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7/27/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D walked off the set of "Good Day L.A." this morning ... minutes before she was set to give an interview -- and we're told, it was all because the anchor mentioned her breakup with Jesse James.

Sources on set tell TMZ, Kat was all set to give the interview -- but flipped out when she heard how she was introduced on the show ... and walked out of the building before the interview even started.

During the introduction, "Good Day" aired a clip from Kat's show "L.A. Ink" -- showing Kat getting a tattoo of Jesse James on her side -- and anchor Jeff Michael mentioned she got the tattoo before she and Jesse called it quits.

According to sources, Kat was pissed Michael even brought up her relationship with Jesse ... and stormed out of the building.

 We're told Kat approved the Jesse James tattoo clip from her show -- and even got a heads up from "Good Day" producers that she would be asked about the breakup during the interview.

 It's unclear what exactly went wrong -- but Kat just tweeted, "Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me."

 UPDATE: "Good Day" host Jillian Reynoldsjust went OFF on Kat for ditching the interview ... you gotta watch this clip!


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What a friggen cry baby, come on now...she must of known Jesse's name would be brought up. Is she really that stupid to think otherwise? Time for me to blow her up on twitter, LOL! she's a dude anyway, lol

1123 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Weird. She's probably still hurting from the breakup. That, or she's on her period, with some serious mood swings.

1123 days ago


i guess Jesse will have to go back to the Charlie Sheen school of life and start dating porn stars again. heh

1123 days ago


Like any reporter or TV host is not going to ask about the "elephant" in the room? I seem to recall Jesse and Kat making the biggest deal about their relationship for all the world to see and cringe over. I have to laugh at the absurdity.

1123 days ago


she wants her privacy? No honey - it doesn't work like that. You don't have a reality show and also do interviews blasting us with how much IN LOVE the two of you are over, and over, and over again and then when it doesn't work out expect the media to "respect" your privacy. RESPECT YOUR OWN PRIVACY!

1123 days ago


this child pisses me off! She choose to put herself and her loser boyfriends on display to everyone on her shows, books and magazine but when someone runs a silly little slip she cries foul!

Grow up..if you can't handle the life YOU created by putting yourself in the spotlight, do us a favor a go away

1123 days ago


"Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissapoint me."

lmao because I'm sure she knows all about respect & compassion for others.

1123 days ago


STUPID ****. WHAT DID SHE EXPECT??? LMAO It's just tooo funny watching a person make a FOOL of themselves.

1123 days ago

foofy foof    

this is too damn funny! how the hell does she not realize that the public thinks of her as a foolish skank!

1123 days ago


BOO-HOO. Who was the anchor? Dorothy or Jillian? What the freak did Kat expect? She didnt want them to bring up her break-up? DUH.

When will people learn NOT to get tattoo's of their "current love interest" once you get that tat - the relationship is OVER!

And why do celebs TWEET their personal issues?

1123 days ago


Even if she wasnt warned about being asked questions on her relationship, did she really think they werent going to ask any?! Dont do interviews if you cant handle the questions they are going to ask you!

1123 days ago

I don't eat chips    

Fine with me, I didn't really want to see you on my morning news anyway...I mean seriously, you have something important to say? I think not.

1123 days ago


She is a freak, who gets a tattoo of their boyfriend when he was 10 years old anyway? Seems a little strange to me! Anyway that being said did she expect them to be interested in her and not the breakup? LOL get a clue Kat! Nobody cares about you or your stupid show. I don't frankly care too much about s***bag Jesse either but the two of you together was like watching the Titanic sink, of course they were going to ask!

1123 days ago


Strokadellic posted:

I mean...what the hell else did she expect them to talk about? Her immense contributions to humanity over the years? B*tch, please.

ha! X2!

1123 days ago


I never understood why she was considered newsworthy? She & Jesse James deserved each other. Both are neo-nazis, tatooed fools and idiots. Now if we just never heard anything about either of them ever again I'd be happy.

1123 days ago
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