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Ryan O'Neal


8/4/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after one son was arrested for drug possession on Tuesday, his other son got into a gnarly head-on car accident -- and now, Hollywood legend Ryan O'Neal tells TMZ, his family is "falling apart."

The first son, 26-year-old Redmond O'Neal -- who has a long history with drugs -- pled "not guilty" to  heroin possession and unlawful possession of a firearm this morning ... but Ryan tells us, the kid "has a real problem."

Ryan hasn't seen his other son -- 46-year-old Griffin O'Neal -- in years ... but thankfully, he heard through the grapevine ... Griffin wasn't seriously injured in Tuesday's head-on collision.

All in all, Ryan's still optimistic despite the familial setbacks -- insisting, "We'll come back."


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He just doesn't have one messed up kid all of his kids are messed up. He has to take some of the blame for being such a BAD father. I don't feel sorry for him you get out of your kids what you put into them and he clearly didn't try hard enough.

1174 days ago

South Beach    

Yes, your son has a real problem Ryan, just like the other 2 did (or have)..Griffin had his 1st stint in rehab at what, 14? When a parent has 1 kid an addict you figure, it happens. But Ryan, you're 3 for 3. And they learned it all from dear old dad.

1174 days ago

Mary Anne Landers    

Memo to Redmond O'Neal: Please get help, even if you must do so behind bars. Consider this arrest your final wake-up call.

Your mother had a terrible disease, but she fought it with every ounce of strength in her. You've got another terrible disease. You can follow her example and do the same.

It's a matter of life or death. Your own.

1174 days ago

Mary Anne Landers    

Lately we've heard a lot about famous drug abusers who died at age 27. Redmond O'Neal is 26.

1174 days ago


just a typical celeb family.and I wonder why so many people look to celebs as enlightened there narcissistic idiots who got beat up in school.

1174 days ago


The funny thing Ryan O'Neal never 'gets' is . . . the one thing in common with all the people in his life who are screwed up is . . . HIM. He seems to be one of the most narcissistic people in the world. Almost psychopathic . . because he seemingly makes no effort to see his part in anything or acknowledge truths and the consequences of HIS part to play in all of this.

1174 days ago


Where does this ahole get the money to have a huge house on Malibu beach? He hasn't worked in decades. It must be Farrah's money.
Tatum needs to stay far, far away from him and save her friends the embarrassment of having to fend off the dirty old man. She will relapse being around him just like Redmond did - mark my words.

1174 days ago


hes old enough to have a 46 year old son??

1174 days ago


hes old enough to have a 46 year old son??

1174 days ago


Your family wouldn't be falling apart if you'd have been there as a father. You were into drugs, alcohol and womanizing when they were very young kids. Doing these things right in front of them to boot. Then Farrah came into the picture so you ditched them. You're a selfish
person only into yourself.

You'll go to your grave in denial and the kids will suffer for the rest of their lives trying to figure you out.

1174 days ago


sonny, Griffin was convicted of Manslaughter. ACCIDENT. ACCIDENT = AN UNINTENDED EVENT. NO MALICE. I feel Copola's son was old enough to know what was what that night in that speed boat. He played, he paid. Its unfortunate, but...Griffin should not be guilty of a crime.

1174 days ago


Okay, perhaps Ryan wasn't the greatest father in the world.
For everyone to blame Ryan is ridiculous, these "kids" are adults. Tatum & Griffin are in their 40's. It's time to shut up and stop whining about Daddy and take responsibility for themselves. I can't stand Tatum in their reality show...whine, whine, whine.
Redmond is in his 20's, had two parents that raised him, wasn't "deserted". They are spoiled brats, each and every one of them.
Not everyone has a perfect childhood (I had a drunk for a father who abused us and my Mom, I lived in fear every single day), you grow up, move on and get over it.

1174 days ago


The kid is screwed up because of the old man. As they say the nut does not fall far from the tree. A family of addicts. A Pathetic group.

1174 days ago


To be clear on my previous statement. Yes, his children are adults, and should be help accountable. But, he is the common link in this whole mess. I think there is blame to go around

1173 days ago


I have to admit, I don't know much about Ryan O'Neal, but when ALL 3 of you children are drug addicts or hate you, I would have to say the fault lies with Mr. O'Neal. He needs to get over himself, and try to salvage his relationship with is children. Just my opinion.

1173 days ago
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