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Lindsay Lohan: I Wasn't Drinking, I Wasn't Drunk

7/25/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off that someone is spreading what she says are lies -- that she was falling-down drunk Saturday night as she left a Hollywood hotel.

Lindsay Lohan Drink

Lindsay tells TMZ ... "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd."

Lindsay says she wasn't even drinking during her friend's birthday party at the Palihouse hotel.

One of Lindsay's friends says, "Lindsay walked out of the party fine and she never once couldn't stand up by herself.  It's strange how someone can come up with such detailed lies."



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Rogue Warrior 3 minutes ago
Let's just say, SCHOOL would be in session!!!!!!!! Give me 60 seconds and it'd be OVER!!!!!!!

You couldn't school a fish to swim.

1153 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All I GOTTI say, it's HAMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd clean up Lindsay's online reputation in a single showing on TMZ live!!! Now THAT's keeping it real!!!!!!!!!

Here's to errant bullets for the 12 chosen ones!!!!!!!!!!!!


1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Warriors like RW might see the steaming hot coffee before it is thrown in there face, but could they avoid the kick to the chin, and then the jab to the eyes, then the blow to the balls? WHOOO!!!

1153 days ago

Red Cloud    

Skcubrats drinking decaf

People here really love to fight!!! WTF, that's 90% of the fun!! Empirical evidence indicates 2.2M fans(MINIMUM)* and climbing. She's pulling 4K new followers each day!!! Two weeks ago it was 3K. Looks like level-headed, clear-thinking, intelligent, happy, positive fans are winning. Where does that leave the opposition??? Poor things.

* Most of her fans are not on Twitter.


1153 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

GOOD LUCK Izzy, in UR dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red Cloud is RIGHT!!!!!! H8rs are losing the "battle", that's why they have retreated into the "clam cave"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS lean mean fighting machine is OUTTI for the NIGHTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!

1153 days ago


Red clod you can celebrate with lindsay about the 2.2 fans. and take her on tuesday night to the truck stop you hang out in . but wait until it is off season then the price is $59.00

1153 days ago


Well, All I can say is......Lilo's life story is going to be one hell of a f___n' blockbuster of a movie, once dear Lilo leaves us,
Hopefully Lin' will live a long, long, lustful, successful life well past 100 years o****e,...but, anyway, just thinking ahead in the far far far far away future,...When they finally do make a film on Lin'.....some young actress will play the part & it will be nonstop action, a five star ***** flick no doubt, geez, even if Lin' played her own part today in her film, she has quite enough highlights to thrill even the most desperate thrill seekers in the cinema world,.....I really think a film would make $$$$$$$ especially w/the Samro' scene's.....etc., etc..I'm super surprised no one has offered Lin' $$$$$$$ to make a film on her amazing life so far,......anyway, let's hope she leaves some $$$$$ to her sis & bro in her will,...Her life is quite an amazing story so far,....As they said in Scarface,in so many words,,...."yeah, I'm the bad girl, look at me, you all just know how to lie better, you won't see another mean girl like ever again, so say hello to the bad girl..."
...anyway....U get my reference,....& the film be called:::::::::::::>>NEXT STOP SKID ROW<<:::::::::::::::::::
& No way will you ever see dear Lindsay at a skid row mission serving up warm dinners to the less fortunate, geez, if she would only do like 4 weekends or more the judge would probably let her slide on anymore time.......but,.......just like Amy W.'s life store now, should make mucho- millions $$$$$$$$$$ & the crazier Lilo's lives her life ....well, I'm just saying.......

1153 days ago


lindsay is now trying to sue her legs for non-support

1153 days ago


lindsay has put her self on life alert (I have fallen and cant get up). it buzzes hollys phone.
just tried to pay her off with leggings and old shoes.
holly has a whole storage shed of IOUs.

Holly stated "it would easier to be charlie or mels lawyer".
hell vandersloot would be a better client then lindsay

1153 days ago


"I was reading her twitter and follower comments. Hilarious! It’s all these foreigners saying, “You so beautiful, Lindsay!” “Lindsay we love you!” “Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen my favorite!”
People from the US are like, get your **** together, ho."

LOL'd at this comment over on the Celebitchy article on this.

1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    


1153 days ago


I can't picture her completing her community service; she has far more important things to do, like go to parties, hang out with friends, try to get movie execs to take another chance with her, spend money shopping, do photo shoots for money, etc.

1153 days ago


The Nature Boy!! > RW....WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

1153 days ago


lindsay just got signed to do a cheetos commercial

"Its not easy being cheesy"

1153 days ago



I might feel for her if she took ANY of this seriously and dropped the attitude. I'm not gonna get into it, I think you all know her story.

1153 days ago
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