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Ashton Kutcher

Scores HUGE "Men" Paycheck

8/10/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judging by the audience reaction Friday night, Ashton Kutcher is an instant hit on "Two and a Half Men," and judging by the bottom line, he's being handsomely rewarded with a paycheck that approaches a million bucks an episode.

There are reports that he's raking in $700,000, but we know it's much higher.  Ashton is actually getting between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode.

True enough ... Charlie Sheen was making a lot more -- $1.25 million an episode, plus profit sharing which brought him to $2 million per show.    We're told Ashton will get the often-elusive "back end" profits as well.

Ashton has instantly become the reigning king of TV in the salary department.


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some guy    

Ashton should put some of that money into a goddess fund in case he goes bat**** crazy in a couple years.

1173 days ago


How much will I get if I watch?

1173 days ago

some guy    

How much of that money is going towards adult diapers for Demi? Lots, I bet.

1173 days ago


Enough already, untill that is kutcher drinks enough of chuck lorre's cool-aide and snorts his energy packs. Word is dont talk back to lorre unless you are ready to be fired. Cant wait for charlies roast! Charlies always winning!!

1173 days ago

some guy    

I heard Ashton's actually gonna use this money to invest in another of Harvey's get-rich-quick schemes.

Dunno... I smell 'Fail' all over it.

1173 days ago


Who's WINNING now, Chawie?

Dumb **** should have apologized for his insane behavior when he had the chance.

1173 days ago


I will no*****ch the show with this over-rated actor. Not an Ashton fan, I find him to be immature, a dork, and a grandma layer.
His punked show truly showed off his personality, which now makes me wonder why in the world Demi even wasted her time speaking to him...but, she has to have a washer herself, to spend all the time, money, and effort to keep herself looking 40 so her man wants to stay?

No thanks, she is a few years older than me, and I can't imagine wanting to hang out with a boy who still needs a car seat....and for what? To show her peers, het I got a younger it is hard to get a younger a man? Hardly.
Every waking moment she has she is worring about her face and body, what kind of life is THAT?

1173 days ago


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1173 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

...and six episodes in, when the novelty wears off, the show will get canned mid season.

They need to make the show Aston's, like they did charlie. Make him date a much older woman with daughters in his dating age range. Have the older women keep getting plastic surgeries and lamenting how funny looking her daughters are. Only then does the show have a chance.

1173 days ago


I hope his co-stars are getting equally compensated.

1173 days ago


AK can't act his way out of a paper bag! I for one will be watching the CS roast instead of this crap! This show as doomed the minute that idiot Chuck Lorre/CBS fired CS! He WAS/IS 2.5 Men! No cougar catcher is gonna change that fact! Screw u CBS and your evil dim wit Chuck Lorre!

1173 days ago


does anyone think he has seen Demi Naked?

1173 days ago


So wrong on so many levels..the man is not finding a cure for cancer! Why do we continue to pay actors, athletes and musicians these type salaries while most in the US are barely getting by?

1173 days ago

I am Spartacus    

why is everyone all over Ashton's nuts? Theres a reason the guy hasn't been in anything recently, he's not a good actor! He's a 1 trick pony. He was good as Kelso. He made a few stupid teen type comedies and the rest of his movies were garbage.

Other than playing pranks on celebrities, the guy is a glorified model. Thats how he got started, thats why it makes more sense for him to be doing camera commercials than acting.

But to be paid that high coming off of nothing is ridiculous.

1173 days ago


But will it last, or has the show jumped the shark ?

1173 days ago
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