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8/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_sheenLooks like Charlie Sheen's character will be six feet under when "Two and a Half Men" returns this fall.

After TMZ reported Sheen's Charlie Harper will be killed off ... and now, according to, Harper's funeral will take place at the beginning of the September 19 show.

The episode will reportedly open with a memorial service attended by Harper's many girlfriends. Charlie's beach pad -- the home he shares with Alan and Jake -- will then go up for sale and real-life celebs are all potential buyers.

According to the report, Ashton Kutcher's character will likely buy the house and somehow Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones stay in the picture.




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The show will not last - It will not be as funny w.o Sheen

1178 days ago


Killing him off IS in poor taste. I can't see it being funny at all. When Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers) was fired Three's Company still did well for a while after that. Wouldn't it be better & funnier to have him taking off to be with Rose?

1178 days ago


this is bull****. charlie sheen is wat made this damn so put him the hell back on! winning all the ******* way!

1178 days ago


Stupid premise and once again makes Jon Cryer's character look like a loser.

1178 days ago


I knew Lorre would come up with a sh*t premise in his haste to ensure the door will be permanently shut on Sheen. He hasn'*****ched enough soap operas. They bring people back from the dead with no problem.

Even worse than the funeral scene will be Kutcher playing himself. They better litter every sentence with 'you know's to make it sound authentic.

1178 days ago


LAME dude lame. Charley dies. Rich mother buys house as she is a real estate pro, but "rents" it to her son & grandson. Alan must take in a room mate to help pay the largest portion of the rent, housekeeper, etc., etc... OR simply do the "Bewitched" thing with Darren & Mrs Cravitzs...just keep replacing them with new actors & nobody sats a word.

1178 days ago


The show will NEVER be the same!!!!!! Charlie Sheen made that show.

1178 days ago


The show will NEVER be the same!!!!!!

1178 days ago


Charlie Sheen's sarcastic and laid back attitude made the show. Ashton Kutcher is always "on" and wears me ou*****ching him. Love the characters of Charlie's mom, housekeeper, newphew, etc. but don't know if it will be enough without Charlie Sheen to keep me watching.

1178 days ago


This may actually be the death of the show. No One wants to see Charlie die of the show. Make it he is in Europe or something, but to kill his character...nooooo. This is a comedy show for God sake. Chuck, I realize you are probably got one hell of an ego, but doing this will not give you any brownie points. This is a personal issue between you & Charlie and you are taking it too far. He is obviously dead to you but not his fans. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Get rid of Charlie and let Ashton try the part, but doing it this way will not even give Ashton a fighting chance.

1178 days ago


It shows the disturbing mental state of the producer. Bitter crybaby who can't handle a little controversy.

1178 days ago

some guy    

I have an Addendum to the list of people I will ignore. mike walters, piggy, puckett, that conservative coward guy, and all his other incarnations shall henceforth be ignored by myself.
Mike Walters is an attention whore, who thrives on my insulting him. The only way to destroy this type of parasite is to ignore it, thus killing off it's food at its source.
Ignorance is bliss. In this case ignoring piggy will be blissful to me. I will be able to focus on the important things. Like Lindsay.

That is all

1178 days ago


And just who's the target audience for this episode...someone who's never watched the show before? This is Chuck Lorre telling Charlie Sheen "F*ck You!", nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, and bye the bye, Chuck Lorre, existential of your writing ability, which is top're an *******!

1178 days ago

Kevin Ellison    

That is the dimmest idea I have ever heard. to kill off Charie Harper they can just cancel the show all together. There is no 2 ½ men TV show without Charlie “The Greatest Actor” Sheen. They canceled All My Children and no 2 ½ Men will follow suit because Ashton “I can act” Kutcher Is a lousy actor and ever show he has ever done stunk. That’s 70’s show, Punked, any show Ashton is plays a part in is so boring it gets cancelled. I for one would no*****ch 2 ½ Men with out Charlie “The Greatest Actor” Sheen and I am sure I am not alone with this statement. Charie’s personal life should not be a reason to fire him when the charter on the show is almost one in the same as him. I think Chuck Lorres should be terminated by abc not Charlie “The Greatest Actor” Sheen. There is NO 2 ½ Men program WITHOUT Charlie “The Greatest Actor” Sheen! Ashton “I can act” Kutcher can not hold a candle to Charlie “The Greatest Actor” Sheen abilities as an actor. Wake up keep Charlie Sheen fire Chuck Lorres!

1178 days ago


well, Charlie drinks alot. so i guess thats how he'll get "killed" and as for ashton. My best guess would be that he is a friend of Alan's ... or Charlie.

1178 days ago
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