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Leo DiCaprio

1st Dibs on Ultra-Rare Hybrid

8/18/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0818_leo_decaprio_gettyAfter years of hype, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his hands on the most highly-anticipated hybrid car ... maybe EVER ... the 2012 Fisker Karma.

The car -- which has a base price around $100k -- is all the rage among the top players in the green community ... and according to reports, Al Gore and Colin Powell are next in line to get a Karma.

Sure it's expensive, but  the Karma is nothing compared to the world's most expensive hybrid car ... Porsche's 918 Spyder -- which will set you back an environmentally sound $845K.


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Paul K    

The representatives for Fisker are extremeley rude and snobby. I was at the auto show in 2010 and asked to be able to look at the car as I was thinking about putting a deposit on one, the sales rep said no, only people who have already put deposits down can see the car up close. Why would I give a new company several thousand dollars for something that I can't even sit inside! Obnoxious, better than thou eco-liberal snobs! BTW when I went over to the Lotus section, the rep was very nice, spent 10 minutes talking with me about the Evora. If I am to plunk down $100,000, it will definately not be for a Fisker.

1130 days ago


Car looks good to me. Me likey; me want one. It's better than a Prius. Karma get's 100 mpg, hybrid mode up to 125 mph, and 0-60... in 5.9 seconds. Leo already has an all-electric Tesla sports car....Tesla is moving away from the sports cars and making the sedans for the masses.

1130 days ago


This isn't as cool as the Prez's new wheels, "Death
Star One" and it's evil twin "Death Star Two"

1130 days ago


That Fiskar has a front end so ugly only its manufacturer could love it. Yuck...

1130 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

Pff... DiCaprio. He might not be annoying as Will Smith, but he's overrated and extremely overpaid. He's a movie star more than an actor. Freaking overactor with a little talent makes all this cash. Oh well...

1130 days ago


Glad they are making hybrid cars sexier. More people will want one if it satisfies the vanity factor most people have, especially men.

1130 days ago

fioo hoos    

PURE PUKE BS...and Once agin TMZ shows they know nothin bout autous.Tesla S model Clone at 100K wereas a Tesla S cost bout 40K.THE MOSLER MT900 XX...nick named the landshark is the most costly HYBRID car in the world and is even made in yourt own homeland and is built from carbon fiber and weight is 1898LBs and horse power is 2,500 from a twin turbo from 382 cubs on muti fuels.Petrol,methanol,hydrogen and ethanol and all burned in the all american built MOSLER MT900 GTR XX HYBRID that can run in the car pool lanes of LA all day long.Top speed is 305 MPH on the saltflats and the cost is well above any you have listed here plus at 1898 pounds and 2,500 Horse power it is the fastest street car ever built in any country and it an`t a german leftover BUGGY car for midget mudslider`SS

1130 days ago

fioo hoos    

You mean all electrical power? as being GREEN? not unless you have your own geothermal hydro power plant or green built solar power plant.ANY car can be built or refitted for batterys and made all electrical powered,,but that doesn`t mean its GREEN.MIT studies show that the cost and energys used to power hydrid cars is not much above no hybred cars or all electrical powered cars at this point and time due to the weight and cost and abitys of modern untill better batterys are built and there is more solar and hydro geothermal power plants and more green energys to power those batterys they are NOT as green as carbon burners.MPGs are better in a smart car than any battery powered car useing grid produced AC as the best mileage from a all electrical GREEN car is around 34 MPG and than there is the Gas used to built the solar and to produce the gas so on.GREEN cars at this point are`nt GREEN at all and don`t evem match the carbon burners in MPGs thus they use more carbons than carbon burners as most run off of grid powered untill they are all solar charged or geothermal charged they are BS fractions built for sells NOT MPGs or clean air.The smart Car gets over 57 MPG weights less used less everything gas oil road space and metals thus it is the best GREEN car ever built so far without those wet batterys which are a bad joke as far as green battery powered car go.

1130 days ago

fioo hoos    

If everyone runs out and gets a battery car the powerplants will have to produce more AC and more carbons will be burned and more heat up top for more green house effects.Geothermal energeys are clean and cost less than anyothers as MIT studies have shown over 200,000 years of power and with only a 3% tapping of that power we will have over 200% of our todays energy needs.The phippines island have 70% of all thier power from GREEN geothermal and even google has invested in geothermal than batterys could be green power.Better to use hydrogen power but that also take to much energy to produce.The smart car is the least costly and best GREEN clean burner at this point in time

1130 days ago

fioo hoos    

Why the F has de1crap prerow made hissel*****reenjeans?.He know nothin about being GREEN only that it could sell his face to the garbage man crew`ss.If it cost 100 K it an`t green as the energys alone to cover that cost would make it a pile of BS crapolos.Someone had to burn the midnight oils to produce it and to produce the cash to buy it and it an`t for the masses and isn`t cost effective so what if it cost more than a smuckers car that onlt means its a no go as far as green for the masses goes.I can buy 10 smarts cars pass than out for free and save more gas thusly less carbon for less green house effects than his ONE 100 K Pile of BS her knows nothin about being green he thinks he means$signs

1130 days ago

fioo hoos    

I`ll stick to my SMART CAR that gets about 60 MPGs and cost less than 12K and was built green and I can buy ten more and get more from my money thus be be greener plus that weight is less less metal less everything less money less costs less space less oil less rubber less is better and its safe and has tons of room inside.It burns high grade gas at 11.5/1 for a cleaner burn thus less carbons for less green house.Coal power plants can and are every clean burning also but heat from that power also builds up green house heat raisers and thermal losses screw up natural habs.When they built all geothermal power plants and better batterys than I will buy a cost effective green car

1130 days ago


car is amazing! Found a bunch more pictures of it on

1130 days ago


Congrats, Leo! Good choice! Enjoy!

1130 days ago


"P.S. For $100K, I'd rather drive a brand new Ford F-150 and have $70K in a bag on the seat next to me. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to piss it away."

Exactly. I can afford a car like that, but I'm happy with my 12000$ Nissan. With all the traffic, the speed bumps, and the police cameras, it gets me there in the same amount of time as that sports car would.

1129 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

the porsche 918 hybrid is just a lie from a douche german automaker. if was just a concept car and there was never anything electric about it. and you certainly can't buy it.

1129 days ago
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