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8/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_sheenLooks like Charlie Sheen's character will be six feet under when "Two and a Half Men" returns this fall.

After TMZ reported Sheen's Charlie Harper will be killed off ... and now, according to, Harper's funeral will take place at the beginning of the September 19 show.

The episode will reportedly open with a memorial service attended by Harper's many girlfriends. Charlie's beach pad -- the home he shares with Alan and Jake -- will then go up for sale and real-life celebs are all potential buyers.

According to the report, Ashton Kutcher's character will likely buy the house and somehow Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones stay in the picture.




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Gosto dos trabalhos do Ashton, porém, essa série Two and a Half Men, foi escrita na medida para Charlie Sheen. Sem ele, essa temporada será a última, ela irá perder a graça. Chuck Lorre está matando a série mais cômica dos últimos anos. Alguém tem de colocar sanidade na cabeça dele. Save Charlie Sheen, save Two and a Half Men. Lorre donkey.

1175 days ago


who cares anymore but chuck lorre?...won*****ch some rehashed show without the original cast...this show will last one asron took charlies leftover role...couldnt get an original gig himself, his movie career sucked...he's the male jennifer aniston....nothing but flops in the he returns to tv with some other stars ex-role!.......the show will be sh*t, so why watch?

1175 days ago


Charlie Harper dies as Two and a Half Men dies.

1175 days ago


I really think that's a stupid story line...they should have made Ashton be Charlie's long lost son come to claim his dad's things after his death or something like that...not just some stranger buying the house and Alan & jake staying there just seems kinda stupid.

1175 days ago

Kris Manning    

Yeah, looking forward to Charlie's new show being cancelled before Thanksgiving.

1175 days ago

Kris Manning    

@ Mike and David: Fight!

1175 days ago


Sorry Jon, sorry Angus T, no Ash sorry...Lorre. The people will not like this.

Big Poppa

1175 days ago


not to nitpick...but there was an episode when Charlie thought he was dying and said that Cryer's character and his son would inherit the house and Cryer's character was touched but freaked when he found out the taxes were $40,000 a year....guess they overlooked that fact of the show's history

1175 days ago


With Charlie gone, I have a reason to watch the show. Thank you Lorre for getting rid of that moron!!

1175 days ago


David Jong: 24 minutes ago

@Conservatives are Cowards

Do I know you? Want me to start reading your older posts?
Been sniffing out alot of people since I've been trolling TMZ. Want me to sniff you out, also?
Go ahead and post more petty crap. Make me mad.
Hmmm... haven't read your older posts yet, but your writing style reminds me of someone at TMZ. Want me to continue?

what an azz ole you are....sniff my dogs azz after he shi*s petty sissy!

1175 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

The death of Charlie is the death of this show.

Think about it - Charlie's girlfriends at the funeral. Charlie was a ladies man - he was the dominant male figure who conquered his prey, the ladies.

Now you have this manboy, who in real life has been conquered by a cougar - and people are suppose to buy this? Please, this manboy cannot replace Charlie. This manboy is nothing but a boytoy for females - the antithesis of Charlie.

Bottom line - that guy comes across as some ***** manboy with no manly attributes. Just a boytoy for the cougars. The real ladies want a man not some ***** boy who is taken advantage by women.


1175 days ago


Lorrie has no reason to even care if the show does fail. Charlie Sheen only committed to two seasons (last one and this upcoming one). Lorrie clearly got advertisers and networks to buy into this final year with Kutcher. Plus it's more profitable because he pays Kutcher less than Charlie. IT's a no-lose situation for Lorrie. And if it happens to be a hit, he now has a lead actor that might be willing to sign on for a few more years. Charlie wasn't willing to do that.

1175 days ago


This show is SO gonna SUCK! A.K. is a talentless hack who will add nothing to this show! In my opinion Mr. Lorre is an idiot and to sort of quote from Berta: "He is a dumb as a bag of hair!" Can't believe C.S. won't be back! Well I won't either! Good Luck 2.5 Men - You're so gonna need it!

1175 days ago


This new show is just plain creepy and Ashton is an azz. I will not be watching. Bring Charlie back.

1175 days ago


Classless, they should have taken the high road.

1175 days ago
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