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Casey Anthony's Legal Team

We're Taking on the Judge

She Should NOT Be On Probation

8/15/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Appeal
Casey Anthony's legal team tells TMZ they will fight the judge who just rejected their claim that Casey served her probation for check fraud while she sat in jail during her murder trial ... and if they lose Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Anthony was sentenced to 1 year's probation for her 2010 check fraud conviction.  The judge who sentenced her said in court the time Casey spent in jail would not count toward completing probation, but the order the judge signed mistakenly allowed Casey's probation to run concurrently with her time in the pokey.

A judge ruled on Friday that the judge who sentenced Casey clearly made an innocent mistake, and it wouldn't make sense to allow Casey to get credit for the time she was in jail.  After all, the point of probation is to test how a person behaves when they are in the real world, not while they're locked up with few opportunities to misbehave.

But now her lawyers tell TMZ they will appeal Friday's ruling.  If they win, it would mean Casey would get a huge break -- her probation would already be completed -- because of a technical error. 

Casey's lawyers say if they lose their appeal ... they want her to serve her probation in a state other than Florida.



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She got a break when she got away with murder.

1163 days ago

Ghost Rider    


1163 days ago


I soooooo wish this B*$CH would just disappear.....just reading her name makes my stomach want to PUKE!!!
I can't wait for the day her lawyers figure out nobody wants to see,hear or listen to this lying baby killer and kick her to the curb!! They will get tired of this mooch who just lays on the couch sucking up air.
This woman is such a disgust that I'm getting ready to quit TMZ becasue she is NOT a star, SHE IS A MURDERER!!!

1163 days ago


The judge made an innocent mistake when he signed that her probation run concurrently with the time spent in jail and a not so innocent one when he let this child murderer go.
Now her lawyers reckon they get to decide if she serves probation and where?!! They are going to change the law for her. That's the next thing they are going to achieve.
In the meantime the world will watch in amusement how this murderer eventually pays and it doesn't necessery have to mean in jail!

1163 days ago

casey do her lawyers sleep at night ? oh yeah they "won"..

I hope they are not able to stop this and it goes through

1163 days ago


Her lawyers lambasted the public for not "accepting " the jurors findings..but they won't accept the judge's ruling

1163 days ago


Casey and her unethical lawyers took advantage of a clerical error. Shame on them!!! Geez, she got away with murder so her attorneys can hush up already.

1163 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Dont BS us with these people TMZ.
We KNOW you PAID BL00D-Money to KillerKC thru the pap that got pix & vid of KillerKC jus strolling thru a neighborhood in Ohio. SHES an AWFUL actress, acting like she didnt KNOW there was a cameraman! And WHO was the DUMBA$$ that gave her the cappachino? The closest $tarbuck$ was TWO MILES from Where she was, and she was walking in flip-flops... AS IF!
WE all KNOW how the system works now, KillerKC NOW gets paid everytime those pix & vid are shown.
F OFF TMZ & F U Harv!
YOU shouldnt underestimate the general public like you have. We KNOW whats up!
(BTW, hows the numbers looking for ya.. viewers falling off?) Blame yourself HARVEY you didnt know **** about this case til it was in the last 2 weeks then you saw the public interest and thought you'd jump in like you were an expert..! You might be a lawyer but your NOT a parent! The fact you even spoke of KillerKC positively made me ill. FIRST you said YOU would cover KillerKC if she was out & about, THEN you said People WOULD watch HER & read her book.. NOT being a parent YOU had NO Idea WTF you were doing to yourself when You opened your mouth!
Bet'cha if KillerKC had killed her DOG & disposed of it like she did to her baby YOU would've been as PI$$ED-Off as the WORLD was with that Lazy jury's Verdict! (out of touch much?)
Your out of you f'n MIND lil man. YOU drank the Kool-Aid from Jonestown. See ya around.. or NOT! I'm done with TMZ now! already cancelled your show off my DVR, now I gotta block you off my computer!

1163 days ago


its not her fault that the other judge screwed up..she shouldnt have to do it..i mean dont they hold us accountable for our actions?? why dont they have to own up to theirs?

1163 days ago


i would totally put my 8=D in her butt

1163 days ago


she did the crime, now do the time!!!!!!!!!! Mothers hide your babies,the most hated beast in the world is coming to our state, once again.We only hope that she messes up on probation, so she can go to JAIL, where she"s belongs.

1163 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Am I the only one that thinks this bitch looks like a troll?

1163 days ago


Hang the Whore!!! The country is done with Clown Clan. TMZ you need to quit reporting on this troll. Your going to lose viewers. She is the most hated person ever. Besides reading she is suffering and miserable. Who cares what she or the Clown clan wants to do. Boo-Hoo... Harvey you have more class then getting involved with blood money. Stop reporting about her.

1163 days ago


She should really die & no probation will be necessary!

1163 days ago


The more the defense attempts to get Casey Anthony special treatment, the more they fuel the fire of contempt. Perhaps if they just recommended that their client "step up to the plate" and act like the "innocent woman" that the jury seemed to think she was, maybe, just maybe one or two people would cut her a break. I dislike Casey and the defense team more now, since the appeal, than I did before and I bet other people feel exactly the same.

1163 days ago
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