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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Investigated By State Bar

8/18/2011 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, is being investigated by the State Bar of Florida, for possible ethical violations -- specifically, hiding information from the court.

The probe was triggered over a dogfight involving Anthony's 2010 conviction for check fraud.  She was placed on 1 year's probation, but the judge in the case made it clear on the bench -- the time Casey sat in jail awaiting her murder trial would not count toward the completion of probation.

Here's the problem ... the judge screwed up, and when he wrote the order placing Anthony on probation, it mistakenly read that the jail time would count toward completing probation.

Anthony's lawyers acted as if the written order was the final word, and as a result authorities -- who were in the dark -- determined Anthony had completed her probation.

The Chief Judge of the court lashed out at Baez, saying, "Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball," adding, Baez may have violated "an attorney's duty of candor."

On Baez' part, he told the judge he did indeed know about the trial judge's error but felt he had no obligation to inform the court.

The State Bar of Florida is now investigating the matter.


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baez thinks he,s a hot shot defense attorney now.however he,ll likely never win another case because he,s a lousy lawyer..casey only walked because 12 ill informed jurors had no clue what reasonable doubt meant!!!!!!!

1161 days ago


The Judge didnt make an ERROR - the person that transcribed the order left out part of the order and its been corrected.
Judge Perry was correct to admonish Baez - who cant help being what he is - and eventually he will be disbarred for his unethical practices. You can put his face up when they disbar him - its only a matter of time.

1161 days ago


She got a slap on the wrist. TIme served for lying to the polcie about murdering her daughter, nothing at all for actually murdering her daughter, and one year of probation for check fraud.

BUT in spite of that they want her to get away with everything because even a slap ont he wrist is apparently too much for her. It sickens me. One year of probation is more than what Casey's daughter got.

1161 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Florida law as described by Judge Belvin Perry clearly indicates that oral judgments trump written scripts. probably as everything is recorded live at the time. If you had watched the emergency hearing and read the 13 page judgement from Judge Perry you would understand better. The prosecution were not aware and there is/was no expectation of them being advised as it is not part of the process to notify them. Harvey you are wrong on this issue. It's not punitive it's justice. Provision was made to keep her personal information such as residence sealed for her safety.

1161 days ago


Even if the judge SAYS X, Y, and Z, the written order SIGNED BY THE JUDGE is the official order. If the Judge didnt mean the order that way, the Judge shouldnt have signed the order that way. The Judge cannot blame either attorney or the clerk on this one, baring forgery. If the judge signed it without reading it, that's all the judge's fault.

1161 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

So baez knew of the error an of course he stayed shut because he wants to protect a baby killer. Cassey killed her child, what parents waits 1 month before letting people know that her daughter is missing? Like I said let the karma fest begin! Anyone defending this baby killer will be put to shame along with her...

1161 days ago


Surprise, surprise - More nonsense from you rabid "I DON'T NEED EVIDENCE - I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED" weirdos.

HELLO: The judge made a do***ented error, which he in turn ADMITS to. End of story.

Baez being investigated is simply a dog treat being thrown to all the mindles*****ers, in the wake of Anthony's acquittal.

A feeble attempt to slap Baez that cannot and will not provide any fruit. If anything the zombie-pack should be focusing heat on the judge for... "allowing such a fundamental human error to occur in such an epic case".

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


Don't get me wrong; I don't like her, him, or the sentence. BUT, how is the judge accosting the attorney when it's the JUDGE who messed up? They should both be help accountable. If I made a mistake like this in my company I would be fired!

1161 days ago










1161 days ago


At first I thought he was just another sleazebag lawyer willing to get rich at the expense of a young child's life. Well, he is, but his relationship with his "client" is getting way creepy now. I would not be surprised in the least if these two are diddling each other. Although, like OJ, the Karma train is en route. It may be late from time to time but it always arrives eventually.

1161 days ago


Casey Anthony: Jose Baez being investigated by The Florida Bar for Casey Anthony probation issue

Jose Baez has a history of complaints with the Bar since taking Casey Anthony's case.

The Florida Bar told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday it is investigating defense attorney Jose Baez again, the latest probe related to Casey Anthony's probation issue.

Earlier this month, Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry heard arguments from Anthony's defense team on whether or not she should be required to serve probation.

At issue: Anthony pleaded guilty to 13 charges in a check fraud case in January 2010. Judge Stan Strickland sentenced her to time-served in jail, and a year of probation after her jail release.

But last month, when Anthony was acquitted of murder and released from the Orange County Jail, she wasn't put on probation. The Department of Corrections said Anthony served that probation in jail while she was awaiting the murder trial.

Soon after her release, Strickland amended his original order clarifying his intentions, which were clear in video and transcripts from the January 2010 sentencing.

Anthony's defense team objected, and Perry heard arguments from attorneys earlier this month.

Perry asked the defense team if they knew Anthony was serving her probation while she was in jail. One of Anthony's attorneys admitted that they did, but didn't think it was their burden to notify the court.

Perry eventually issued an order stating Anthony does have to report to probation.

In that order, Perry took up the issue with the attorneys too, saying that, "the failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener's error in the order may be a violation of an attorney's duty of candor."

"No attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court. ... Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball."

A spokeswoman with the Bar said no other information about the investigation into Baez is public.

It's unclear if the Bar initiated the inquiry on its own, or if someone filed a complaint against Baez.

Baez did not respond to requests for comment.

Baez has been the target of several other Bar inquiries since taking on Anthony's case in the summer of 2008. Anthony was acquitted last month on charges of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie.

*In September 2009, the Bar cleared Baez of an ethical complaint accusing him of getting paid inappropriately in the case.

*That same month, the Bar cleared Baez of ethics allegations made by private investigator Dominic Casey, who claimed Baez never paid him. He also said the attorney told him to walk away from Caylee's remains if he ever found them and contact Baez. Both complaints were dismissed based on insufficient evidence.

*Strickland wrote the Bar about the Dominic Casey incident, also resulting in no formal action against Baez.

*The Bar initiated its own investigation into Baez after the State Attorney's Office faxed news releases that seemed to be generated on his behalf by his former spokesman that were critical of State Attorney Lawson Lamar. The Bar found no disciplinary proceedings against Baez were appropriate.

*The Bar confirmed a separate complaint against Baez in early February. Specific details about that complaint have not been released.,0,3119012.story

1161 days ago


You are such an idiot. Jose Baez is a sleazebag who barely passed the Florida bar exam after failing the first 4 or 5 times.

1161 days ago


I'm shocked and, he's a sleaze bag like his client.

1161 days ago

chaz lane    

Wait, so the judge is pissed his mistake was hidden from him? Hey don't make the mistake in the first place, now look what you've done. Take this guys robe...

1161 days ago


It is not the lawyer's job to make sure the judge writes the orders right. Let's get real. If the judge was in Baez shoes and the order was written wrong, I highly doubt it if he or 99.99% of lawyers would have done the same thing.

It is a lot like parents grounded their teenager but they give the teen the car keys and $50.00 to go out and have a good time. It isn't the teens fault his parents forgot he was grounded.

1161 days ago
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