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Winehouse Rep:

Amy Was NOT Going to Adopt

8/1/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Winehouse Adoption
Amy Winehouse
was absolutely NOT going to adopt a 10-year-old girl from the island of St. Lucia ... despite U.K. reports to the contrary ... Amy's rep tells TMZ.

The Sunday Mirror reported Dannika Augustine and her grandmother both confirmed that Amy was about to begin the adoption process ... and both of Dannika's parents had signed off on the plan.

But Amy's rep tells TMZ ... "It's not true" ... adding, "I think [Amy] might have met her in St. Lucia, but she was in no way about to adopt her."


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I followed this story back in 2009. The girls grandma was a bartender, at the time grandma said she made sure Amy needed to finish her herbal tea before she would let her have a drink. She also said how Amy would crawl around and beg patrons for drinks once she cut her off. Amy was down there 6 months and did spend time playing with the girl, but shortly after that pictue above was taken Amy appeared with cigarette burns on her belly. Amy drank, had a couple of flings, and played on the beach and had flings some more. I always thought the pictures with the girl were more for PR purposes. Grandma was an enabler and a user, and it looks like the estate just shut her down.

1141 days ago


True or not I'm happy she had no children. How terrible that would of been for a kid to have found drugged out mommy dead in bed!!

1141 days ago


So....NO ONE at TMZ thought this story was preposterous enough to contact her rep and verify it? Because enough of your fans did. Lord, I about choked and blew Pepsi out my nose when I read it. If I had her rep's number, I would have called. Why not a single person at TMZ?

1141 days ago


SICK how these lowlives come out of the woodwork when someone dies!!!

1141 days ago


Isn't Sunday Mirror another rag/gossip like TMZ???

1141 days ago


And the statement that the "10-year-old" gave was so contrived and clearly not written by her, but by an adult! Come on, how lame!

1141 days ago


WOW TMZ - Just because you put "...UK reports..." doesn't make the fact that you made a big story out of B.S. You are really going the way of the National Enquirer... Do you have any pictures of Elvis in Burger King in Toledo?. You know real journalists do this crazy thing called "checking their sources" before reporting on rumors - it helps to keep them from looking foolish.

1141 days ago


The kid has parents and a family. She doesn't need adopting, how about adopting an orphan. Although i dont believe a word of the claim Amy was intending to adopt this kid

1141 days ago


This is more believable. Amy couldn't even take care of herself, who'd allow her to adopt. This is just another case of money hungry people coming out of the woodwork now that she's dead. Sad.

1141 days ago

Boochie Review    

Well, i'm surprised cuz everyone else is doing it. Can she rest in peace, all these ridiculous stories..

1141 days ago


I knew this story wasn't true i could feel it.It's sad that people have to come out the woodwork just to get some money and 15 sec of "fame" Welcome to america!

1141 days ago


So it turned out the story wasn't true after all i knew it wasn't Someone wants some of that winehouse money sad but true that people will do anything for some money welcome to america!

1141 days ago


WHO GIVES A ****!!!

1141 days ago


Ha! I told you so!

1141 days ago


So they faked the interview, the comments from the relatives and the comments from the kid? ******* s***bags. They found a photo with the black kid and Amy and thought 'how big of a bull**** story can we create here'? Morons.

1141 days ago
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