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MJ Tribute Concert

Gene Simmons to Perform

Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

8/15/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.

Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when promoters revealed that KISS would be performing.

Yet Gene Simmons went on record last year -- mind you, a year after MJ died -- saying, "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids.  Not a doubt."

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Hate the man.  Love the music.


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Mimi is a kind hearted sweet girl.Her Beauty is in her loving soul.Who cares how much the outside looks, its the inside of a loving soul that counts.Mimi loves Michael Jackson since the earth began.A Fan with an undeing Love a sureen goodness.A kind loving heart that's mimi, our loving Mj Fan.

1072 days ago



Your poem is very sweet. Thank You. :)

But UnWell has no clue regarding my appearance. Just proves once again what an obsessed nutjob he really is.

1072 days ago


I am STUNNED! Gene Simmons, the worm, for God's sake!!!! What THE HELL is going on witih this "family"???!!! I wouldn't go to this concert if THEY paid ME and I lived right across the street!! What a disgrace to Michael's memory. They are either completely greedy or completely desparate for any slimy act to show up and, frankly, I don't know which is worse! God love you, Michael. I'm glad you're not here to see this...

1072 days ago


Mimi, your welcome. It hurts to see so much hate from him.I wonder what happened to him to make him the way he is ??

1072 days ago



"Her Beauty is in her loving soul.Who cares how much the outside looks, its the inside of a loving soul that counts."

That's kind of a backhanded compliment. Though I'm sure she has a great personality. *rolls eyes*

"Mimi is a kind hearted sweet girl."

On the other hand, she's a homophobic, right-wing, religious nutcase ... So, no, not even that.

1072 days ago


Gene Simmons is a media whore who will pimp his name out to anyone and anything that will further his bank account. It disgusts me to see this narcissistic POS anywhere.

1072 days ago


Kiss at the Michael Jackson Tribute? If this is true then it's all I needed to finally and definitely call that event the expected fiasco...

What was Katherine actually thinking – if she's thinking at all? My guess is that she has lost track long ago who is doing business dealings in her or her deceased son's name.

And what does it actually mean for an artist "to be invited" to the tribute? Does it mean he performs for free, just in honor of Michael – or does he receive money?

1072 days ago



Don't start with me. I have never been homophobic or stated anything pertaining to my religious beliefs on these boards.


I challenge you to find any post of mine where I state or elude to anything that would confirm your stupid accusations.

In other words, back off buster.

1072 days ago


I liked him. I really thought simmons was someone. Respected him as a function of seeing his show - his interaction with family etc

One word - S.O.B! Clearly simmons is s*um Hereon in, not enough bad things can happen to him.

1072 days ago


One of these days, hopefully soon, the MJ "Tribute Train" will reach the end. Anything for more $$, right Mama K? MJ was talented, gifted, but not the second coming. Let the guy be gone and move on. But if any Jackson did actually move on to make their own way in the world, where will the money come from then? Oh, yeah, they can start up the train again. Janet seems to be the only one who respects herself. Lesson learned to the rest of them.

1072 days ago


I don't understand Katherine these days, what is she thinking! Gene Simmons should never have the privilege of performing at this tribute. I guess these are desperate times. More attention should be paid to the trial right now. Not really happy with what the Jacksons are doing at the moment. A tribute could always be done with the entertainers who respected Michael while he was alive. But a Trial to find out what actually happened that morning cannot be repeated again. Please explain Mrs Jackson why you are doing this right now, why not later?

1072 days ago


I knew that this Tribute Concert to Michael was a disaster in many ways - but to have Gene Simmons (of all people) perform - makes me think that the MJ Fans should boycott the concert just because of this POS!

1072 days ago



Oh, aren't you mymjj's sockpuppet? Or, at the very least, his/her meatpuppet. Of course, listening to the MJ fanatics is like being in an echo chamber, one is likely to lose one's sense of direction.

1072 days ago


yeah, right. Pheu to whoever instigated this one. It ain't gonna happen.

"Hate the man. Love the music." How can you hate someone but love their music ? Ugh. I so tire of hypocrisy.
Reminds me of the MJ hypocrites who love his music but sucked up to the lies about him, by media & jerks like Simmons, and failed to give MJ the respect to seek the truth.

And how come the reporters who report this stuff go nameless ?

1072 days ago


katherine was so proud of herself on cnn international, congratulating herself for being a media idiot.
it figures that her hallucination of her sons and daughters caused tragedies and clownish, pathetic fall from grace.

1072 days ago
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