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George Lopez Jokes

I was Fired 'Because I'm Brown'

8/11/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez
George Lopez wasn't afraid to talk about his show getting canceled on "Lopez Tonight" yesterday -- but he told the crowd that he was being fired because of the color of his skin.

Lopez -- whose voice was featured in the "Smurfs" movie -- was talking about how Sony has greenlit a "Smurfs" sequel during his monologue ... and quipped, "So today I lost some work because I'm brown, but I got some work because I'm blue!"

Is Lopez REALLY blaming race ... or was he just trying to crack a bad joke?


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You were not fired because you're brown, you were fired because you're a cabrón.

1168 days ago


TBS, Very funny. Not.
George Lopez is playing the race card because his ego won't allow him to admit what everyone knows. He was cancelled because he's not funny and his show was dumber than dirt. And isn't it typical that TBS would put such garbage on the air. That station is worse than every other station on tv.

1168 days ago


you're weak and lame, Lopez....rude, bitter and not funny....glad you're cancelled. Your skin color has nothing to do with's your mouth!!!

1168 days ago


He was fired for being rude to Stewart Rahr. You don't mess with the power elite.

1168 days ago


I think he was the funniest and most creative of all the late night talk shows. He got fired because of his political views against the tea party and the republicans. He often cracked jokes about them. the republicans and tea party people are the ones who don't want to tax those making over $250,000 a year and wealthy corporations. They control the money. They don't want him to express his views. He also got fired becaseuse he is Mexican.

1168 days ago


What a shock? Lopez cracked an ethnic joke, which makes up 99.99999% of his material. Maybe that's the reason why no one watches his show anymore. He is a one trick pony.

1168 days ago


No one cares what color he is. Funny is funny . George just wasn't that entertaining enough to watch. He lost his "funny" on his talk show . I love his sitcom though and watch it on reruns. He will rise again in another good sitcom ! He has lots of talent.

1168 days ago


He is NOT a nice person, he ditched his wife after she SAVED his life and then started to trash talk Leno..stupid stupid stupid.

1168 days ago


Can we get a poll going for this situation?

1168 days ago

Michael DeBenedetto    

Do you think the brown guy Lopez likes whites, huh????????? he's complaining when his countrymen enslaved millions of natives and brought 10 million black slaves to this continent. Gimmee a break and when brown and black people stop being racist things will improve.

1168 days ago


He's a one-trick pony. Next!

1168 days ago


I doubt its because he is "brown". Its more probable that it's because he is annoying

1168 days ago


Speaking of brown, the last night I watched his show was the time he went on a totally unfunny rampage about how stupid white people are because they clean up their dog's poop. As someone who is sick and tired of stepping around or in poop, I couldn't believe he was making the distinction between Latino (hip, wouldn't ever stoop to cleaning up after their dogs) and white (stupid, dorky). My husband and kids are Latino and would never be so dirty. Lopez is not very smart.

1168 days ago


There is only one color that the entertainment industry cares about and that's the color GREEN.

1168 days ago


Whether it was a joke or not, it was in bad taste and wasn't funny.

1168 days ago
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