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Bristol Palin

Strolls Through Motherhood

8/11/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Bristol Palin
Sarah Palin's 20-year-old unwed daughter Bristol Palin took her adorable two-year-old son with Levi Johnston, Tripp, for a stroll in L.A. on Wednesday.

The teen abstinence spokesperson is getting ready to shoot her new reality show with her former fellow "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Kyle Massey.

One person you probably won't see on her show is Levi's sister Mercede, who just called Bristol "evil" and a "sociopath" in a Playboy interview.

How do you like them family values?


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All that money and she still looks like a fat, middle-aged, soccer mom.

1135 days ago


Mercede's brother just placed 6th in top ten list of the most hated people in America. I am sure Mercede is disappointed he did not make the list. I notice U do not refer to Angelina Jolie as an "unwed" mother and many other mothers you photo with their children who are not married. You are a bigot.

1135 days ago


Because Bristol Palin calls the talk shows and tabloids and tries to talk them into doing features on her; because she is paid by Candies to represent them as an unwed mother who favors abstinence; because she has written a book about how she got drunk and her virginity was stolen from her; because she claimed to be a celebrity and went on Dancing with the Stars with her claim to fame being that she was a teenage unwed mother--there is no reason why all of America can't constantly state the fact that Bristol is an unwed mother. Every penny that she has earned has been based on her claim to be an unwed teenage mother--complaining about how difficult her role of mommy has been; how getting pregnant robbed her of her child hood; how her son is a big mistake; how Levi is nothing but a gnat (sounds like gnat is better than being a blood sucker or parasite). Even the reality show she is doing in Hollywood is based on the fact that she is a single unwed mother and her son will constantly on the show so that we will all know that he is cute. And all the viewers will believe that perhaps Mercedes is correct--he looks nothing like Levi and Bristol wrote that she did not know which of her sexual partners is really Tripped Upsy's real dad. If Bristol palin did not want all this attention for being an unwed mother, she would not be begging all the TV shows and tabloids to print her comments and pictures. She wouldn't be doing the talk shows, allowing pictures of her and Gino's bedroom or selling stories about how Levi put roses on top of their bed when he proposed again; or sending e-mails to Ben, wondering if she was pregnant. And she wouldn't be telling Candies that all of the teenagers in America think she is their role model.

1134 days ago


A typical stoller stoll--Bristol called the papps and told them where she would be so pictures could be taken. Poor little child--he is nothing but Bristol's little prop to get her media attention. She is even pimping him out to be on her reality show. How low class............

1134 days ago


Bristol Palin's book telling about getting drunk and losing her virginity was no better than Mercedes posing nude in PlayGirl. Palins seem to think that Mercedes and Levi appearing nude is lower class. Most Americans think it is disgusting how the Palins pimp little Tripp out to get them more money and more attention. If I were Levi, I would go to court and get a judge to sign an order than she can not use their son as a political prop and she cannot continue to make negative comments in interviews about the father of her baby. When Tripp grows older, he will realize that what his Mom and Grandma did to him was child abuse.

1124 days ago

democrats suck ass!    

At least she takes care of her child. Unlike most democratic women, who rely on the Government to raise their children!

823 days ago
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