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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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I like Matt Damon for this. Whether you agree with him or not at least he has the balls to say what he thinks and isn't kissing everyone's ass like most people in Hollywood.

1176 days ago


If all the people dissing teachers think teachers have got it so good, why didn't they become teachers?

I'll tell you why: A) there's a good chance they're intellectually incapable of getting through teachers college and B) they know, when they think it through, that they'd get burned out in no time taking care of other people's bratty little kids for YEARS - especially these days, when a good slice of parents are too ****ed up on drugs to give their kids any moral guidance, and half of the fathers are AWOL.

You know it when you think about it: a teacher spends decades of their career trying to clean up other people's social problems. You think $50,000 and getting totally burned out is worth it? You think it's worth it when the job in some schools has got so dangerous teachers are told to give their students false names?

Just keeep up with that sort of crap, America - keep underpaying teachers, keep telling them how lazy and worthless they are, and you'll keep getting the public education you deserve. Because you know the private schools, where your rich kids go? THEY pay their teachers well. THEIR teachers get a tonne of professional support. So your society will get more and more unequal while the people who will suffer the most from that inequality cheer the process on. What a joke.

1176 days ago


Matt Damon is far from uneducated, his mother is a professor at Lelsey University in Massachusetts and he went to HARVARD!

1176 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@David Jong, I can seriously remember as far back as being in my crib. How bout that? :)

1176 days ago


My mother was a Medical Assisting teacher for a vocational high school for fifteen years. Every year, curriculum needed to be updated, so that's what she did... all Summer long. Brand new lesson plans every year. And don't forget VICA. Training a team and going to Kansas City with a group of teeneagers takes plenty of time and energy. The weeks off for Christmas and Spring break were spent reaching out to clinical sites so her students could sit for certification tests at the end of their high school careers. She woke up at 2am to grade papers, and fell asleep at 8pm unless there was a basketball or football game to attend. She busted her axx every day to ensure the better education of her students. She made peanuts for money...
Additionally, teachers are not the end all of child development. She was not allowed to discipline students, even though parents complained of the lack of discipline in their teenage children. Teenagers don't care. They are generally rude, selfish, and oversexed idiots. You can't force someone to learn what they don't care to know. Basing school funding on poor standardized test scores has always been an asinine idea. Education for education's sake seems to be a failing ideal.
But that's just my stupid rant... don't mind me, I'm going to go hide in this corner now.

1176 days ago


"maybe your a sh**ty camera man I dont know" LMAOOOOO....WINNING!!!

1176 days ago


He ripped a reporter asking a legitimate question (albeit in a snarky, lame sort of way)......that makes Matt a big guy? He has the platform, the passive media going along with the rally Save Our Schools (a pro-labor backed rally), and a reporter from a magazine that leans Libertarian (Reason Magazine) that was easy to see coming.
However, as the reporter should have noted: they don't teach for free. They teach for pay, and it's not minimum wage. They generally get great benefits, whereupon you can retire younger, not older. You can be a lousy teacher, and keep your job for years and years. Lifetime free pass if you make it pass this or that level. Come on reporter, stand up for yourself. Sorry, I don't see what's so great about what Matt did other than bully the guy....hey, we aren't supposed to bully. We're supposed to foster a culture of civility.........remember, the president told us that. Then again, Biden just called those he disagrees with terrorists. No, not Islamic fundamentalists, or the guy who shot up Ford, he called Tea Party supporters terrorists. Nice.

Teachers, divine profession with a lot of heart felt effort and work. True. Teachers, above thinking many rally to keep their jobs for a paycheck and benefits? No way. They want to pay their mortgage, and their student loans, it ain't all about making sure Billy is the best he can in the 3rd grade.

1176 days ago


Matt.. Buddy. Keep on talking. These cat's dont know what there saying. Teacher do like to teach. You should go Bourne Supremecy on there ass!

1176 days ago


That's because Matt's mother is a teacher at Lesley College in Massachuestts.

1176 days ago


Just to chime in here, but most you people have absolutely NO CLUE what it takes to be a teacher, let alone the ENORMOUS sacrifices a teacher must make to deal with most peoples BRATS!! Unfortunately, teachers are blamed for the failings of many parents that choose not to take some responsibility for their children's educational needs... Most teachers go into the profession seeking to teach and enlighten students, they become discouraged with the profession when they see the lack of resources and lack of parental participation in the learning process. So yes, Matt Damon does have a point... At least he's fighting for a worth while cause, something most people never do in their lifetimes... And please, I'm a high school special ed. teacher that works in the one of the most underfunded and impoverished areas of nyc and there are many teachers dedicated to their students, including myself, unfortunately there are also those that have become bitter with the system or are just out for a paycheck. However, no one should try to throw educators under the bus for trying to teach your children. Its one of the hardest jobs in the world, that's why many people can't/won't do it...

1176 days ago

frank hicks    

well said Matt

1176 days ago


Zanny- 9th grade education? Matt went to Harvard. He may not have graduated, but he did go there for a few years. If you're going to make a judgmental comment like that, know your facts. His mom was also a college professor. This is personal to him and he is very intelligent.

1176 days ago


A $^%+ salary? Sorry, but that argument doesn't hold water everywhere. In some parts of New York the teachers make $85,000 - $200,000. I'm sure some of them would work just as hard with or without tenure - but where's the pay for performance in teaching? Shouldn't there be more accountability for bad teachers?

1176 days ago


Little pos wants all to pay more taxes. Hey Matty, nothing is stopping you from writing a check out today to the IRS. Mind your own business little man.

1176 days ago

Mike Jakobs    

greatest thing ever when he owned that cameraman

1176 days ago
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