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The Pregnant Man



7/27/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Thomas Beatie Photo
Thomas Beatie -- the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man -- has not only lost all the baby weight that comes from having three children ... he's more CUT UP than an umbilical cord! 

The blonder Beatie showed off his newly buff chest, bis and abs while in the pool with one of his kids in Arizona on Tuesday.

Oh daddy.



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It was never a pregnant man.... It was a woman with a moustache.

1149 days ago


I usually support your support of liberal agendas, TMZ, but this support from any and all people for transgender people must be put to an end here and now. "Thomas Beattie" is a mentally ill woman who, thanks to the politically correct policies which have been born out of the sexual revolution, is allowed to be called a man. Look, I support all gays, lesbians, transvestites and queers. When you start getting sub-sub categories of sexual identity and women- yes, women- like Thomas Beattie are allowed to hack up their bodies and be given massive amounts of testosterone in order to physically appear as a man, someone has to draw the line.

Don't we give body builders **** who take steroids to look buffer than they are? Or make fun of plastic surgery on people where it's obviously fake and they deny it? And don't we call these people addicts, to some degree -and addiction is a form of mental disability- so then why aren't we calling these transgendered monstrosities addicts or people with mental illness.

Thomas Beattie is a sick woman who mutilated her body and is now abusing the media attention by insisting on being called a pregnant man because she plays with her hormone induced facial hair and kept her vagina in order to have kids, then playfully went along with the whole 'pregnant man' bull****.

You insult men and women everywhere who must suck life up and deal with the inadequacies of their true given gender when you do something like this.

Also, ripped? From the strangely layered and cut up abs to the bloated upper arms and skin discoloration to the flat and oddly shaped "pecs" (because, you know, she just chopped off her breasts for those) and that really flamingly gay dye job on the hair, this doesn't look like a man. This looks like an asian Frankenstein with frosted tips.

1149 days ago


Hey! Harvey & Charles, Please DO NOT give this WOMAN (Not a Man) any attention. If you Naturally have a Vagina you're NOT a Man. which SHE claims SHE still has, having your breast removed and consuming Male HRT doesn't change ones gender. Didn't the Media folks take Health class in high school?
Vagina=Female & Penis=Male.

1149 days ago


I wouldn't exactly call that RIPPED. Zac Efron is RIPPED, this man/woman/man thing has the same "abs" my 60yo mother has

1149 days ago


If you're born a FEMALE then remove your boobs to become a MALE (but you keep the cha-cha) - so then in your mind "you're a man" but then you marry a is she a lesbian or what?

I'm totally confused

1149 days ago


I dont get how this woman is a man? The only difference btwn her and i is she doesnt have a chest. She is a lesbian!!! this is sooo wrong!!!!!!!!!

1149 days ago


BARGIRL less than a minute ago
I dont get how this woman is a man? The only difference btwn her and i is she doesnt have a chest. She is a lesbian!!! this is sooo wrong!!!!!!!!!
OK you clarified this for me! I KNEW she was a lesbian.....oh well different stroke, right?

1149 days ago


I'm really disappointed wth all these hateful comments. Boy, girl, trans, WHO CARES. We're all still people. Worry about your own damn genitals, other than someone else's. This is the way someone chose to live their life. And you can choose how you live yours. Instead you're focusing on the negative. Closed-minded. Look into someone's heart, mind and soul. I seen a interview about this family. And they seemed like wonderful people. DON'T LIKE IT DON'T LOOK!

1149 days ago


this is no man. the whole transgender stuff is pure b.s.
she is just a woman with her boobies hacked off and had testosterone injections.
real men are born not made in a doctors office.

1149 days ago


To each her or rather his own but if you want to be a man then why did you become pregnant? It just seems ironic is all.

1149 days ago


OK Now listen you liberal idiots, unless the person can do what a person of the opposite sex can do they will NEVER EVER be that sex. Just because they mutilate themselves to look like the opposite sex does not make it true, If you were born with girl parts you are a girl if you were born with boy parts you are a boy. If I being white said that I feel like I should have been born african american and get myself altered to look like one it doesn't make it true. Neither this WOMAN nor Chasity Bono can EVER be a man, no matter how they feel, what liberals say or what a judge that said. There is NO way one sex can become another, these people are mentally ill.

1149 days ago


I think that entire saga is disgusting! You shouldn't be able to go through a sex change and then flip back to female to have a baby and then go back to being a man. GROSS!!!!

1149 days ago


Do the staff at TMZ really get off on posting things like this? You cater to a young thats (overall) clearly not mature enought to not completely and rudely mock what is different and what they don't understand. It really bothers me that TMZ posts certain things knowing it's completely incendiary.Shame on TMZ ..and shame on the immature people here that simply cant live and let live.

1149 days ago


Okay number one this is not a man it a flat chested confused woman who turned out to be a muff eater who had a baby and who now has roid rage and beats the muff box with a fist she even might even kill her family over all those chemcials pumped into her if not the child would for having a **** up house hold i'm not against gay parents I understand that a man and and man can raise a child and woman and woman can too but when yo mama thinks she is a man thats ****** up!

1149 days ago


I have no problem with transgendered individuals. My heart goes out to them. I, unlike A LOT of "Christians" believe in the bible and do not judge others. That is not for me to say. And for all of you out there that judge under the pretense of being religious-you are saying you are God, because you believe in a book that says only God can judge. I however, do not believe he should be referred to as the pregnant man. He still has female sex organs and reproductive system. But I can still be respectful to another human being and be happy that they have a happiness within themselves, and have found a way to be accepting of themselves.

1149 days ago
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