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Casey Anthony


7/28/2011 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony
celebrated her freedom by knocking back a Corona -- but we're thinking there are better beers ... for an alleged and acquitted child murderer to drink.

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Why is this of any imnportance....even to TMZ? She drank a beer........People take issue that she was acquitted, okay. BUT....she's free, she just supposed to be on bread and water forever now?? Whether the acquittal was right or not.....what is she supposed to do? She likes beer, so she drank it. I like beer too............I'M not on your show !!! (I'd LOVE to see Shevonne in a crush!!)

1182 days ago


Her lawyers say they just want to help her but they are pimping her for money!!! They are no better then casey!! they are wining and dining her because they think they are going to get money off of her. When they realise people don't care and won't pay her they will dump her and she will land in the wrong crowd worse then her lawyers!!!

1182 days ago


I think Larry Flint is as skuzzy as Casey AND her defense team. If she does "the spread" in Penthouse, it just solidifies Jose as a liar and Casey as a skank. Jose said, Casey would only do things that were DIGNIFIED!! Someone tell me how posing naked and shopping around around a video of Casey drinking a beer, after getting away with murder is an image booster. WTF??? She is a money hungry fame whore. And whoever said that the Anthony's would file a civil wrongful death suit against Casey. IN YOUR DREAMS.!!! They would NEVER do anything so justified for Caylee. Don't you remember Cindy lying on the stand. Disgusting!

1182 days ago


According to the CNN article about Hustler, Casey's camp -- dismissed the report as "nonsense."--

The only reason the offer was made was because of "droves" of men wanting to see Casey naked. The article also states that a portion of the proceeds would go to child abuse charities.

I hope she takes it. This way she can pay for her own legal fees during the appeal rather than Florida taxpayers having to spend their hard earned money on Baez.

Out of that $500,000, she'll also have to pay at least a portion of the $68,000+ she owes from 2008. And Baez legal fees for the appeal and pending lawsuits. And state and local taxes in Florida. And reparation to State of Florida law enforcement. And, if she loses lawsuits, she'll have to pay any awards and court fees assumed in civil court with Equusearch and the real Zanny.

Declaring bankruptcy will not absolve her of all debt, by the way. The IRS will still hold her liable. Ironically, a Chapter 7 might excuse her from paying her lawyer bills - so what are the chances of Baez going for that?

1182 days ago


knowing hustler, if she does a center spread, they will want it to be a "Scratch & Sniff"

question is.... will the "Sniff" part get you a cooch smell, or a decomposition smell?

1182 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

you can be sue for defamation can't you?

1182 days ago


Please sign the below petition to stop Casey from profiting off the death of her little girl.

1182 days ago


although she was found not guilty for murder and the lesser charges, is she not on parol or pro0bation for the check fraud or lying to many officers, isn't not drinking a condition of probation or parole?

1182 days ago


I would have thought that TMZ would be worried that people would stop coming to their site when they post deliberately deceptive headlines (like this one suggesting they had video of Casey having a beer). TMZ is now off MY list of sites to visit.

1181 days ago

Marie Browning    

Casey loves all the attention she is getting and so do her parents. They are now celebrities and all it cost them was a two-year-old little girl. This entire family is SICK SICK SICK.

1179 days ago

Reasonable Doubt    

Interesting approach, are you just testing the waters? Floating ideas to see how many hits you get? It is an interesting ideas. PLEASE BOYCOTT And to the DAWG down there you are a MUTT. I bet you get smacked up side of the head at least once a week. Casey talk to dr drew

1178 days ago

Reasonable Doubt    

If anyone needs probation this young"lady" surely does. Mr Mason needs to take on some humility. You did not win this case it was a fluke and you showing off is nasty, The state had mountains of evidence, the DT LIED, the JURY did NOT follow instructions, I hope to see you all in FEDERAL COURT.

1178 days ago


you dropped the ball on this. NO PICTURE= Lie. Where's the pic??

1178 days ago

Tami Warner guys have gone to far this time.

1177 days ago

cris ford    

Why she never call 911 for help when her child was missing ???? . And now she is FREE like nothing happen ! Only in America .

1177 days ago
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