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Amy Winehouse

Autopsy Underway

7/25/2011 8:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy on Amy Winehouse has just begun ... TMZ has learned. 

Amy Winehouse Cause of Death
So far, police have said her death was "not suspicious" and that there were no signs of foul play. 

UPDATE: The autopsy is now complete. According to police, no cause of death was established ... toxicology test results are still pending and will take 2 to 4 weeks.



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I never noticed those freckles on her nose before yesterday. And even though I'm not surprised, it's still sad that she went so young. Wasted talent.

1195 days ago


For those out there that are speaking badly about this situation, you should all be ashamed of yourselfs. This is someones friend, family member, lover, daughter, if this was one of your family members this happened to and you saw these comments you would be appauled. Drug abuse and alcoholism is a disease one that she was suffering with, she was working on it and was making some headway. For all those that dont know facts about amy some true facts is that she also suffers from COPD and Emphizima which could have been one of the root causes to her death. Doctors saw her the day before her death and didnt see any signs of recent drug abuse and gave her a clear health check, and also investigators didnt find any drugs in her house, so for someone to overdose and get rid of the drugs after dieing is pretty damn amazing, dont you think? Speculations are what put a bad name out for these famous people, wait till the damn autopsy report comes out then make your comments, but remember before doing so if this was your family member you wouldnt want someone bad mouthing your recently deseased relative.

1195 days ago


I agree with you, JJ.

1195 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Amy -

Do you regret not going to rehab?

She says, "Yes, yes, yes".

1195 days ago


I just feel so badly for her parents and family. Well put, JJ.

1195 days ago


Now that Amy Winehouse is dead, gonna put her in a hole, hole hole.

1195 days ago


What was Amy Winehouse known for besides drugs, drugs, and more drugs? I pulled a video up on Youtube to see what the hype was about. I mean come on, I had heard of HER but never any of her music. She had a good voice. To bad she didn't go to rehab and learn from it. Now she's just another weird chick who died of drugs. She and Michael Jackson should make good company; two weirdos who died from a drug overdose.

1195 days ago


If you actually read the update above it says the autopsy is complete and NO cause of death established. That means her internal organs were fine. That leaves the toxicology...not a leap to conclude thats where the answers are going to be. Addicts can fool alot of people including parents and physicians.

1195 days ago


What a judgemental society we live in today. Janis Joplin was grieved and mourned,and yes she died from a drug overdose as well. Yet she was and still is revered. I pray amy will get the same respect.

Amy Winehouse had a capacity to write lyrics and music that defied her years, she had soul,she threw caution to the wind and never stayed within the lines.The same rebellious gritty emotions she brought to her songwriting and singing, was the same as what she felt inside and caused her such pain in life, causing her addiction.

I don't know if I can ever hear "Rehab" again and jam to it,it will be a solemn legacy to a talent that will never be reprised, whose voice is now silenced. The lyrics will further more haunt me as a foreshadowing.

Amy had an ability to move her listeners, something only a handful of other current artists are capable of.
Yes, she was eccentric, yes, she was a drug addict, but she was also an enormous talent.

As a songwriter and vocalist myself, I will perform even more of her songs, songs that I hope the rest of the world will remember Amy by, and feel connected to her spirit forever.

I grieve for you Amy, and your family.

I only wish when writing Rehab, instead of saying no, no no, Amy would've said yes, yes, yes.
Yes to life.

1195 days ago


Who was she? Never heard of her.

1195 days ago


Autopsy report came back inconclusive cause of death, reports from investigating police say that the scene was clean with no suspicious evidence and no sign of drugs. Reports came back from her doctor from the day before saying that she was looking good and was doing much better, other health aside. There is on the other hand some suspicion about the security guard on the premises of her home, when he called the ambulance service he advised that she was still alive but when they got to the scene reports say she was already dead for approximatly 6 hours. So for all of you out there that are deeming this right away an overdose of drugs and alcohol, your wrong!!

1195 days ago


Most have been the breast implants, couldn't have been all those years of drugs and alcohol abuse.

1195 days ago

My ears are bleeding    

JJ Shut up honestly just shut up. Even her mom said she had seen her the day before and the b*tch was out of it. Janis Winehouse told The Daily Mirror today she believed Amy's death was "only a matter of time" -- this after seeing her just the day before. She told the paper, "She seemed out of it. But her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me."

Cmon now who would believe the doctors trying to cover their azzes or her own mom. DUH dipsh*t read all the stories before comments. She is a loser druggie that f*cking OD'd. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO one less druggie we have to worry about killing an innocent person. Like Ryan Dunn's drunk azz did.

1195 days ago


I never really followed her music...and it's sad of her passing. But I really think that it was her own fault though. I knew that her life would take a downward spiral, plus to me in alot of her photos she looked downright horrible and disgusting.

1195 days ago


It's a shame little young Amy baby didn't give herself a chance to grow and mature...
Amy: You've lost the wonderful chance to be in your 50's or 60's and laught at this...
We know well, her parents know well...
What a shame!

1195 days ago
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