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Russell Armstrong

Autopsy Complete

Suicide by Hanging

8/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no surprise, but the L.A. County Coroner has just made it official ... Russell Armstrong's cause of death was suicide by hanging.

We're told toxicology results are pending, but as we first reported -- no drugs or alcohol were found in the bedroom where Armstrong died Monday night.

It will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete the toxicology results.

Russell Armstrong Death


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I find it to be absolutely rediculos that some people are blaming Bravo and Taylor for his actions. When it all comes down to it, these people signed up to be on this show and share their lives with the viewers. They knew exactly what they were getting into when they signed the contract for the second season. Do I believe that reality TV can be a devistating thing? Yes I do. Do I also believe that Taylor is a gold digger? Absolutely. However, at the end of the day, Russell is responsible for his actions and no one else. If he was experiencing depression and anexiety, he should have seeked help. But instead he choose the coward way out, leaving his children to grow up without their daddy. Its a terrible tragedy indeed, but Bravo and Taylor are in no way responsible for what this man did.

1129 days ago


I started to watch TRHOBH after this tragedy to see if hindsight really was 20/20 and I can honestly write that Taylor Armstrong is a pig.

1129 days ago

So What    

All I have to say is DUMB ASS!!

1129 days ago


Any life insurance policy will be useless. She won't get a dime because it was a suicide.

1129 days ago


man taylor looks like a big time gold digger. i can see that playing a part in armstrong's demise.

1129 days ago


You guys need to do some homework. When Taylor married him he was already filing for bankruptcy. He was already just about broke when they married. If he controlled the finances, she had no idea and I have a real strong feeling he controlled every aspect of that marriage. He's also had past restraining orders. One was for slapping his son. It was hard enough that his girlfriend at the time called his ex-wife to let her know what happened. That ex of his is no innocent either. She wrote a tell all book about Russell. To come out and blame Taylor for this shows how much class she has. Another wannabe who thinks they're going to make money from his death. Last thing...some insurance policies do pay out for suicides. My husbands policy covers everything including suicide.

1129 days ago


Two thoughts here. First, wooptie doo, here is one more dead pu$&y who no one could give to shi$*s about. Second, what an f-ing pu$&y you have to be to kill yourself. Boo Hoo, my life is so bad, I'm married to a woman so full of botox her vagina can't move now. She's such a money whore that I could pimp her out but no one wants a BJ from her botoxed lips. boo Hoo, I guess I'll hang myself and die a painful death as I have nothing to live for. STFU you Pu$&y. Thank's for leaving planet earth to us normal people, It's always nice to see darwin at work.

1128 days ago


His only problem was that fake siliconed, botoxed up wanna-be he was married to. All things pass, time heals much. How sad for his children he could not hang in there.

1128 days ago


They say that he was 47 years old...he looked more like 57 years old

1128 days ago


You know I like the show even though it can sometimes be tawdry. My POINT in writing is although it seems to be all the rage, the moving camera **** is SO utterly annoying and unnatural. I know it initially got attention from the crime show that started it, but if you think about it, when someone is looking at or watching something "in life" or reality, they don't move their heads around like that. I have friends who say that makes them dizzy. Also, EVERYone is doing that now and it is obnoxious and overkill. Just too much.
Other than that when I do tolerate it for a few minutes it is entertaining not only for what is presented but also the employees you have, even the Mimbo (who I think should slightly lighten his hair-- it often looks dirty) and I especially like the new Celtic Chap and his brogue (accent is not often used with the Irish in that vein). Although you make fun of him, I am Irish and have been there and love to hear it. ; - )

1127 days ago


This ain't "reality", folks. This is a real man who's real dead and it's sad, sad, sad. While my guess is that he obviously could have used psychological help well before even the casting of this show, I sure wish this stupid age of Anything Goes television would remember that they're dealing with people. Not actors. Not cast members. Human beings.

1127 days ago


I think this is great for the show and Hollywood in general .

Doesn't get more real than this

Bravo to Bravo !!

1125 days ago


Taylor I am Sooooo SORRY for Your Loss & for Your Baby Girl! My Prayers are with You My Friend. I have watched You All from the Beginning & just Love You All. I Look Beyond the Fancy & See the Person. A Gift from God & Mother! I do Believe Everything Happens for a Reason & Most of the Time we Don't get to Know till Later? I Will also Keep Russell's Parents In My Prayers. I Lost My Daughter when she was 18, 4 Months after Moving out to Phoenix, Az. I do Know their Pain.Remember; So then We Pursue the Things which Make for Peace & the Building Up of One Another. Romans:14:19 God Bless

1109 days ago
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