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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans


8/9/2011 5:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law ... again ... after the 19-year-old was arrested for violating her probation in North Carolina yesterday.

Officials have not released any further details on Evans' arrest.

Evans was sentenced to 12 months probation after pleading guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia back in April.

6:20 AM: Jenelle's lawyer tells TMZ ... Evans had a meeting with her parole officer yesterday and tested positive for marijuana and opiates.

We're told Evans was arrested and placed behind bars on $10,000 bond ... but she was eventually released.

She's due back in court on August 24.


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suck me baby    

Why do you have this trash on tv anyways. What a F--king waste of time. The brain less only watch this **** and there are alot of brainless people out there look they voted for an ******** who knows nothing!!

1170 days ago


parole is what you get when you get out of prison dumbass..

1170 days ago


12 month for drug paraphernalia...!?!?!?....american justice at it finest

1170 days ago


At first I thought Jenelles mom was a total b!tch , but now I see it was warrented. Of course this could be a product of emotinal abuse. Even still I'm glad her mom has custody. Jenelle needs mental help.

1170 days ago


Why does the media insist on glorifying these girls? These girls are "famous" simply for having unprotected sex and getting pregnant. It happens everyday and these girls are making a living off of it. They are being rewarded for their behavior they are all a mess. You have a drug abuser, a physical abuser, one who took out a loan to have a boob job to further her "modeling" career while crying she is always broke, a couple who is being paid for giving their child up for adoption, etc. These girls are making more for one season than a lot of people make in a year working a legitimate job. I wonder how many girls are purposely getting pregnant hoping to get their shot at fame. I believe this show sends the wrong message to teen girls.

1170 days ago


What a worthless piece of trash she is! I must say, my 13-year old daughter and I have watched a few episodes of Teen Mom... but only so I can TALK with my daughter about the kind of person she does NOT want to be as she grows up!!!!

1170 days ago

Paula! This girl has obviously had no home guidance, and I watched the show enough to know that her Mom has totally given up on even trying. Sad.....

1170 days ago





This girl is a complete P.O.S.

I'm sure that the NC Tourism Board is happy to have this Trailer Trash out there representing the state!

Any chance she could just go ahead an OD on something, ANYTHING, some time soon? Please??? Her child, and the rest of society, would end up a much better place without people like this who have no intention on contributing anything positive to the world.

If nothing else, please, PLEASE KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!!




1170 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Parole? This girl was in prison?? Or is it probation?? Dumb lawyer has no idea what he's talking about. Parole is for people released from prison. Probation is for people who are placed on it to avoid going to jail.

1170 days ago


this doesn't shock me and I wouldn't be shocked if her kid was born addicted to drugs. Why are these worthless, skanky, welfare trash teens who don't know how to use condoms/birth control are getting their own show? MTV sucks now between these teen mom shows and jersey shore, what do any of these shows have to do with MUSIC? nothing! Thats why I don't waste my time watching MTV anymore because it has gone downhill, these stupid mothers on this show keep getting into trouble, these kids need to be taken away from these idiot teen moms or else they are never going to have a chance to live a normal life and this dumb girl here obviously cares more about drugs than her own child, babies should not be having babies, its not that hard to use birth control you know, not to mention that birth control is free now, these trailer trash teens SHOULD NOT reproduce! they are horrible mothers.

1170 days ago


This dumb disgusting whore should be locked up for good! Her and her woman beating boyfriend!

1170 days ago



1170 days ago

Get back to work!    

Wow, apparently 19 is the new 40.

1170 days ago


Dear MTV,

I have not met one person who enjoys "this cast"...especially this girl. She is complete TRASH. Do us a favor and get rid of this drug addicted hillybilly. Furthest thing from a "girl" that I have ever seen. Not to mention she has to be the Ugliest Teen Mom ever! In fact, thats her new nickname...Ugliest Teen Mom Ever a.k.a. Janelle the Ditch Pig....

1170 days ago


This ******* again?

1170 days ago
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