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Russell Armstrong

Asked for Xanax Before Death

8/17/2011 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Armstrong
begged a friend for anxiety drugs days before his death ... TMZ has learned.

Armstrong's longtime friend and confidante Russ McCullough -- who appeared on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" last season -- tells us, he met Armstrong for dinner recently ... and things had reached a new low.

According to McCullough, Armstrong couldn't afford to pay for his meal -- and when the subject turned to his divorce, Armstrong said, "This is as bad as it gets."

Armstrong also said he was distraught over his negative portrayal on the show ... and feared he'd never recover from the ordeal -- so McCullough gave him a Xanax pill to take the edge off.

We're told Armstrong called McCullough 3 days before his death, asking for a "full bottle" of Xanax -- but McCullough suspected something was seriously wrong ... and refused out of fear Armstrong might abuse the pills.

As we previously reported, Armstrong's death was ruled a suicide by hanging -- no drugs or alcohol were found at the scene.


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I feel truly bad about this man and for him. His wife acted like she only wanted his wallet. She is such a phoney. She should have been a "wife" and put some of her interest and compassion on her husband.

1133 days ago


I agree with most of you folks, this is sad, tragic, etc., etc... I was half asleep when the news broadcaster announced his suicide. I am a kinda-sorta-sometimey kind of viewer of these shows, not too into them but mildly amused by them on occassion. If nothing else, this recent news has made me so much more grateful for what I have in my family and friends. Like everyone else, we are hurting financially due to recent economic ills. At times, I found myself moaning and groaning over not being able to afford frivolous things. I found myself being not so nice to my fiancee because of these restrictions. Upon hearing this news I gave my honey a big hug! I cannot imagine things ever getting so bad that I would leave him or the rest of my family holding a very ugly, devistating and emotionally scarring bag such as this. Thats all...

1133 days ago


See? This is why people think California is comprised of ********. You moronic freaking bitch-tards have all the freedom to smoke HIGH QUALITY THC and you ruin it by becoming a society of 'scripters. Thanks for ruining it for us all, ********.

1133 days ago


All this talk about blame and pointing fingers.....the "reality" is that there is one person and one person only to blame for Russell Armstrong's suicide....Russell Armstrong himself. Taylor Armstrong may have been a bitch, a skank, whatever you want to call her, but the fact remains that she did not put a noose around his neck, and she did not kick the chair out. Did their divorce contribute to his despair? I'm sure it did. But he was the one that made the irresponsible and irreversable decision to end his life. He chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and he did it because he did not have the courage to face it. You would have to be a deaf, dumb and blind person to not know that there is help out there when you need it. He opted not to reach out and ask for it, and that is a selfish thing for someone to do when they have three children who need them. Did he even stop for one second to think what this would do to THEM? Maybe, but obviously he didn't care. I feel sorry for the people he left behind that loved him, but honestly? I don't feel sorry for him. He took the cowards way out leaving everyone else to deal with the path of pain he left behind.

1132 days ago


Ppl usually wait until after the series is done to go kill themselves. Great ... I hope they don't edit him out I was trying to understand y it sucked to be married to him. It just looked like they didn't have a connection.

1132 days ago


I feel so sorry for Mr. Armstrong. He always looked like a fish out of water. He must have suffered hell and felt completely isolated towards the end. Nobody deserves to suffer this way.

1130 days ago


wonder how much shes gonna make on the tv interviews?

1130 days ago


I dont remember seeing the autopsy report showing the level of benzodiazipines he had in his system...if he took it 3 days before he died, it would still be in his system. Xanas stays for almost a week...very fishy.

987 days ago
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