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Bam Performs Lil Wayne RAP

at Ryan Dunn Tribute

7/26/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera rolled to Pennsylvania this weekend to help raise money for the widow of the passenger killed in Ryan Dunn's car crash last month ... by RAPPING to a Lil Wayne song!


Bam surprised everyone at The Note in West Chester, PA on Saturday ... when he hopped up on the stage, grabbed the mic ... and busted out the song "Runnin.'"

We're told everyone had a "great time" honoring Dunn and Zachary Hartwell ... and the event raised more than $20k -- all of which went to Zac's wife.



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The spelled raffels wrong on the poster. It's raffles.

1151 days ago

Hugh Jass    

"Raffles" is misspelled in the poster...

1151 days ago


Really makes people look educated when they bash a dead guy. He was drunk; many people drink and drive. I'm not saying it's right, but it doesn't make him a bad guy. So he does stupid stuff for money? Who cares, it's hilarious. Good for the people making the fundraiser for the guy who's not getting as much attention as he should. And NO that isn't a Nazi symbol you retards, it's more than likely an eagle on the walking stick. And finally, I'm sure the widow is making money outside of this... The show was a TRIBUTE, and the fundraiser was likely an added bonus.

1151 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

I totally forget that he died. I'm sure I'll forget again soon.

1151 days ago


Wow There is so many cold hearted people commenting on this get over yourselves gez!

1151 days ago


bam u sound like a turd

1151 days ago

A Duggar Fan    

You know this is a sad state when a super rich drunk driver kills himself and his passenger-knowing good and well he should have never been behind the wheel of a car. If you are that rich-hire a driver. And his followers are making him bigger in death than in life-And poor Amy Whinehouse is getting no respect after her death. At least the girl never shoved a hot wheel up her ass for attention. Amy there are people out there that loved you dearly and will miss you.

1151 days ago


hank is on to something bam margera makes a butt load of money from endorsements, cky movies and everything else. he couldn't just give this poor woman $20K?

1151 days ago


Im sorry but instead of holding a fundraiser to raise money for her, why dont you just break out your personal check book. i mean seriously, sell one of your 10 lambo's and toss her 1/2 a million for her to get by. It makes me so mad when the rich prey on others for donations instead of just doing the right thing. We are the middle to lower class and you want us to donate? that sickens me. I mean you have more money then you know what to do with and you hold a fund raiser. Im sorry but you need to break out the bills for this women who lost her husband because your friend wanted to drink and drive 140 mph of*****uard rail, for shame.

1151 days ago


your 15 mins of fame were just extended for more you douche.
and for god sakes youre a grown man stop calling yourself bam.

1151 days ago


I can't believe what digusting and cold hearted people there are bashing ryan, bam, and even zach. They held a damn concert to raise money to support the wife what is wrong with that. They held a concert for the earthquake in haiti and people didn't bash that. It's probably because the main crowd of this website are 30 somethings living in there parents basements bashing people they don't even know. Sure he was drinking every makes mistakes...god damnit will you all just be quite and stop making humans look disgraceful.

1150 days ago


@danny, Look man people are bashing because we all know that bam and his friends have the means to shell out some fat checks to the widow. I feel its wrong to put on a concert for people who dont make alot of money then ask them for more. I assure you that after all exspences were paid that only 20k was left over for her. The intentions are nice enough but if you feel that bad and want to do something, then invite the big wallets and raise a respectable ammount of money for her. I assure you that 20k barely coverd the cost to bury her husband and thats not right. So while bam drives around in his 200k lambo at night she can continue to struggle raising a family with no husband now.

I think your under the impression we should honor the dead and i agree you should and i do for many people. I cant honor the death of someone that could have prevented there own death. Amy winehouse took her own life with drugs and boozing. Ryan dunn took his own life and a buddys from boozing and driving 140mph like an ass. So im sorry if im supposed to feel bad for people like this because i dont, i feel bad for the people's lives they have ruined because of there bad choices over and over again. I dont drink, i dont do drugs and i sure as hell dont drive 140mph outside a track meant for speed. So i wont feel bad for these foolish people that kill themselves time and time again, even if i was a fan. They made there choices and now there paying the worst price and thats that.

1150 days ago


Bam should be writing checks to the guy's widow, not famewhoring some more.

1150 days ago


People make mistakes every second of the day...some turn out deadly but 2 innocent people died a horrific death. What if you all were strapped into a metal box and set on fire you wouldnt be flaming dunn then you would cry for mercy...i do think that bam should just lay low and support the widows but thats not his style i suppose. either way dunn had money bam has money they all have money and im sure Bam will do all he can to make sure everyone is when he was a pro skater he had dunn living in his basement along with a few other friends so he is not a dead beat friend if you ask me.

1150 days ago


Wow. Unbelievable. I just love how you all turn a benefit for a grieving widow into yet another reason to rag on Bam. The event was a way for others to help out the widow that was left behind. It wasn't about Bam "famewhoring".

As for the person who says it's the rich preying on others for donations, I was one of those who was "preyed upon" and I take offense to that statement. You say that it was a concert put on for people who don't make a lot of money. How do you know how much money I or any of the other attendees make? As if that even matters. You don't know me or anyone else who was there so you shouldn't make assumptions.

In response to the comment about Bam and his friends having "the means to shell out some fat checks to the widow", how is it their responsibility to do so? If it was your friend who had caused the accident, would it be your responsibility to shell out a "fat check" just because it was your friend and you have the money to do so? I don't think so. Would you do it? Maybe. Maybe not. Has Bam? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. Do you?

I, for one, was glad that I was given the opportunity to help out and would gladly do so again.

1150 days ago
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