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I'm Not Spoiled...I'M PRIVILEGED

7/29/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

22-year-old BILLION-heiress Petra Ecclestone -- the chick who just bought Candy Spelling's mansion for $85 MILLION -- says she's NOT spoiled ... she's privileged -- and there's a HUGE difference.

Ecclestone spoke with "Good Morning America" -- and explained why she decided to purchase the home ... saying, "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal and it was, like, prime real estate."

When asked why she didn't use the money to pay for affordable homes for 1000's of families -- she replied, "I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day ... however much the house has costed, that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think."

Petra -- daughter of a Formula 1 racing tycoon -- added, "I'm not going to not live in a certain way ... just because there are people less fortunate than I am."

Does Petra have a point?


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with privilege comes resonsiblity..shes not responsible for anything or one, shes just a spoiled brat.

1181 days ago


Most of you people are really stupid and jealous! If your father had billions of dollars, I am sure you would spend your life in Africa with starving children. She has enough money and she has right to buy what ever she wants. It's non of your business!

1181 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Why don't the poor get a job? Maybe they don't deserve houses?

1181 days ago


im more pissed that shes 22 and a billionaire i dont care that she bought the house bitch ass hoe

1181 days ago


A house that expensive seem a bit much for most of us, but she does help people out, and she does have a point. All of us are better off then some people, but that doesnt stop us from buying things. When we go to the grocery store we dont stop and say "you know what im not going to buy this because they'res other people out there who can't." There is always someone below you. She just happens to be at the very top of the spectrum.

1181 days ago


Some posters have said that she and her fiance are unattractive, which I don't see. Her manner of speaking is rotten, though-- and not just the "costed" part: "that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think." Good grammar costs nothing!

1181 days ago


at least she has money and stays out of the media but the kard girls think they have money and we can,t get rid of them I wish anyone the best who can but a million dollar home, wish I could for one day just to say I did and give it back.

1181 days ago


If a man moves his family and his wife and kids into that house, even if he only has a couple of children, the public just calls him successful and a good provider. I don't recall any reporter asking Mr. Spelling if he should instead have sheltered 1,000 families with the money instead of buying that property. Nor do I recall Candy Spelling being told she should shelter 1,000 families with the money she got from selling the place.

This is just jealousy and discrimination when a single woman is wealthy and powerful enough to invest in such a spectacular property, especially if she comes from a wealthy background. The property was probably a very good investment with a rich celebrity history and will undoubtedly appreciate in value eventually. It's not about how much room she needs to live -- it's the investment value. The Spellings were a small family who obviously could have fit into a smaller home, as well, but that's not the point. Nobody suggests to Oprah that any of her homes are too big and that she should be housed 1,000 families instead of buying them.

I bet nobody would ask Donald Trump why he doesn't move from Trump Tower so he can afford to house 1,000 families instead. For some reason, people show more respect when the issue involves a man, but they can't stand to see a young and gorgeous single woman have that much power. People accept success in Oprah even though she's single because she came from an underprivileged background and worked her way up, plus she's "lovable" to her public. But they seem jealous of a young beautiful woman who comes from privilege, and for some reason think she shouldn't enjoy it and make the same investments that if Oprah or Trump had made the same investment, it would have been lauded as business savvy.

1181 days ago


Yep, she's got a point, alright...and it's right on the top of her skinny little head. I don't think she's responsible for housing 1000's of poor people, but at least she could come up with some sort of an explanation that made some basic sense. Sounds to me like maybe she felt too privileged to attend even grade school. None too bright is she, and none too nice, either. If it weren't for her money, she'd be absolutely nothing...and she was even GIVEN the money, for cryin' out loud. What a way to live a life: rich, dumb and selfish.

Even hookers have a little work ethic and some basic humility...but not THIS empty headed little narcissist.

1181 days ago

Terry C - NJ    

Until now, I have never heard of her. I wi***** had remained that way.

Is there some way she can be deported as an undesireable? I mean, don't we have enough homegrown rich creeps?

1181 days ago


No one on God's green earth needs a home that big. Talk about excess. Disgusting. Plus her mommy paid for it.

1181 days ago


She is rich trash. She could easily live a care free life and still help others. you get one life, make something of it that others will remember you for. no one on the planet needs a $88 million dollar house. Pari******on a business woman?! Ummm no she’s a hoar.

1181 days ago


Someone, someone please take her to the nearest plastic surgeon to straighten out that horse mouth. She could really use some help and while you are at it ship her back to England via Fed Ex like all the other wanna be American trash, i.e. The Beckmins........

1181 days ago


Reasonable and honest response.
That interviewer is a dork for even asking the question.
How you spend your time is your business, not anyone else.
How you spend your money is your business as well.

1181 days ago


If she wasn't spoiled she would have bought a tasteful house.

1181 days ago
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