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8/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_sheenLooks like Charlie Sheen's character will be six feet under when "Two and a Half Men" returns this fall.

After TMZ reported Sheen's Charlie Harper will be killed off ... and now, according to, Harper's funeral will take place at the beginning of the September 19 show.

The episode will reportedly open with a memorial service attended by Harper's many girlfriends. Charlie's beach pad -- the home he shares with Alan and Jake -- will then go up for sale and real-life celebs are all potential buyers.

According to the report, Ashton Kutcher's character will likely buy the house and somehow Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones stay in the picture.




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Kutcher looks exactly like Sarah Pallin...male version. He could be her son. lmao

1177 days ago


Thats just not right. It makes the writers/producers of 2-1/2 Men look petty and mean.

1177 days ago

There's a problem here    

Maybe art will imitate life and Charlie dies of a myriad of STDs

1177 days ago


I'm sure going to miss charlie. He really was the star of the show, but look foreward to his new show. Heard charlie's roast will be on at the same time and Im sure I will watch that instead. Keep up the sober life charlie. Your doing great. Keep winning!

1177 days ago

Delaware D    

Creative! I like it.

1177 days ago

some guy    

I still think there should've been a Charlie death scene. What about Charlie swimming in the ocean and getting stung by Portuguese Man O' Wars? The toxins paralyze him, causing him to sink. Right before he drowns, a couple of sharks swim up and eat him alive.

1177 days ago


That would be weird if they all live in the same house together. It's not the same show.

1177 days ago


I'll just wait for Charlie's new show. No more 2 1/2 Men for me. Lorre ruined a good thing.

1177 days ago


That is just BAD TASTE

1177 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Still think it's a bad idea to kill off a beloved character...stubborn Lorre. Good luck Charlie, your true fans will follow you to your new show - don't want to see ASSton Kutcher ruin Angus & Jon's characters, but they may have a future elsewhere. R.I.P. Charlie Harper and all of 2 and a Half Men.

1177 days ago

Professor Chaos    

What a stupid idea. I don't even like that unfunny show and it's obviously just a way for the creator to get back at Sheen. It's supposedly a comedy. It's dumb to kill off characters in something that's supposed to bring people a laugh. Should have just said he unexpectedly moved away or something dumb.
This dumb show will be canceled by the end of the year.

1177 days ago


Angus T Jones should be Charlie's housekeeper on his new show.

1177 days ago


Lame. So Charlie was right they still didn't have any scripts for the show. Come on a six year old has better creative ideas than that. The three guys living in the same house? Creepy...not going to come close...obviously Lorre is just filling in his contractual obligations with the networks...

1177 days ago

The Wraith    

Charlie Harper R.I.P. You will be missed. Hello KELSO! I hope that you can bring new life to this sitcom, there are not many 30 minute comedy sitcoms that america can cling to any longer. Do it justice, Kelso! I have no doubts.

Will the maid stay and clean the house? She and Charlie Sheen bounced off one another so well...

1177 days ago

some guy    

Charlie volunteers as a land mine detector. Permanent vacation after he finds his first one.

1177 days ago
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