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Jermaine Jackson

MJ Tribute Promoters

Are Using My Mom

8/16/2011 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson believes the promoters of the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert are crassly taking advantage of an 81-year-old woman -- otherwise known as Katherine Jackson -- to "prop up its event."

Jermaine just went on a Twitter rant, claiming Global Live is using his mom.  And, he's particularly pissed at Global Live for its initial decision to have KISS perform, given that Gene Simmons has publicly accused MJ of being a hardcore child molester.

Jermaine tweeted, "I'm appalled as all fans that Global Live booked an artist like KISS after all Gene Simmons had said about Michael.  It doesn't matter KISS' invitation is revoked.  This mishandling reinforces my view that this promoter is getting it all wrong..."


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Its a real sad day when idiots can get behind made up names on the internet and talk s+/?about MJ. Not any of you haters would have said any of this to him if he was standing in your house handing his money to you to help one of your sick children! Get a life! Wishing Michael was here to moonwalk on your faces! God bless you MJ sorry you cant rest in peace. Hats off to you Mrs. Jackson, having to deal with these fools trashing your sons name, most mothers could only hope to have created a child that has touched the world as intensly as Micheal did and still does. Bless the angel you lost!

1163 days ago


We, the fans, can speak up for ourselves pretty good. Thanks Jermaine. So, if you don't mind, stfu and go back to where you came from. Useless arrogant fooker you are.

You are not Michael. Never were, never will be.

When you die, there will be no memorial in Staples Centre, there will be no Tributes. And remember, you tried to organize a tribute yourself and failed. Like with everything you have done in life so far. You are a failure. Your mom doesn't get used. She's pretty good at using people herself. You must have that from her I believe?

Just go away. Thanks.

1163 days ago


Jermaine, 1991:

What up yo, word to the badd

I gave my love
You gave your love
Thought we'd never part
Said you love me
Then you left me
With a broken heart
You never think about who you love
You only think about number one
You forgot about where we started from
You only think about what you want
You don't care about how it's done
you only think about you, your throne
Be it right or be it wrong

It ain't about your world
It ain't about the things that you do
If you don't care, I don't care
Cause you keep thinkin' 'bout you
It ain't about you takin' my pie
You been takin' for a long time
If you don't care, I don't care
If you keep
Well I ain't thinkin' 'bout you

What up yo, word to the badd

Once you were made
You changed your ways
Even told me lies
Could not trust you
Still I loved you
My mind worried overtime
You know I tried to be there for you
Like a lover I cared for you
It didn't matter you always play me off
You only care about what you want
You don't care about how it's done
You only think about you, your throne
Be it right or wrong


Oh no no, I ain't thinkin' 'bout you
Oh no
What's up yo, word to the badd

Thinkin' about that pie that you've been takin' from me
From a love to another lover hard to believe
Lost and don't know it yet you still show it
Givin' seems to be harder than it is to receive
The glass has gotten shady when it should have been clearer
But it's you always starin' in the mirror
Constatnly fakin' it ain't no mistakin' it
Get a grip cause you're not far from breakin' it

Thinkin' about the time when we used to be close
It shouldn't be past tense cause nobody knows
What the futurem ay hold what tomorrow might bring
It' not guaranteed that you'll be spreadin' your wings
And funny it seem show it used to be
Times when you needed to lean on me
Now you're standin' on two and you wanna act now
Girl I ain't thinkin' about you

His song "to" Michael.

Jermaine better shut up. Arrogant fooker he is!

1163 days ago


F all of MJ haters!!!! yall dont know jack S***!!!

1163 days ago

Oh well    

For once i think Jermaine is right, i don't think Mrs Jackson is of sound mind...... I mean really she has a caretaker, what the he11 is she doing with those kids?

1163 days ago


It took for Michael to die before any of us realized the extent of problems he had with his family. His life was tough as it was - money does not buy happiness!

This upcoming tribute symbolizes everything that was going on behind the scene since day one. Greed, envy, suspicion, division and a lack of business ability. It really saddens me. I love MJ. I would have wished for him to be part of a loving, supportive family. Pointing finger at certain members of the family is futile since we just don´t have a clue what is going on. Again....the whole situation is nothing but sad!

1163 days ago

Brigha from UK    


1163 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Well, it’s nice to see Jermaine trying to protect his Mum I suppose.
Those of us who have always defended the Jacksons (and I count myself as one) are growing more and more frustrated with their decisions. It is becoming increasingly difficult to defend them.

First we had the dubious Oprah interview,
then the Latoya 'tribute' song,
then the Janet & Latoya books.
Then the Piers (Wacko Jacko headline creator) Morgan interview with Latoya and Janet.
Then the Jackson perfume fiasco.
And finally this Kiss insult.

Maybe they mean well, but everytime they try to honour Michael they seem to make a mess of it. This latest 'Kiss' controversy, raking up old issues so close to the trial, is almost unforgivable.

We wonder what could be next?
An interview with Bashir? An invite for Janet Arvizo or Tom Sneddon?

This family have spent most of their lives in the public eye, yet they seem to have little idea of how to play the publicity game. They desperately need to sack their PR people and get someone who REALLY understands the media machine.
Above all, they have to learn that any 'tribute' to Michael MUST NOT include any personal financial profit. It HAS to be purely for charity in order to have any integrity.

1163 days ago


NOBODY pays $20 M as a settlement if they're innocent--NOBODY.
No loving parent takes $20M if their child has been molested.

1163 days ago


Why Randy Jackson critizises the tribute, he himself is connected with American Idol and America’ s Best Dance Crew?
There are 2 Randy Jackson's. The Randy Jackson from American Idol and America's Best Dance Crew is not the same Randy Jackson from the old Jackson 5.

1163 days ago


Now seriously Jermy and Randy! This comes from the man who has two failed tribute concerts behind.
Jermy is tweeting that Global live is using his mom and it wasn't that long ago when Randy tweeted "they" are exploiting his family!

My recommendation is, start with the man in the mirror! They themselves agreed these ventures and signed on the dotted line. When things gets hot, brothers comes out and put the blame on anyone else except to themselves! Why brothers don't talk to their parents privately and tell them to sit down and stop exploiting Michael for all sort of nonsense ventures, like perfumes, tribute concert, ice cream, belts.....
They are just not good at what ever they are trying to do and seemingly backfires every single time.
Why Jermy doesn't say anything about Global Live Event's US directory is Paul Ring, the very same man that is president for JaTail, company founded by LaToya. Also JaTail Concerts is headed by Leonard Rowe. So seemingly TMZ was correct when they said that Joe and Rowe are behind of this concert fiasco. They would have not sold a one seat if Joe was as a front man for Michael tribute, but to put Katherine out there, thats different.

1163 days ago


I have to say the estate is doing good job listening Michael's fans. They take matters to their hands when needed (e.g. autopsy in discovery channel was cancelled after fans and estate opposed it and now Gene S. got the boot from concert). Also fans got Michael's name uncovered from Gardner's school.
What the Jacksons did, some of them tweeted but that was about it! Contacting some news agencies and issuing a statement from the family would have made a big difference.
I suppose there is no money to make of that sort of participation so tweeting is max what they bother to do.

1163 days ago

severine gelig    


1163 days ago


your brother was a talented singer and also a completely creepy person who probably WAS a pedophile and was TOTALLY a HUGE drug addict.Get OVER it.

1163 days ago


WOW, the Jacksons have exploited MJs death to the hilt. It seems they have never received more publicity in their life. The more they can, they get in front of the camera for any reason, espacilly Jermaine. GET YOUR OWN LIFE!!!!!!!!

1163 days ago
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