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Dwyane Wade

Who Wants to Shop for a Millionaire?

7/27/2011 2:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwyane Wade's teammate Chris Bosh just got married -- raising that eternal rich people problem: what does one multi-millionaire buy another? Wade's answer is ... shockingly affordable. 072611_TV_dwayne_v3_still

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Bosh ain't shyte. LeBron is a punk. Respect to D.Wade tho. C'mon son, Bosh just come out the closet already.

1181 days ago


Let me guess... a pre-nup.

1181 days ago

some guy    

Go win something. Losers.

1181 days ago


How about making a charitable donation in his name? Or is that too much to ask from the greedy?

1181 days ago


This would a great target to shoot at!!

1181 days ago

Tina Toma tmt    

Dwyane last night was particularly trying. Im happy all is well with you. I watched a video and saw some other things on your website. Your emphasis is so crucial so it seems you might not know how that affects an individual. Any way Dwyane Im still seeking employment. And I've wondered if you even think of me I love you and hope this particular comment can remain quiet. Its so nice if you only knew Dwyane come through thats what I ask this time is a follow through in all fairness. You gave Gabriel money Dwyane Im not trying to piss anyone off, but I needed help, but yet now I really ask God. Do you really love me because my love is real no contraversey . I just hope that acceptance is in the fruit of the spirit , Your MOM is a minister she really understands what I mean. Natural / Spiritual. Help me Dwyane Please TMT Praying Father Fadallion has a beautiful gift he left a the church there. and hopefully that time will come . It might not have cost 1 million dollars the gift that is at the training camp of the military admirers but again its the thought that counts. Do you still live at and own that beautiful home in Pinecrest, Miami Beach is also beautiful as well Dwyane I love you Ti tmt. I really love you God knows. Im praying now. to me Gabriel is too controlling need to put a handle on that to me its merely my opinion , she got money out of you Dwyane . dont be mad that I addressed that please I dont dislike her . You dont know how Ive sacreficed but God does. Ive struggled to communicate, but you so it seem make it all so easy and Gabriel just comes and goes as controlling as ever thats is an opinion but I know she recommended orthokeratotomy eye surgery and youve spent significant time with her. Dwyane do you care at all or love me . I dont want to second guess because I dont dislike anyone. Acceptance for anyone especially when theres interest is important and communication. I shot around with my new basketball this past tuesday it was fun enjoyable but so hot even in the evening I got a good word out. Perfecting my shot for when I meet the GREAT Dwyane Wade of the NBA . One of the finest point guard in the NBA. Im excited about meeting you with love Ti Dwyane I love you Ti TMT

1181 days ago


Jesse McCartney has a fragrance out, I love it, It's called Wanted By Jesse. He also has a new song out that you can check here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syOLHqeYlzM&feature=related

1181 days ago


whooa, you feelin' this weather!?
It's kinda.. MAVRICK.

1181 days ago


PG 7 hours ago

How about making a charitable donation in his name? Or is that too much to ask from the greedy?

Worry about your damn self instead of What He doin.

1181 days ago

Tina Toma tmt    

Dwyane Im reading all your comments of being in China and you said something about going to get something to eat. Im hungry Im going to catch the bus out of Deerfield is drab, and lonely Dwyane I wrote you a letter to the stadium. I was concerned about this long trip but you seem to be doing well. Dwyane nothing gets you down I need a person like that in my life . Dwyane Im not the up on these computer tweeting and using differnt codes like yahoo, msn ect. I understand some of the different software packages but Im behin in that also. Dwyane I love you and desire to make love to you . I hope this is private and personal..IM looking forward to meeting you in the near future I hope you recall possibly who Iam. Some forget Im not going to forget you Dwyane but I wish I knew what you felt for me. I recall seeing you practicing at your trianing camp at Hurlburtfield AFB I watch ed quite a few videos ,but it looked as if you were looking right at me Dwyane . I usually dont sit at a computer this long and Im bored out here In Deerfield , I rented a room by myself and Ive not been intimate with anyone. Dwyane I need love. I dont want to talk about the was relationship that I had. Dwyane I love you and will you let me love you. Possibly work for the Heat or the foundation I believe your Foundation is quite established. Dwyane you like to travel . Im feeling this love for you. Dwyane my friend and my love Im tired and hungry. But Im happy your keeping in touch so its known whats going on with you over there in "China. Dwyane I Love you Tina TOmaino TMT God be with you with all my love xxxxkisses and ooooohugs How are your two little fellow doing. The two of them are learning spanish WOWthey can teach me HEY! Dwyane I love you TI tmt can wait till this lockout is solved Dwyane Im hitting some bumps financially WOW was it hot today It must have been close to 100degees. Hopping these buses , you shouldbe happy Gods blessed you with luxury and not so many worrys as reasponsibilities. Im asking God and in the name of Jesus I ask to meet up with you Dwyane and for always be good to one another with my love respectfully Tina tmt my nick name TI (Tee) Dwyane often times I think of making love to you . God bless and enjoy it all overseas

1178 days ago

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