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Noah Wyle & The Unsolved Congo Mystery

7/19/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Noah Wyle's trip to the Congo couldn't possibly be as interesting -- or horrifying -- as the African tale Harvey shared with the newsroom. Now, if we could just prove Harvey's story really happened.071911_TV_noah_still

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some guy    

I just Wiki'd Dag Hammarskjold... IDK... think TMZ's starting to get too educational.

I think we need a follow-up from Max on if he ever got that scoop on whether Megan Fox is into anal.

1191 days ago


Now that we are done with the idiots who are trying to sell crap on TMZ every time, I can finally say, I'm selling armani suits, just email me.

Now for the real stuff. After leaving ER, this guy's career ended and he's doing anything he can to get his name in the news. Who the %*#@ cares.

1191 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

The only mystery is who this Noah Wyle is.

1191 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

Alright TMZ, looks like you still cover untalented morons here. But anyway, I came here because I watched your moronic show for some reason earlier today, and you were covering AL PACINO! That's right, Michael Corleone, Serpico, Tony Montana etc etc. And while Harvey was once again giving him praise for his mind-blowing performance for DDA, he asked his young cokcuskers to "name a better living actor than Pacino," and so his fellow youngsters in an instant started calling out names: Jack Nicholson, meryl streep, day-lewis and freeman. Nicholson? Sure he's one of the best, but he can't touch Pacino. Streep? her wigs and accents have nothing on Vivien Leigh. But one that got me was Harvey's coksuker who called out day-lewis like it was no competition. Yeah right! Has lewis ever acted beside someone great? when he did, he was outacted by all the females in the horrible "Nine" movie. He had TWBB all by himself, no competition to give him a challenge. Dicaprio? HA! little overrated prick. Day-lewis in his own terms is a great actor, but he has NEVER acted with a 'heavyweight' to put him a challenge. Pacino OWNS day-lewis. In Scarface alone he's better than day-lewis' whole career. And I wouldn't consider Scarface his best performance. So day lewis? Hey Harvey, tell that little fcker who shaved his head to shove it. And another called out morgan freeman... are you kidding me? better than Pacino? ha ha ha! Freeman is great and all, but he's not even in the top 20. The only living actor that is better or the same as Pacino is Bobby D. But it doesn't matter, because no one can beat these two gods with immense talent. Ha ha ha... daniel day-lewis, sure he's performance in TWBB is one of the greatest. But like I said... he had NO competition. Pacino through his lifetime has acted aside the greats. The only time Pacino failed was along Brando in the godfather. But still, he's the best and his little 5'5ft stature owns Day-Lewis. Suck on that!

1191 days ago

some guy    

Whew... I can kinda feel the anger from Icebaby's post. Can see his keyboard getting warm.

Gotta agree, though... Pacino's list of movies blows Daniel day-Lewis' out of the water.

I'm thinking Icebaby's either the president of the Al Pacino fan club... or someone else. I dunno.

1191 days ago


loved him on ER

found out that "Wyle is the lead in TNT's new sci-fi series from Steven Spielberg titled Falling Skies. Wyle plays the leader o*****roup of soldiers and civilians that battle against an alien force, according to the network" from wikipedia

too bad I don't get TNT!!!

1191 days ago

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