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Lindsay Lohan



8/8/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who believes Lindsay Lohan hired a hit man to kill her filed a request for a restraining order against LiLo in Minnesota last week ... but it was rightfully denied.

In the documents, Kathryn Marie Hinich claims she read an article on TMZ stating Lindsay was trying to kill her, but that it wasn't "just her [Lohan]" -- she says there is "some sort of conspiracy to kill me."

Most of the paperwork is handwritten and indecipherable.

It's easy to see why the words DENIED ORDER were stamped repeatedly on the document.


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the Seeker    

Bumped off page 1 by a double nip slip,come on Lindsay u know what that means...time to show em what u gotti !!!!!

1175 days ago

Sissy Lohan     

The biggest threat to Lindsay Lohan is.......... Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay seems to like Marilyn Monroe. If ms Lohan is not careful, her life may tragically end the same.

1175 days ago

the Seeker    

I would respond if I could read one sentence you attempted to write,Gotti go get my meat spanked by BRW and Andy.

1175 days ago


I couldn't read most of it, but I saw Casey Anthony mentioned a couple times, and something about a sea monster with gold shoulders?? I'd love to have subtitles for that letter!

1175 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The problems are often blamed on netizens. A Netizen(from internet and citizen ), or cyber citizen, is a person actively involved in online communities.
In recent years, celebrities have been subjected to relentless online assaults — at times with disastrous, or even lethal, effects. Many netizens reportedly became angry because the teen appeared with a popular actor, analysts say. Miffed that they had never had the chance to meet the celebrity themselves, they attacked them. Most Korean cyber bullies are teenagers hiding behind the cloak of Internet anonymity, analysts say, products of a highly regimented culture in which the young are discouraged from speaking their minds with parents, teachers and bosses. At home in their rooms, they let loose, often at the slightest provocation. In recent months, several Korean celebrities have committed suicide, in part because of vicious rumors spread about them on the Internet

There are many examples. For examples, the actress(Choi jin-sil) killed herself because of netizens’ Cyberbullying last year. Everyone was shocked by the bad mews because she was a very famous and radiant actress. Korean netizens attacked that she was related with a loan shark. She couldn’t stand the cruel rumours and several days later, she hanged herself. Next, the leader of famous group(2PM-Park jae bum) withdrew due to internet cotroversy. The articles surfaced on the internet regarding his posts onhis personal space account about his dislike for Korea back in 2005 when he was still a trainee. He apologized publicly but Netizen’s anger was over the top. In the end, he left the group and went back to his homtown.

Many celebrities still suffer from Netizen. A more serious thing is that Korean Netizens are sympathizing with celebrities after they suffer from Cyber-bullying. It is very strange phenomenon.

1175 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Danielle : 116 days ago

Linguini and clam sauce,anyone?

jeebus: 116 days ago

Lou, It was under the james apologizes blog. It has like 252 comments or something like that. i will say that there was this one poster on there that was ANNOYING insisting all sorts of silly things about going after the NBA the FCC and what not. That was taking it a little TOO far.. but yeah the stuff MiLo was saying was pretty damn bad.

Go to the above link before you start lecturing others on, "staying on topic".


1174 days ago

help this young woman    

Aw c'mon, Rouge Wearer.... everybody wishes she would just hurry up and croak - so we could drain the bank accounts, loot the safe and get a book deal.

Even DUIna is circling like a buzzard.

1174 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey you idiotic bag lady H8rs and road lizards, I've made a decision to begin removing myself from "part of the problem" as they call it. What I think is important, is that anyone wishing and hoping for light at the end of the tunnel, when it's related to recovery, can seek and find it in THEIR OWN time. Your ongoing H8 for Ms. Lohan gives anyone, regardless o****e, NO HOPE! They're already thinking that they've LOST IT ALL and have no chance of redeeming themselves, you only add fuel to their fire, whatever it may be. According to you, at the age of 25, NOBODY has a CHANCE of redeeming themselves, which is ludicrous! I have zero respect for you idiots that seem to think a young lady (age 25) deserves the worst of the worst. Go thoroughly F yourselves and let's hope none of you have ANY demons you have to deal with! LATER losers, you are all pathetic human beings.

As far as MY military background, I was in VP-23 out of Brunswick Maine and flew as a AO Aircrewman, so go BLOW yourselves.

More WILL be revealed! L8tr douchebags!

1174 days ago


You call THAT thinking?

1174 days ago

john smith    

I sincerely hope that the haters can see how many deranged crazy fans celebrities have and that their hateful comments posted here could possibly inspire more hate toward Lindsay. Like RW said she is only twenty five years old and she has accomplished quite a bit. I don't understand the pleasure people get out of hoping that she fails in her comeback, or even worse???? If I were Lindsay, I would own a shotgun, just in case, at close range it's the best choice.

1174 days ago


Looks like it's time again to remind therock/rogue/theseeker of his previous post:

Shows you what not graduating from high school will do to a person. LL is dumb!!! Dina Lohan is DUMBER!! Hopefully, LL doesn't stay on probation after serving time and goes out and OD's!!!!
Posted at 7:00 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by therock
Yes, Rogue is the worst 'h8r' of them all! He, at one time, wished Lindsay dead!!!!

1174 days ago

john smith    

Let's look at the post. "It appears that the respondent, Lindsay Lohan has hired a hitman to kill me according to TMZ"......

1174 days ago

Red Cloud    

. Your ongoing H8 for Ms. Lohan gives anyone, regardless o****e, NO HOPE! They're already thinking that they've LOST IT ALL and have no chance of redeeming themselves, you only add fuel to their fire, whatever it may be. According to you, at the age of 25, NOBODY has a CHANCE of redeeming themselves, which is ludicrous!
Brilliant! Thoughtful!

gone, gone, gone.........

1174 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


1174 days ago

Ghost Rider    

This restraining order crap these days is dumb, and I think everyone is so brainwashed by the matrix that they are becoming insane.

1174 days ago
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