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Lindsay and Paris Hilton -- We're FRIENDS Again!!!

7/26/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have officially buried the hatchet on the old feud -- and partied together in Malibu this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan rolled over to Hilton's beach pad for a small shindig with some of Paris' close friends ... including her sister Nicky, actress Emma Roberts and "Inception" star Lukas Haas.

One source at the party tells us, "Everyone was so surprised when Lindsay walked in and we thought they didn’t get along. But they immediately gave each other a big hug."

The gang kicked it on the beach, in Paris' hot tub and later had a mini dance party ... but not once did anyone see Lindsay take a sip of alcohol.

We're told Paris is "very excited" about rekindling her friendship with Lohan ... adding, "She LOVED seeing her again."



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Let's see who ends up in jail or rehab first???

1152 days ago

some guy    


Don't lend Linds any money 'till she proves she has a steady source of income.

Also, did you check that all your valuables are still in your house?

1152 days ago


Who are they kidding they both need the tabloids. Paris's show is tanking big time and Kim Kardashian stole all of her thunder and Lohan is just a twit.

Hope Lohan has done more than 4 days of CS and gotten her private shrink (claims she can't afford, yet 7K per month rent)

They need each other for the paps.

1152 days ago


EEEWWWW - Fire Crotch and Skanky Crotch.

1152 days ago


Wow, David. You've really done a turn around on Lindsay? What happened?

1152 days ago


Yay, Lindsay has a cocaine connection again!

1152 days ago


I mentioned this yesterday on TMZ of which posters just ignored me and now here is the story. BUT, where are the photos of Lindsay with Paris? It's hard to believe that Paris would be seen hanging out with this. And can you only imagine that tough brunette chick on The World According to Paris and Lindsay in the same room. Lexi got yelled at Lindsay would probably have her extentions tied to her undies hanging from a door knob. Paris and her friends partying with LL?? Doubt it.

1152 days ago


YAY two has-beens

1152 days ago


Funny - Paris was asked on GMA last week how she feels about her "fame" sliding - she walked off the show.

By hanging with BLO-HAN, it's PROOF POSITIVE her day is the sun is OVER. See people, there REALLY IS A GOD!

1152 days ago


I'm with you Fabienne. Who is invited to someone's house and sits on the beach in front with thei napsack?

1152 days ago

some guy    


I'm still in love with Lindsay. It's just that her recent shena****ns kinda ticked me off. I hate it when people do one thing but say they actually did something else. Lying and hypocrisy upsets me.

Hope I don't sound 'Holier than Thou.' I've lied during my life. I've been a hypocrite more than once.

I just have a feeling Lindsay isn't fulfilling her obligations to the court. Almost every story TMZ has put out is about her partying and living it up. Granted, it's prob more interesting than Lindsay going to CS, but I want to read about Lindsay doing the right thing to get her career back on track.

Just past 1:00 pm. here, so that means it's about 10:00 there. I hope LL is doing her community service right now and not trolling TMZ.

1152 days ago


The two of them and me. Now that would be a threesome I could go for!

1152 days ago

some guy    

Also that thing I read about Lindsay wanting to go to St. Tropez annoyed me. Last thing she needs to do right now is leaving the country just so she can party.

Even if she had a gig in St. Tropez, I don't think she should go. Too many temptations. There's no way paps won't get pics of her drunk or hanging out with some greasy-looking dude who looks like he can get 'stuff'

1152 days ago


Oh Paris, you are so transparent! She walked out of her GMA interview the other day becuase she knows Dan Harris was spot on when he asked if she was worried about her momnet having passed... guarantee she and her publisist called LL straight away to have a 'reunuion' since LL is still very much in the public eye. Pathetic Ms. Hilton.

1152 days ago


This is great news folks!

1152 days ago
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