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Pandora EXPLODES -- Everyone Wants Winehouse!

7/25/2011 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's death made her 100 times more popular ... at least on the Internet -- because TMZ has learned, online radio station Pandora went off the charts with Winehouse requests last weekend.

Amy Winehouse Pandora

A rep for Pandora -- VP of Communication Deborah Roth -- tells TMZ, users typically create between 700-900 Amy Winehouse radio stations every day ... but on Saturday, that number skyrocketed to 75,000!!!

Glass half full?


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She was very talented. Unfortunately, websites just like this put her down all the time with their criticism and stories about her drug use . Instead could you not have posted her music and said what a great talent she was? No. Funny. Now her music is all over the web and you loser sites are making a buck off of every hit. Pieces of ****. I know how it work. Stupid people don't, but I do.

1153 days ago


I'm 50 and just bothered to listen to her music today. I am FLOORED at her talent and brilliance --why didn't I listen before? Please people stop stomping her memory. Stop judging how she lived and died -- Hemingway shot himself in the head. Just respect and enjoy, PLEASE.

1153 days ago


"who ever idolizes this drug junkie has problems"

You can appreciate (even idolize) someone's musical talents without endorsing their addiction-riddled lifestyle. That's why we celebrate the music of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, etc... all died due to their addictions (directly or indirectly).

Not to mention dozens of other rock musicians, blues artists, jazz, even classical. Do you make a character study of every author, painter, musician before you decide whether or not you enjoy their work?

1153 days ago


@Mary...If someone passed away from terminal cancer would you come on this or any other comment board and call them a "sloven pig"? I hope and pray your answer will be no!

Amy Winehouse was just as sick as a person with terminal cancer, the difference, Amy Winehouse's terminal disease was alcohol and drug addiction and sadly she lost her battle with both.

It's sad to read the mean spirited, outright hateful comments that are posted here. A human being has passed away at the age of 27, she was someone's daughter, someone's friend and yet people unleash such a vile diatribe against just isn't right.

What kind of a world are we living in when such hatred lurks about! I pray for all of you!

1153 days ago

help this young woman    

At least people have the good taste to request Amy. They could've said "play some Lindsay LOHAN". Actually, that would be way easier, cuz you'd just have to play some vibrator music with any street-whore attempting to sing, AutoTune it and *poof!*... it's Lindsay LOHAN.

Rock on, Amy.... have a bump for me!

1153 days ago


This will be good for a day or two.

She won't be remembered for her music, just turning herself into a tabloid freak show.

1153 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

She is no one
who cares ?not me.Drunk and dead.Rehab?Sucks

1153 days ago


Not everyone.


1153 days ago


drugs suck... so does alcohol and every prescription pill and desire that people have that overtakes their lives ( shopping, sex, etc.) just another example of how sadness in the world is everywhere and shows itself in a million different ways

1153 days ago


Well if you have really good taste in soul music you'll understand how much you enjoy her talent.
Other than that its what you think about her personal life. This is life, everybody dies, young or old, in many ways. Some like hers to some is not surprising but really, know this and imrpove, that's all. We all die. tradegy or predicable. Respect.

1153 days ago


She did have a great voice, but I didn't like her music before and I don't like it now. To each his own...

1153 days ago


Areader, addiction is not a disease, its a disorder. Quit comparing Cancer to slamming heroin consciously and willfully in your arm! Its insulting to people with real diseases. I'm so sick of hearing this "its a disease" bullcrapola.

Amy had plenty of resources to treat and cure her disorder. Look at Robert Downey Junior! Instead, Amy mocked the rehab and recovery process and made millions off of her one hit where she mocked getting well. Heard any songs mocking chemotherapy lately? She had free will and made a choice to continue her downward spiral. Her parents deserved more respect from her for giving her life. It was her choice to live and die that way. I don't think she was born with a crack pipe in her hand or with a needle in her arm. Why can't people just smoke a joint and have a beer and enjoy life with a proper buzz? Must it always be to such an extreme? No one ever told me this growing up but heroin and crack were 2 things I had COMMON SENSE (and no desire) to "experiment" with. Her death may just be Darwin in action. Yes its sad but I have little empathy for people who have no gratitude for life.

1153 days ago


I did listen to her music when she put out her Back to Black album and thought she had some real talent. Her music was overshadowed by her drug/alcohol addictions and tantrums. Everyone could see that this young lady was on a downward spiral and only further pushed her down by only reporting negatively and bashing her/making fun of her. She clearly had problems therefore I would not support her, I won't be a hypocrite now and rush out and by her music. I do think it's sad that another young talented person has lost their life to addictions.

1153 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I never had much interest in her because after "Rehab" came out, I saw her singing live on MTV and couldn't understand a single word she "sang" through the whole painful thing--she sounded like she had a mouth full of marbles. So, if people never got to see her real talent....whose fault was that really?

1153 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Loved her song "You know I'm no good" when it came out. Listened to it constantly. Never liked "Rehab". Not just b/c I didn't like the song at all...but the message to that is horrible. It's a shame she got rewarded for a song like / lyrics like that but what can you do?

And her image contributed to her success - her image was edgy and tormented like her music. I wonder if that was a factor in her death. The music industry will do anything to sell their artist and Amy's image helped sell her music.

Ultimately she was extremely talented, both as a writer and as a musician and as a singer. That voice coming from a skinny white girl is unbelievable.

RIP Amy.

I can understand why people get mad at her though. I lived with a drug & alcohol addict for a while and it is REALLY disrespectful what they put others through. So I can understand that anger towards her as well.

I'm just really sad b/c I adored her music. Very few people make music like that anymore. I can't stand the rap and electronic and dub step garbage out nowadays. Love her type of music.

1153 days ago
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