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Big Blow to Defense In MJ Manslaughter Trial

7/25/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial just undercut a big part of the defense, by ruling 16 hours of rehearsal footage for the "This Is It" tour doesn't show MJ to be in poor health.

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers wanted the outtakes to prove Jackson was very ill in the days before his death.  The argument goes -- he was already dying, so Dr. Murray can't be held responsible for his death.

But Judge Michael Pastor ruled ... the outtakes were valuable to Sony Pictures -- which objected to turning over the footage -- and the video did not show MJ in poor health.

If the hours of video show a healthy Michael, it undercuts a major line of defense for Murray.


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What I Think    

MJ is dead either way. Like they say...Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

1165 days ago


Good health or bad health, what does it matter? His physical condition didn't kill him. Propofol did. So never saw this as a good defense strategy anyway.

1165 days ago


He died from propofal ovedose. Even if he was in bad health that doesnt excuse his insane action of giving his patient propofal for sleep. The Doctor should pay for allowing Michael to have his own plan for sleep using a very dangerous drug not meant for daily use. I dont think Murray murdered him but should lose his right to practice medicine.

1165 days ago


anyone who saw MJ in the last few years must have been able to see how frail and unhealthy he looked.

1165 days ago


If Murray gets anything it will be involentary manslaughter.

1165 days ago


Michael's murder has been reduced to a gossip site. No MSM is covering the death of Michael. No ongoing, in depth, unbiased investigative work by anyone of the MSM.
The greatest entertainer in the history of the world with billions of fans watching.......yet no major network wants the ratings.......not even for sales and ratings????? Nobody????
I know, I know they are waiting for BOUNCE TV to hit the airwaves a week after the trial starts...suuuuurrrre that's it.

1165 days ago


Once Murray administered propofol to Jackson, he broke the law...PERIOD. Propofol is for hospital use ONLY. He should have never had it OUTSIDE OF A HOSPITAL closed.

1165 days ago


To OhWell:

If Casey Anthony walked, it will not surprise me at all if Murray walks. It will not change the fact that MJ is gone. What I don't understand is how he is still being allowed to treat patients. He was negligent to say the least. It was my understanding that it is against the law to administer propofol outside of a hospital setting. If Murray thought it was okay, why didn't he call 911 himself and say he gave MJ propofol? Why didn't he tell the medics this when they were trying to revive MJ, although they could see he was dead? Why wait? Did he tell the doctors he gave him propofol as they worked on him in the hospital? Nope. He knew he did the wrong thing, period. Jail time or not, he should lose his license.

1165 days ago


Even if MJ was already dying, the doctor had even more reason not to administer any drugs to MJ at home. It would have been correct for him to order MJ to the nearest hospital for proper care.
Anyway you slice it, Dr. Murray was the guy with the drugs and the needle and he did not administer the drugs to his patient in a proper or ethical way. Even if MJ begged him for medication, it is his responsibility to say no and send the patient to rehab. First rule of medicine: DO NO HARM.

1165 days ago

Melanie Zarth    

This is in response to the moron who said, "Who the F*** cares anymore" Well, let's see...nobody has paid for the MURDER yet, so does that answer your question??? If you were murdered, I am sure you would want people to care for as long as it took to have some JUSTICE.

1165 days ago


For you guys to think that Michael was in "good" health is shocking. I think the guy was mentally sick and physically sick. He was so up and down that I'm sure there was no doctor in the world that could cure him. MJ was addicted to drugs and no one who is addicted to drugs is in "good" mental or physical health. Do I think Murray had something to do with MJ dying...hell yes. Do I think MJ was going to die sooner than later...hell yes. I'm NOT talking about his music or his videos or his dancing or his fame or his entertaining...I'm strictly responding to people thinking that MJ would have lived a long healthy life and that he was in no way sick and that it was totally Murray's fault. Like I said Murray definitely contributed to MJ's death...but then again so did MJ.

1165 days ago


Poor little Michael. This world is so cruel. I always love you. Youre forever in my heart.

1164 days ago


I am surprised of how much impenetrable dunce one must be , by continuing to assert that Michael had one foot in the grave because of some kind of drugs there! We live in 21 century, and someone has remained in the beginning of 20 centuries. They do not want to be considered neither with results of autopsy , nor with competent people in the field of medicine...

1164 days ago


Well said Ulja! The Coroner even stated that Michael was in good health for a man in his 50's! You cannot be a drug addict and be in good health! And the Autopsy showed NO DAMAGE to any of the vital organs - and there would have been had he been a drug addict. Stupid people!

1164 days ago
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