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'Dancing w/ the Stars' -- Sorry for All the D-Listers

7/24/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say goodbye to the likes of Ralph Macchio and Kendra Wilkinson on "Dancing with the Stars" ... TMZ has learned producers are on the hunt for more "high profile" celebs next season ... in the hopes of cutting down on the gimmicky stars they've booked in the past.


Sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... producers are under direct orders to find "more high profile" people than in the past seasons ... after booking a string of D-listers like The Situation, Kate Gosselin, Audrina Patridge, Jake Pavelka and Holly Madison.

In order to lock down the BIG names, we're told producers are offering A-listers complete control over their rehearsal schedule -- telling them there's NO minimum rehearsal requirements ... and they can practice as little or as much as they want.

Celebs will also have final say on music selections and costume design ... including colors, cuts and styles.

So far, no word if producers have signed any of the "high profile" people in their crosshairs.


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A lot of pretty knowledgeable sounding people commenting on here who also say they don'*****ch the show. Must mean they choose to spend their time reading articles about it and posting on comment boards about it.

DWTS is arguably the top show in the country so something is working. To me DWTS has become much more about the dancers who have blossomed into their own celebrity with fan bases. It makes for great competition each season and keeps ratings high.

If DWTS is pulling celebs from lists, get to the list Pippa Middleton is on!

1166 days ago


bad the crew and the pro dancers are going to have to pamper the A listers. giving control to a bunch of over paid under talented so called A listers not good...

1166 days ago


Kate Gosselin and The Situation is not D listers they are Z listers. They are infamous not famous

1166 days ago


Ralph Macchio was in both Karate Kid and Outsiders, he hardly belongs in the same category as Jake Pavelka

1166 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Its funny because they basically are spitting in the face of all the people they've had do the show in the past by calling them D-Listers. Most are but most of the athletes aren't, Hines Ward is an NFL star, Emmitt Smith is an NFL legend, and many of the other athletes are relevant.

Problem is A-Listers won't do the show because A-Listers are busy working which is why they are still A-Listers. The D-Listers are the only ones willing and able to take time out to do this show.

1166 days ago


It's just a-bad-show.

Distancing themselves from those they've put on it.

Calling them "D-Listers?"

Makes it even more lame.

Lame people say and do lame things.

Admit it's a crappy show and only-the-bored/damned watch it.

1166 days ago


If, and that's a big IF, they can manage to pull in some people that people actually give a crap about and not celubuwannabe's or has-beens then I might actually watch again. Get Nathan Fillion, or Stana Kanic from Castle...they'd be fun to watch (especially Nathan), what about Ashton Kutcher? He'd be a hoot to watch too. Hell get Demi on as she'd be willing to compete against her hubby..even if I'm not a fan of hers, I'd watch just to root against her. Neil Patrick Harris, Swoozy Kurtz, any of the Big Bang cast, Patrick Warburton, David Spade, Alex O'Laughlin (now him I'd tune in for!!!)...all of these people (except for Demi) are on prime-time shows...get some of them in there!!!

I know not all of them would accept, not all of them feel they can dance...but pull in people like that. Not these crappy people who just get paid to act bad (Jersey Shore), or Kate Gosselin (worlds worst mother). If I see another reality "star" lined up...I'll puke, and it will make sure I won't be watching at all.

1166 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Uh the people that are A listers actually have jobs like in music and acting. They don't have time for 2 to 3 month reality show. That's why D listers are so attractive because they aren't doing anything.

1166 days ago


nof p.s.


"Dancing With The D-Listers," to now become "Dancing With The A- Listers."

...Okay, so Speilberg's doing the show next year?


1166 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

They should have a "Dancing With the Stars: Congressional Version" where each couple has one Democrat partner and one Republican partner. Ordinary citizens will sit in the place of the expert judges and the nation as a whole will vote on which couple dances best together. Since we can assume that dancing together requires compromise, the couple that wins will get to write the legislation about the debt ceiling.

1166 days ago


last nof p.s.

-how about a show where Bruno swishes-about and with six of his closest friends.

1166 days ago


nof twist:

"Swishing With The Judges."

1166 days ago


Carvey 7 hours ago

Oh c'mon, don't throw Ralph Macchio in the same category as all these reality television idiots. Ralph can't act worth a darn but at least he's appeared in a lot of high grossing films. Who among us didn't enjoy the Karate Kid franchise. Ralph is a legitimate celebrity.
********* I so agree with you..but I think Ralph is a good actor, he is in no way a D-lister.

1166 days ago


I loved Ralph Macchio and Kirstie d-listers there..they are the reason I watched this year.

1166 days ago


Jim in Cali is right! They can't include anyone who has a prime time show right now, but they could definitely offer the gig to stars from recent hit shows.

It would be so nice to have them announce a cast that I would have actually heard of. I don't know how many times a name is announced and my family and I say: WHO??

1166 days ago
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