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MTV Star Amber Lancaster

Way TOO HOT For Economics

8/10/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Hard Times of RJ Berger" hottie Amber Lancaster screwed up a few key points while analyzing the stock market crash -- but would you rather hear it from her or Ben Bernanke? You're welcome.

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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I saw her on the show tonight and I liked the fact that she didn't pretend to really know how it works. The people that really DO, can't seem to figurd it out!

1169 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Amber who and Ben who??
Zero clue who either of these people are.

1169 days ago


Another case of the yearbook geeks at TMZ trying to make fun of the cool, hot chick who would not normally give them the time of day. Now you feel so good about yourselves, when the truth is, any knowledge you get is from googling the topic after you hear the question (which is what you all do most of the time). This chick is hot.

1169 days ago


Wasn't really caused by three factors. The financial crises in Italy and the long awaited federal debt budget, which the S & P conjured their opinion on the US? Just wondering and not saying I'm right.

1169 days ago


Socialism sucks, that should have been her answer. Ever since the radical left wingnuts took control of Congress in 2007 the economy has been in a continuous nosedive. No amount of idiotic, evil Democrat propaganda can spin that reality. The kooks are well aware they are going to lose the White House next year so they are stopping at nothing to personally destroy any challenger they face. Good will prevail over evil in the end.

1169 days ago


The S&P downgrade was bad but the fact remains people are still buying treasury bonds, because regardless of the state of the US economy it's still the safe haven. Equities aren't the best measure of anything because they tend to follow rather than predict events. Bonds still rule for predictive power. In terms of blame both US parties are quite hamstrung by their respective voters, one side countenancing no tax increases the other no cuts in certain areas, and neither side can sell cuts in things like defense. The problems that caused the deficit have existed since Bush's second term, which wasn't entirely his fault because of war/credit crunch, when 20% was added to the national debt 2005-2009 (so far Obama has added ~9%, versus 7% in Bush's first term when he inherited a healthy surplus, unlike Obama). No side is having a proper debate about it and I suspect that's what prompted the downgrade. The situation hadn't changed much. The idiotic, slogan-tastic, voters on both sides have played a huge part by not allowing a nuanced debate.

1169 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    


1169 days ago


FYI this hottie is also on The Price is Right

1107 days ago

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