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Adam Carolla

Sorry for the LGBT Bashing!

8/15/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Carolla has quickly offered a half-assed apology for the anti-LGBT comments he made last week -- telling TMZ, "I'm sorry my comments were hurtful. I'm a comedian, not a politician."

As we previously reported, Carolla said, "When did we start giving a sh*t about [transgender] people?" -- during his podcast last week.

The apology comes after a history of homophobic comments -- including one where Adam said gay parents were "not as good as" straight parents -- so we gotta ask ...


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J Live transgenders get lumped into all of this is beyond me. Gay is fine, have at it. But transgendered? You are freaks.

1164 days ago


Well, with the comment on gay parents vs straight parents, Adam said, on numerous times, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, he would rather his kids go with a straight couple than a gay couple because having both a male and female parent is more natural than having gay parents. He sights examples in nature as the basis for his opinion. It's unfair to make a loaded comment like that without stating the context of the comment.

1164 days ago

Jose M.    

People should be have the right to their own the mayority should be oppressed by the minority cuz of what they think????? America is going down hill and really fast

1164 days ago

Meg Lamb    

He is a COMEDIAN!!! Really people!!!

1164 days ago

Meg Lamb    

He is a COMEDIAN!!! Really people!?!?!

1164 days ago


His mouth looks like a big Ashole, doesn't it?

1164 days ago


This is only a story on TMZ because Harvey Levin is trying to shove his agenda down the mainstream's throat - it's one that happens to jive with GLAAD's.

We're all for gay rights - Adam is, I am, generally everyone. Quit being so sensitive.

You've also greatly mischaracterized his comments on gay parenting. What he said was that all things being equal (economic background, access to schools, etc., etc.) he'd rather have a heterosexual couple adopt his kids. That is mildly controversial but far from the "gay people can't parent" dribble you've written in this posting.

1164 days ago


I am a supporter of equal rights for the LGBT community. I think it is the civil rights issue of our time. But I also think it's wrong for people to demand an apology from someone for their opinions. You don't have to agree with someone or like them. But you don't have a right to condemn them for the opinion.

1164 days ago


I would've told the LGBT to **** off. Amazing how Sarah Silverman, lisa lampanelli, etc can say whatever they want but the moment Adam, Tracy Morgan etc say something everyone is all over them and TMZ acts like they just advocated *********** with kids. To the LGBT and the rest of alphabet -Just like everyone else. Just like every religion, race etc no one has to like you. no one has to say good things about you. it's the way the world works. Now grow a pair and stfu.

1164 days ago


Seems like a way for these groups to get free publicity and/or "support" from celebrities, however major or minor they may be; find someone who "offended" you and threaten them with ostracisim if they don't do a PSA promoting your agenda. Clever.

1164 days ago


And not a very GOOD comedian at that. I always thought he sucked.

1164 days ago


Wow, the PC police are really chasing after last straws. He is a comedian!! Where would all the anger be if he made fun of white men?
Give it a break, somewhere Mel Brooks' jaw is on the floor.

1164 days ago


He's a supremely untalented hack. Say whatever you want dude. NO ONE IS LISTENING anyway.

1164 days ago


Newsflash, not everyone in the world is as pro-gay, pro-lezbo, or pro-tranny as TMZ.

1164 days ago


The real question here is when does comedic satire cease to be funny (at least to the weirdos it targets)? The answer is when it's true. Nuf said!!!

1164 days ago
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