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Watching Cristiano Ronaldo

7/19/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While heading to practice in L.A. on Monday, soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo flashed his pimped out gold World Traveler Watch featuring four different time zones on its face.


Ronaldo knows what time it is.

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ronaldo is a closet homosexual

1193 days ago


Man I wish Crissy Ron would come back to United. Saying that, the £80m ($150m) we sold him for is more than enough!


1193 days ago


Those can not be 4 different time zones. None of the minutes are the same. There is not 4 times zones with differing minutes. There only a couple.

1193 days ago


Let's see; I'm a douche in LA at 10 a.m., I'm a douche in NYC at 1 p.m., I'm a douche in London at 6 p.m., but I'm not a douche in Sydney until 1 a.m. tomorrow morning!

1193 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Do you think he knows how to read any of those dials?

1193 days ago

some guy    

I'm surprised his watch doesn't slip off from all his Greasiness.

1192 days ago

some guy    

I like the wrist strap. Feels like tha*****ch belongs with a suit, though, not on the way to the gym.

Dunno why there's so many faces. I'd have to be squinting to know what time it is. I'd rather wear something simple.

Maybe I should get the one that Sir Eurogreasy is wearing, blow it up to Flavor Flav-size proportions, and wear it around my neck.
I keeps it real, yo.

1192 days ago

some guy    

I think Sir Eurogreasy got tha*****ch from those eggs you get from those vending machines, like the ones inside supermarkets.

1192 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... I wonder if Cristiano was actually royalty, what would his title be? Would I have to call him 'Your Greasiness'?

1192 days ago


hala Madrid!!

1192 days ago

some guy    

I sometimes wonder what the people I write about feel if they read my stuff. Then I smoke another bowl.

1192 days ago


You're wrong about time zones. Offset time zones are in Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), French Polynesia, Venezuela, Australia (North. Terr.),
India, and Iran. That's not to say that the minutes aren't all effed up on his watch, just that you are wrong about your theory...
Also, funny that when David Jong writes "that wris****ch" (minus the "wrist", as in "that" "watch" together), the auto censors pick it up as twit (but with the a in place of the i in "twit") and blocks it out.

1192 days ago


What's really funny is that the minute hand on the watch is different in every time zone and the hour hand isn't quite on the hour. Any idiot knows that the minutes should always be the same no matter what timezone. Alternative theory TMZ, instead of timezones the watch is actually giving year, months, days, and hours. It certainly appears that way to me on closer inspection. That would make it, in my opinion, the cooles*****ch I have seen.

1192 days ago


Who needs a watch that shows the time in four time zones? You can only be in one at a time. Otherwise basic math skills help. I think the person who sold the watch made out like a bandit. Probably tens of thousands of dollars and I doubt that even once he has looked down at the watch and said "Damn it I am an hour late for a meeting in Spain." Seriously?

1192 days ago


So how do you remember which time zones have been set? Put little stickies on the watch?

1192 days ago
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