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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Taylor Armstrong Beaten

Camille Grammer Threatened

8/19/2011 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
secretly revealed to cast members she was beaten so badly by Russell Armstrong she had to undergo surgery -- and when he found out she spilled the beans, he sent Camille Grammer a chilling, threatening email ... this according to multiple sources connected with the show.

We're told ... in late June, as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was shooting season 2 ... Taylor was severely beaten.  Sources say Russell hit her in the face so hard he cracked bones in her cheeks.  Sources say there are pictures of the injuries and they are "horrific."

Taylor -- who was hospitalized as a result of the beating -- tried to keep it a secret, but she had a big problem ... she couldn't show her face for weeks, and she feared she'd be fired for appearing to be uncooperative and flaky.

Sources say Taylor confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards ... both of whom urged Taylor to tell Bravo what really happened. 

We're told Taylor went home and told Russell about her conversation with the two women and the outrage they had shown when they heard what happened.  Russell reacted by sending Camille a "very threatening" email.  One source who read it said, "It was the rantings of a lunatic."

As for Taylor, her injuries were so bad ... shooting was delayed for several weeks.

Russell Armstrong Death


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I believe Bravo should re-edit. There is a time and place for putting your life out there. The man died, give some damn respect. His sucide is not the place for Bravo to reap ratings from...Have respect. It could of been someone in your family. Do you want the world to know every dirty little secrets in your life...some of these post destrube me, to know how many crule people are out there.

1162 days ago


To Jacqui...I truly don't believe anyone planned a sucide for the new season. Alot of people develope alot of balls from heaven when it come to posting. Sometimes what you say can come back to haunt you. Be blessed!

1162 days ago


Man, all of the women on these "Real Housewives of (insert town) really look worn and used up, no matter how much make up they put on. Nice bodies, but the faces just really reveal their age.

1162 days ago


Take the higher road Bravo.

1162 days ago


To TMZ: You have in the recent past of the deaths of our 80's Metal legenary icons, been very respectful on your site. Lets give the same respect to Russell Armstrong.

1162 days ago


I would have spread my legs for Russel, but he had no money! Next!

1162 days ago

Pebbles do not want to be known as the man who dissed on her dads death. Clean it up Harvey, I love your show..

1162 days ago


Is it me or is she really, really ugly?

1162 days ago

Good riddance!    

I can't stand any of these people and any of these shows, but this Russell person was a POS woman beating coward and I don't feel the least bit bummed he is no longer wasting oxygen. If anything, it's too bad he didn't do it sooner.

1162 days ago


Right now, it can only be called a case of he said, she said, the problem is, HE is no longer here to speak for himself. If it is indeed true he injured her so badly, then I think it is horrible. My only problem with Taylor is last season she lost a lot of credibility with me, by behaving like a bully and schemer with Kim Richards, and tried to create conflict between Kim and her sister. She was also frequently caught lying, she lied, and twisted Kim's words around, even though it was all caught on camera. She lied and said her daughter was the God-daughter of Adrienne, when it wasn't true, and then she lied about the her husbands wealth, claiming he was richer than Texas, and throwing an outrageous birthday party for her daughter to the tune of 60 thousand, even though it was putting her husband further in debt. Due to the fact that she told so many lies, it's just hard for me trust everything she says at face value, when the other party can no longer speak for himself. But it she is telling the truth, surely there was some sort of police record filed. If it's not made public, I think I will always be left wondering what the real story is, and we may never know for sure.

1162 days ago


For now it is still a case of he said, she said, and since he is no longer here, he can't speak for himself. If it is true, he beat her this severely, then I do think it is horrible, my only problem with Taylor is, she lost a lot of credibility with me last season, by bullying Kim Richards, and lying about things Kim had supposedly said, and done, even though, the real truth was all caught on camera. Even worse she tried to come between Kim and her sister. In effect, she came across lying, scheming and manipulative. She also misled everyone into believing her husband was fabulously wealthy, calling him richer than Texas, and throwing an outrageous birthday party for her daughter, to the tune of 60 thousand, when it was sinking her husband further in debt. Could this be part of the reason for all the conflict? Possibly, I only know I am reluctant to condemn a man who isn't here to speak for himself, until all the facts are out. Surely, there had to be some police report made, if the charges are indeed true.

1162 days ago


real housewives of my scrotal rash

1162 days ago


Talk is cheap....lets see the proof! More media attention grabbing........Please...Sheesh

1162 days ago


Stop the Presses and key up the web's time for Bravo and Housewives bosses to start the smear campaign on the poor dead man to save their ass's and their show.....And they don't care how many people they step on and throw filth on to do it ...anything to save their cash cow.....

If she was beaten that bad the hospital was under the obigation to inform the police of spousal abuse and he would have been arrested...And who is the witness ....Another lying hollywood whore who is still on her campaign to milk every red cent she can out of her ex husband.....
Harvey don't help these people show a bit of decency for God sake.....Have some respect already.....

1162 days ago


If it's true that he beat her so severely, then that is horrible. The problem is right now, it's a case of he said, she said, and he isn't here to defend himself. My only problem with Taylor, is that last season she lost a lot of credibility with me, by being a bully to Kim, and to have been caught lying on camera, by saying Kim said things she never did, and trying to instigate all sorts of trouble between her and her sister. Frankly, she came across as both a liar, and a troublemaker. She also misled people about the status of her husbands wealth, by claiming he was richer than Texas, and throwing an outrageous birthday party for her four year old, to the tune of 60 thousand dollars, obviously putting her husband further in debt, so she could show off for the cameras. This could well explain the tensions between them. I only know it's too soon for me to condemn a dead man, until there is further information coming forward. Shouldn't a police report have been filed after such a horrific injury?

1162 days ago
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