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7/27/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D walked off the set of "Good Day L.A." this morning ... minutes before she was set to give an interview -- and we're told, it was all because the anchor mentioned her breakup with Jesse James.

Sources on set tell TMZ, Kat was all set to give the interview -- but flipped out when she heard how she was introduced on the show ... and walked out of the building before the interview even started.

During the introduction, "Good Day" aired a clip from Kat's show "L.A. Ink" -- showing Kat getting a tattoo of Jesse James on her side -- and anchor Jeff Michael mentioned she got the tattoo before she and Jesse called it quits.

According to sources, Kat was pissed Michael even brought up her relationship with Jesse ... and stormed out of the building.

 We're told Kat approved the Jesse James tattoo clip from her show -- and even got a heads up from "Good Day" producers that she would be asked about the breakup during the interview.

 It's unclear what exactly went wrong -- but Kat just tweeted, "Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me."

 UPDATE: "Good Day" host Jillian Reynoldsjust went OFF on Kat for ditching the interview ... you gotta watch this clip!


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reality show and star should NOT be used in the same sentence.

She's nothing, acting like she's better than anyone else.

1191 days ago


She is stupid if she thought they were not going to talk about the break up and I agree with Pete on this one!!

1191 days ago


Yep, the "15 minutes" of fame are fading for KVD & JJ. They've had media coverage over the months, their contribution to the whole -- zero. Whatever they do from here on out -- constant will be zero.

Zero +/-/x/divided by zero = zero.

1191 days ago


I can't stand that woman. She always thinks she can go to these interviews and only talk about whatever she's promoting, then has a fit whenever they ask about her personal life. Sorry, doesn't work that way.

If you don't want people to focus on your personal life then quit your reality show and any other celebrity oriented projects and just go back to being a second rate tattoo artist.

1191 days ago


Well, those three are most annoying!

1191 days ago


What did she expect? She's in the public eye of her own choosing as is Jesse James. It's not like either tried to keep their private life private in the first place. Seriously, she needs to get over herself.

1191 days ago

Home Skillet    

Kat Von Whogivesa****

1191 days ago


Good for Jillian for saying what she did. Kat's recent claim to fame was hooking up with D lister Jesse James...then she doesnt'want to talk about it? What else did they have to talk about? The weather? The story behind her skanky tattoos? Insert eye roll...

1191 days ago


What the heck is she talking about when she tweeted lack of compassion and respect. Good lord all they did was show a clip of her show, which btw just reminded me how irritating her voice is and her laugh. No wonder Jesse broke up with her.

1191 days ago


She is spoiled and narcissistic. She gives women in the tattoo industry a bad name...

1191 days ago


They break up and she has this temper tantrum all a few days before her show premieres?!? Give me a break, this is all for publicity. The whole engagement was probably for publicity also.

1191 days ago


If that trash didn't want to be asked... then why did she TWEET IT!!! KVD you're an idiot... never liked you... now I like you less!

1191 days ago


Dorothy Lucey is too much of a kiss ass. Isn't it time for her to retire already? GDLA is turning into the Senior Citizen show. But Steve is way cool though. He can stay.

1191 days ago


What the hell did she think they were going to ask her? All about the beautiful art work on her body? I DON'T THINK SO. She was nothing but a REBOUND SKANK.
Sandra Bullock is having the last LAUGH KAT. Oh and by the way so am I. HAHAHAHA

1191 days ago


Oh stop being such a baby and a diva. What else do you expect people to talk about? You put your life out in public in a reality show and then get pissed when people talk about it? Get over yourself, your 15 minutes is just about over. You aren't the 'star' you think you are.

1191 days ago
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