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Oksana Grigorieva to Mel Gibson:

I'm Calling the Shots

On Lucia's Schooling

8/16/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be rich and famous, but he's dealing with the same issues millions of fathers struggle with after separating from their partners -- how can he keep a relationship with his child, when his baby mama tries to keep him away?

Mel and Oksana Grigorieva are deep in the throes of mediation, and one of the big issues is where baby Lucia goes to school.  Oksana wants to put Lucia in a private school by her home in the San Fernando Valley.  Mel does not want to drive from Malibu to the Valley -- a long drive when there's no traffic -- when he picks Lucia up and drops her off.  He wants a school half way between their homes.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel and Oksana are miles apart in settling the custody case.  Mel wants 50/50 custody, and he believes that would solve most of their issues, but Oksana is vehemently opposed to an equal split.

And, sources say, even Oksana's lawyers want her to settle with Mel, in no small part because they want to get paid, but she's refusing to budge.  We're told Oksana is still so bitter, she'd rather drag Mel through the mud than settle and just walk away.


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I hate to say this, BUt I am betting she will win this battle. For some reason STILL in America a father has very little rights when it comes to their children in a custody fight. And it is even worse in this case as Oksana has gotten away with pretty much everything!

1129 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Okskankity is acting like 90% of bitter divorced women in this country! It's ALWAYS about money and me, me, me! LOSERS

1129 days ago


The kid's the bargaining chip and tool - so on every issue and matter the kid's going to be used.

And under the pretext of caring.

My family wrote the book on the-sincerity-thing, so all of this is familiar to me - and to many others here.

It's extortion.

1129 days ago


Regardless of what she and her lawyer says, they have two numbers in their head.

1. What they really really want.
2. What they're willing to settle for.

It's interesting that the lawyer is now pretending to back-off and make Oksana the heavy.

They're in this together.

They're in this deep.

And they're in this until the very, very end.

1129 days ago

some guy    

It's obvious the Ox doesn't really care about the child. Probably sees Lucia as a meal ticket.

Seems that Mel's the only one that cares for the well-being of the child. Maybe Mel should get full custody.

1129 days ago


The child isn't even two yet. I don't think daycare at this age really counts as 'school'.

1129 days ago

Max Smart    

It's easy to see how that had such a loving, functional relationship.

1129 days ago


Deport this bitches ass !

1129 days ago


Once you go bitter, ugly, money-grubbing, Russian b**ch, you'll regret it for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

1129 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Go awaaaaaaaaaay

1129 days ago


shouldn't the choice be made on what school is best for the child, not what's more convenient a drive for the parent?

1129 days ago


This is a easy one, just buy her a house close to yours since money is not the problem.

1129 days ago


Heyo all folks of good will !!!

The most likely reason for the piano player's anger is that she has not gotten the big offers that all her publicity was supposed to buy.

Someone will have to have final say in education, medical, etc., and it looks like the judge for the next 16 years. Don't think that the piano player is stable enough to make any kind of decisions and I think Mr. Gibson has enough experience and support that he could.

Even for a fabulously wealthy family, the Gibsons did not live extravagantly and the kids were kept out of publicity. Pretty sure the piano player does NOT want that.

Tee hee

1129 days ago


I have no doubt that this woman wants to drag this mess out. However she is not doing her daughter one bit of good doing it. All of this should have been thought about before she slid her panties off. Now her obligation is to do what is best for her child and maintain some civility with the child's father. She is being vindictive and difficult for the sake of getting back at a man. You have to love your child more than you hate your ex.

1129 days ago


Mel - you gotta get this bitch "rubbed out", see?

1129 days ago
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