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Jani Lane Will Be Missed

8/12/2011 9:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jani Lane
Past and present members of Warrant are mourning the loss of their old frontman Jani Lane -- claiming, "He was a true talent and will be missed by all of us."

The band released a collective statement on their website moments ago, on behalf of all former and current members -- adding, "We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Jani's passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

"Jani was a very important part of our lives for a long time. We will always be incredibly proud of the music we created together."


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Lo From Wisco    

No kidding Mike. I think a lot of people would be eating their words if they ever had to go through half the stuff addiction puts you through. Rest in Peace & Godspeed to another rock legend.

1170 days ago

The PMG    

It's always unfortunate and sad to lose such a great musical mind, he will be missed by Headbangers everywhere, myself included. Rock in Peace, Jani \m/

1170 days ago


How Judgemental can you guys be? putting someone down because of an Illness he had, I have the privlage of meeting Jani many times with and after warrant fame He was the nicest guy you could meet very personal the last time i met him was in San antonio after a show here he spent like 4 hrs hanging out with his fans you felt like you knew him for years sadly he had his share of problems for what ever reason he couldnt shake his demons this is a very sad loss and he will be missed sorely thank you for the memories and treating me like a friend when I met you RIP JANI!

1170 days ago


Poor addict. Disease my @ss. Another over-rated *ussy that couldn't handle being washed up. Good riddance. You guys were lame. "she's my cherry pie.." GOD...Please! I guess some people aren't that hard to please.

1170 days ago


Coming here and reading these comments only serves to remind me that there are some cold-hearted ******** in this world. R.I.P. Jani.

1170 days ago


I feel bad for people with addictions,There are alot of jerks out there that have no clue,They bad mouth bands back in the eighties,alot of them probably were not born yet,the music back then was alot better than the crap out now,forget the hair,the music was just plain better!People that talk crap about others,will get theirs one day,RIP Jani

1170 days ago

Chrissie Clarke    

So sorry to here about Jani. His music takes me back to a great time in my life. I always smile when I hear old Warrant songs.To Jani's family you're in my prayers and i'm sure a whole lot of other peoples. Take Care & God Bless You! Sincerest Sympathy, A Longtime Fan , Chrissie

1170 days ago

melly from the 614    

It is a shame that some people can speak so harshly of someone that has passed. This is on the internet for everyone to see. He had family that will probably read these comments. How disrespectful. Shame on you. No one walked in his shoes, but him. Do not judge someone, unless you want to be judged. My condolences to his family and friends and may he rest in peace...

1170 days ago

Joe S    

Don't judge somebody until you walked a mile in their moccassins. Women, booze and drugs were an occupational hazard to hair metal bands....

1170 days ago


R.I.P Jani Lane!!
I loved this band Warrant and loved Jani Lane.
My Friend Larry Micheals who married Joey's sister.
Is very saddend to hear the news as well.
God Bless.
Mark Roberts

1169 days ago

there is no way you can replace the original Cherry Pie Guy. you can get imitation Cherry Pie Guys and knockoff Cherry Pie Guys but they will never taste so good to make a grown man cry. <-----trained professional

1168 days ago

vikki locke    

Jani Lane was a great songwriter and will be missed, he did not get the recognition for his songwriting ability. I used to help out with their fan club, and also, run a Steven support team. i met the guys numerous times. i was also coresponding with jani's late father, who was called bonecrusher. im so sorry for the oswald family loss, and especially to his children. R.I.P. jani.

1165 days ago


HEY! You STUPID Mo*her Fu*kers posting your ignorant comments about Jani dying from drugs! No one knows yet how Jani Lane died. No one has said he died from drugs & alcohol. So why post your stupid SH*T??? Besides, if Jani did die from drugs & alcohol don't make him a bad person or a no good person. What has Jani Lane ever done to any of you haters to make you hate him? Your parents must really be ashamed of you. How would any of you like it if people post rude comments about one of your loved ones dying? Like your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, or any of your own kids! You wouldn't like it. Why do any of you post such childish sh*t for? You think it make you sound Macho or what? All it does is make you haters sound very small. Some of you sound like children. Grow up. Also. I'm sure you haters have no friends. Go bend over and get A*S FU*KED by a HORSE!!!!! And please let me know how it works out for you. I want to know. Will you like it? YEAH! You probably will like it.

1159 days ago


Jani was a great guy. Sorry to hear he's gone, especially the loss for his family. Also for his band family, Odin included. I know Jerry has been there from the beginning. They are very talented artists. Good luck to all and keep the legend alive.

1029 days ago
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