAWN*

I'd rather listen to music while i work. I hate radio commercials and on those morning talk shows they relentlessly throw them at you nonstop.

1159 days ago


I tried to listen to Howard and robin today on sirus 100, it was painful. I switched to a replay with Howard and Artie on 101 and laughed my ass off. BRING BACK ARTIE

1159 days ago


on Howard Stern........

bl bl bl blllll ugh blugh blugh bbbbb llllllluuuuuugh blugh......

ooops sorry, I just BARFED all over my keyboard, my desktop, my computer screen, the curtains, the rug, the lights, the ceiling ...

Man..... whew good thing I didn't get any of that on my self..........

HE MAKES ME SICK...........WHAT A FREAK! At least I can wash all that stuff off..... ugh just thinking about him makes me wanna vomit............oh I gotta go here it comes again..........

1159 days ago


Artie is, simply put, a liability (sorry to and for him, though). Just like the Sheen fiasco, there needs to be a responsible head to weigh the options. Accountability will prevail. Howard need not be thrown in the mix. It's business.

1159 days ago


Howard was insinuating that Artie would not BE ABLE to get a hold of him. Listen to how he says it. He Artie years were the best years howard has ever had, and I've been a listener for 26 years non-stop. Howard is so boring now, and Robin has lost it. Artie brought some youth and excitement to the show. Howard would be lucky to have Artie back.

1159 days ago


artie has never been funny except when he picked up the penknife for his faux suicide attempt. what a douche. waaaaah!

1159 days ago

HorseFaced GoldDigger    

Artie needs to do his own thing. The Howard Stern Shows has become a complete joke. The View is more controversial and entertaining. The whole show has become nothing more than Howard bitching about not having enough money or repeating his same boring thoughts on reality TV or his horsey wife's 3rd rate magazine covers. And Robin, the woman giving diet and health advice on HufPo, is bigger and fatter than ever. She looks like a damned moose.

1159 days ago

Proper Modulation is Required    

What a bunch of sorry haters. Wow, just Wow. Today you missed an incredible interview with Lady Gaga and absolutely gorgeous performance. The show remains fantastic! Howard, You Rock. Hey Artie, Stay Well :) Thanks TMZ for the updates with Artie.

1159 days ago


There's a reason why Howard Stern is still on the air. He's got a LOT of listeners. Some of the stuff is repetitive but overall there is no other radio show that will actually make me laugh out loud while I'm on my way to work. You don't like him? Then why are you reading about him and posting here. Move on to the next article. Turn the channel... it's easy.

1156 days ago


I am voicing my OPINION here because I can.

HOWARD STERN is a SUB-HUMAN. He is DEPRAVED! I DETEST HIM! I have seen his schtick for less than 1 hour total. He makes hundreds of millions of dollars making fun of and exploiting the poor, the homeless, the unfortunate, the deprived, the weak, the lonely etc. etc. etc. YOU and many others find that funny?......

What MORE needs to be said ?

1155 days ago


The Stern show is still the best talk show on radio. I've tried listening to many others and they don't compare. I laugh out loud everyday. Artie should be brought back. He still is funny as hell and can bring back what the shows been missing. For those of you tired of the Artie/Stern articles, simply don't read them.

1155 days ago

O&A Are Better    

anyone who listens to Howard knows that his show is not what it used to be he spends 3 hours a day talking about himself and how great he is. Granted he is one of the best interviewers around but he is a narcissistic douche and Artie was a vital part of that show and will do well where ever he lands

1147 days ago
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