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Levi Johnston's Sister

BLASTS Palin Family

8/6/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mercede Johnston Playboy
Mercede Johnston, the younger sister of Levi Johnston, unloaded on the Palin family -- saying Sarah Palin would have a "mental breakdown" if she were elected president ... and that Bristol Palin "prayed to God" Levi was not her baby daddy.

Mercede posed for the September issue of Playboy -- and according to the NY Post, she told the mag 70% of Wasilla, Alaska residents "can't stand Palin" -- and Johnston even thinks her connection to the family prevents her from getting jobs.

She explained, "People say, 'Oh, Mercede Johnston, I don't know if people are going to come in if she works here.'"

Mercede also reveals Bristol sent Levi a text message when she found out she was preggers that read, "Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed to God you weren't the father."

A call to a Palin family attorney was not immediately returned.


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So whats new. Some fame seeking junkie whore can't make it on her own, so, she takes money to show her beev to the world, trash talks someone she's not even intimately associated with while trying to ride their coattails because she can't make it on her own, while putting all the blame on someone else.

Yea, sure daddy's proud of his little girl.

1081 days ago

This is a joke

1081 days ago


White trash bitchen about her poor uncle, I mean dad, oops brother was treated. She did this whilst getting NECKKED so someone can take pictures and pay her for them...... WINNER!!!!!

1081 days ago


The Palin family is a joke (of their own making) but stones thrown from the naked for money girl probably doesn't hurt much. Her brother has sucked the teet of publicity so she can't complain much anyway.

To one of the comments before I can guarentee that her last name isn't popular in the giant town of Wasilla Alaska! Because you live in a metropolis doesn't mean everyone does.
There is only 710,231 people in the entire state(Then you only have the second largest country in the world {Canada} next to Russia in the way before the next state).

1081 days ago


What a fame Whore and a Whore in general !!!! LOL She cant get a job cause she Poses Nude and she is UGLY AS F !!!! Didnt even know Levi had a sister ?

1081 days ago


When it comes to comedy, if it's funny it's funny. When it comes to Playboy, if she's hot she's hot (don't know yet though). Otherwise, keep you mouths shut.

1081 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

She looks like Joss Stone's twin sister in that picture. Works for me!

1081 days ago


Bristol may have made some childhood mistakes, but wish Levi wasn't the daddy was the first step in the right direction. Obviously the Johnston clan are out to hurt the Palins. Get a life, and a decent job. Like Bristol. I'd be proud to call her (Bristol) my daughter.

1081 days ago


Hows publicly bashing the kids Mother and Grandma show your moral character? Way to be a lousy aunt. I dont love Palin either but if she was my neice/nephews grandma I would keep my mouth shut for sake of the child ...your supposed to at least pretend to like each other for sake of kid not spout yer mouth for 10 seconds of fame. Nobody knows who you are you know that too its why your name dropping. Seriously.

1081 days ago


i like her already. she should totally write a tell all. >=D

1081 days ago


Who is Mercede Johnston again? A playboy bunny, Im sure there is a good chance that will lead to a successful career in something. Bristol, recognizing the mistep she took by having unprotected sex at such an early age and given her strong moral upbringing, chose to become a spokesperson for abstinence among teens. Levi is a D-bag and everyone can see that by his actions in the recent past. As far as I am concerned Palin's 1 /Johnston's 0.

1081 days ago


Another trailer trash member of the Johnston family speaks out with their intellect!

1080 days ago


Give me a break! Mercede Johnston is just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame off of the Palin name. It seems like all her family does is slam the Palins. They need to keep their mouths shut and move on. You can't get a job because of the Palins....well you can thank your brother for publicly trashing the Palins, and I don't know, maybe the fact that you posed nude for Playboy, just adds on to the lowlife individuals that you and your family seem to be.

1080 days ago


Levi & his sister couldn't get any fame or wealth on thier own so they ride the Palin gravy train by trash talking thier son/nephew's family in public. So white trash

1077 days ago
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