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Police -- Don't Call Amy's Death an Overdose Yet

7/23/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police in London released their first official statement that acknowledges the death of Amy Winehouse -- but warned that's too soon to say she overdosed on drugs.

In a statement, London Police Superintendent Raj Kohli said, "Next of kin have been informed, and I can confirm that officers are now satisfied that the deceased is Amy Winehouse."

As for the cause of death, and speculation that Amy -- who had battled drug and alcohol problems for years -- may have OD'ed, Kohli said, "
I am aware of reports suggesting this death is the result of a suspected drugs overdose, but I would like to re-emphasize that no post-mortem examination has yet taken place and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death."


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Are you kidding me? How can they say "don't be calling it an overdose yet". Yes, in most cases, it is wrong to assume you know what happened but we all know...she was a mess and this was an overdose.

1184 days ago


I believe she took her own life via drugs. I bet any amount of money they are going to find a massive OD upon coroners inquest. Such a talent...gone.

1184 days ago


I know of the disease that has taken Amy too soon. I live with many family members who have the same disease. It is not a weakness! Our nation still does not want to address the crisis we are in because of substance abuse. Many more will die, children, soldiers, mothers, fathers, etc...

Everyone jumped on the Aids epidemic in the early 80's but no one wants to stand up for substance abuse and mental illness.


1183 days ago


A few years back she told a boyfriend that she wouldn't make it past 27 years o****e; she just 'knew' that she'd die young. Did Amy decide to end it all before she turned 28 (September), or did the long term drink/drugging finally catch up with her, and she died of complications of heavey duty using (for years). I'd bet everything I own that she died because of one or the other!! and certainly not because of 'an asthma attack' or 'choking on a sandwich' or 'an undiagnosed anuryism' or some such 'tragic accident'.

Sadly she's gone now. There's no more...and it's a crying shame that she could never take seriously enough the many opportunities she had to clean up, because she had so much more to offer the world. Addiction is an evil evil disease, and once it gets a hold, it will destroy. Not only the addict, but friends and family die a little death along the way as well.

Although her loved ones must be devistated by this loss, they can be comforted by knowing the joy that Amy gave to many while she was alive and in her prime. (The heartless would have got a lot of entertainment out of her struggles, as well!) Sincere condolences to her loved ones, and may Amy RIP without one further speck of the torment that plagued her so much in this earthly's all just too sad.

1183 days ago


Hate to see anyone cut short in life like that...but as she sings ...I don't get it. She absolutely sucks - sings way off key through her nose with no vocal quality at all. Gracefull as a three legged dog. And who told her that hair looked good?? Sorry babe, my opinion - r.i.p.

1183 days ago


The police superintendent needs work on his wording, "... officers are now satisfied that the deceased is Amy Winehouse."

1183 days ago


she was an addict a real bad one she should of stopped while she was ahead but she was a great singer and very beautiful she should of went to rehab

1183 days ago


She was addicted to drugs. Addiction is a disease, not a choice. Her body became dependent on them.

1183 days ago


Holy crap, what a tragedy...NOT. She did it to herself and gets no sympathy from me. Her family yes, but not her. All these dumbasses that keep playing with drugs had better be paying attention, if you keep it up you WILL die.

1183 days ago
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