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Morgan Freeman: Conservatives STOLE My Voice!!!

7/26/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might sound a heck of a lot like Morgan Freeman -- but the actor is adamant ... he did NOT lend his soothing voice to a dramatic right-wing ad campaign in Wisconsin.

The ad -- paid for a group called "Citizens for a Strong America" -- blasts Democrat Shelly Moore in the race leading up to the Wisconsin Senate recall elections ... and if you close your eyes, it almost sounds like a scene from "Shawshank Redemption."

But Morgan's rep tells us, it ain't the actor's voice -- "A political ad running in Wisconsin by a conservative group narrated by someone trying to sound like Morgan Freeman was not narrated by Mr. Freeman. Morgan Freeman did NOT narrate that ad."

It's not the first time Morgan's voice has been co-opted in Wisconsin either -- back in 2010, Gov. Scott Walker also ran a political ad using a voice that sounded suspiciously like the actor.

Calls to Citizens for a Strong America weren't returned.


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This is good. Let them bury themselves. They are so un-sophisticated and transparent(I almost don't want to say it..) that they are shaving $$$$$$$ off of their political enemies' advertising budgets. They are slinging mud in their own, stupid(no better word), faces! Sarah Palin the Reali-tard, then the Tea-party circus. Really? Fools.

1100 days ago


If Kim can sue over a Kim-alike then he should be able to sue over this Morgan-alike.

1100 days ago


I saw the ad this morning and sure thought it sounded like Morgan Freeman. I was okay with it - if you've seen Shelly Moore in action you'll see a homely, loud-mouthed, bitch in action. So, it wouldn't surprise me if Morgan Freeman would have narrated an ad opposing her.

1100 days ago


Who else is sick of all these f***ing ads in the comments section?

1100 days ago


Who's the dumb f*ck who said, "Duh. This is why I hate conservatives"?

Seriously? Because someone wants to voice their commercial with a powerful baritone voice, they are now ripping off Morgan Freeman? I would imagine that there are many black men that sound similar.

My God! What if the actor sounded like James Earl Jones? How horrible!

You partisan-hack liberals are a joke...

1100 days ago


Man, The Right can't even come up with good slang terms. Libtards, is that the best you could do? And LOL @ Morgan is reaching cause his movie roles are drying up. You know how many movies hes been in? How many commercials hes done, do***entaries hes lent his voice to? For all the idiots on here talking how "obama is a socialist" blah blah blah. I hope you're a billionaire or millionaire. Cause if not have fun continually voting against your own interests.

1100 days ago


What a douchebag

1100 days ago


it's a dead ringer for his voice. i'm in milwaukee, it's pretty hostile as far as politics here right now...might wanna back off!

1100 days ago


The right of publicity (Google it) protects celebrities from having their identities, including their voices, from being imitated and ripped off by freeloaders who want to ride on the celebrity's notoriety without paying for it.

1100 days ago


Do some research. This is a non-existent organization that traces back to a UPS box. Further research shows that the big ad money comes from a oil billionair David Koch. Wake up people. more reading:

1100 days ago


Who CARES??? He's making sure he clears this up because, ya know...EVERYONE gives a **** what Morgan Freeman thinks. Right???

1100 days ago


This voice thing is lost on me. I can go to an animated film where all the characters are voiced by famous actors, and I can never identify one of them. It's the same for voice-overs on commercials. What's the huge deal?

1100 days ago


it's not Morgan Freeman.. I can tell you that. It's Joe Clark..

1100 days ago


I agree it was supposed to sound liker Morgan Freeman, but it doesn't really; the voice in the ad is higher than his. Like Freeman on a little helium.

1100 days ago


yeah, well cameron diaz stole my body

1100 days ago
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