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Amy Winehouse -- Signs of Life When Help Arrived

7/23/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Amy Winehouse death investigation tell TMZ ... paramedics found "signs of life" when they arrived Saturday afternoon, but she died before they could transport her.

0722_amy_EX4Our sources were not specific as to the exact nature of the "signs of life."

According to our sources, law enforcement "is operating under the suspicion" this an overdose, although police will not say on the record it's an overdose until the first postmortem exam Sunday morning.

As TMZ first reported, police on the scene determined there were no signs of foul play and there is nothing suspicious about the death.


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signs of life? the bitch has been the walking dead for the last several years. one less junkie in the world to worry about.

1189 days ago


She sure as hell won't be remembered for her music, if really at all. She was a tabloid freak show.

1189 days ago

as I was sayin    

R.I.P (Such a beautiful 60's soulful voice she had,so captivating.)

1189 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

RIP Amy, I love you.....

1189 days ago


So now the big question. How did they, the paramedics, know to go there?? If she called, now that's a real tragedy. If someone else called and bailed, that's a crime. Who called on Belushi, Hutchence, etc.

1189 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....lets face it...ONE album..a couple of hits off of it...and she was addict long before that...I'm surprised she had managed to stay alive this long..most don't...

1189 days ago


....Yep, this one always gets to me as well--you know that stupid sentiment how it's wrong to speak ill of the dead, however, while they are alive you can spew all the gut-wrenching, soul-killing sh#t you want about them--as if the dead give a flying pigeon penis about what is said after they are rotting in the ground.

Shouldn't it be the other way around, like in--don't speak ill of the living because you may hurt their feelings and cause them to want to swallow the contents of a double barrel shotgun?

Look you delinquents, only three things can occur after one dies---Hell, where you will spend all of the days and nights begging a demon named I Don't Give A F#ck, to please dislodge that four pronged pitchfork from your anus--or Heaven, where you will spend all your days and nights strumming harps, stomping grapes because Jesus can't go an hour without his Jesus Juice, and watching Shirley Temple movies---or Nothing, no self-awareness of anything, light, dark, or fuchsia.

None of the three things that will happen after death includes any thought as to what the dimwits on earth are saying about you. So lets rethink this whole "should not speak ill of the dead" crap, and worry more about how we speak of the living--or skrew it altogether and speak ill of both living and dead, because let's face it, in this world there is simply much more ill to speak of than good....Artofwar

1189 days ago

chris walley    

@SDGUYAG your using somebodys death to promote your **** to sell WHAT A ****IN *******

1189 days ago


How about an 'Amy Winehouse' piece of legislation that ends the sexual abuse initiations when signing a contract with certain major labels. It is called RAPE and for a handful of more fragile female up and coming artists it is a self esteem death sentence.
Amy was healthy and happy and until she was 'passed around' at her signing. Self esteem killer for an artist of her caliber. Turn a blind eye and say I am crazy but you are cruelly incorrect
No one can deny her breakdown happened after signing to corrupt U-------- Records. Godspeed Amy and thank you for the great tracks you left us with.

1189 days ago

chris walley    

@sdguyag that is wrong , your promoting your fake gucci products on a website about info on a death one word - JERK OFF

1189 days ago


Speaking of drugs and OD's, Courtney Love and her real life are steeped in pharmaceuticals (still using) and longtime friend Winona Ryder was sucked into the seedy void thanks to her friendship...she still uses all of the drugs Courtney introduced to her. They are partial to any opioid, but also like benzos and God knows what else.

1189 days ago


Paz en la tumba de una gran cantante!

1189 days ago


Bandonbound 15 minutes ago
So now the big question. How did they, the paramedics, know to go there?? If she called, now that's a real tragedy. If someone else called and bailed, that's a crime. Who called on Belushi, Hutchence, etc.
Well she was found in the afternoon in England time. I was thinking she might have been alone, but had plans with someone and when she didn't answer her door - they called police? Family? But I don't know.. Every article that I read - I keep waiting to see who found her, but nothing yet.

1189 days ago


Im actually glad she's dead. We don't need addicts taking up media space. She might have had a great career waiting for her, but she chose drugs and alcohol instead. Good riddance to be honest.

1189 days ago


another musian dead at 27... they refer to it as the 27 club. creepy. but sad.

1189 days ago
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