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Taylor Armstrong

Russell's Parents and I Agree

On Funeral Arrangements

8/19/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
and Russell Armstrong's parents are in agreement -- Russell will be cremated in Los Angeles and the funeral will be held in L.A. as well ... TMZ has learned.

Taylor's family law attorney, Troy Christiansen, tells TMZ, Taylor is "outraged" at attorney Ron Richards, who has said Taylor and her lawyer lied when they said they had looped Russell's family in on the funeral arrangements. 

Richards claimed that Taylor excluded Russell's family from any decisions.

As we reported, there was a conflict over whether Russell's body would stay in L.A. or be taken to Texas, but Christiansen says it's all been resolved and everyone is in agreement.

Christiansen said there was never an issue about cremation -- Russell expressly said he wanted to be cremated and not buried.  And since Taylor was Russell's wife at the time of his death, she's the one making the funeral arrangements, but Christiansen says Russell's family is fine with it.


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Throwback kid    

Will Bravo film the funeral then air it and make a profit off of it? I can't believe this poor guy wasn't even getting paid for being on tha silly show, he got to be humiliated for free.

1164 days ago


Here's a thought: Can they do her at the same time?

1164 days ago


Lordy Lordy Mercies from the heavens! Jesus up above reign down your fire on the fame seeking slime lawyer Ron Richard whoz waz all smiling during his interviews all over the damns place! I was all over my bube tubes and he kepts showing up a smelling up my rooms.. a mans has died people.. families are greiving and a commin togethers.. May the white doves raise up and help out this families up in the Hills of Beverly! They all seem like nice people who dos alot for peoples in need. May their paths bring thems contentments up in those hills and my heartz goes out to them allz. Thinking of that Taylor and sweet Kennedy during these dark times and prayers for peace to the Gods above!

1164 days ago


It's simply time to end "reality TV", which by the way is anything but!

1164 days ago


God last season was hard enough to take, this season will really suck, between that whiney alcoholic blonde, the C@@t Camille and no Taylor its gonna be to much.

1164 days ago


She burns him once again.

1164 days ago


I wonder how much she paid to look like that

1164 days ago


Russell's attorney has had more airtime knocking BRAVO and Taylor than Taylor and Russell had on the housewives show. Is that attorney getting PAID $$$ for all these interviews???

1164 days ago



1164 days ago


My Brother in Law (44) years young and a very nice guy committed suicide by hanging himself three weeks ago. He as well was distraught over a failed relationship.

Depression and suicide is no joke or laughing matter - I can tell you first hand.

I found my B-I Laws lifeless body hanging from a rope after several days of not calling us back.

For all you making a joke of this - please have some respect for the loss of a life and the pain one be in to commit such an act.

I pray for Russell, his friends and family for peace and comfort(regardless of the life style he lived-or what you think to be true- as we are all sinners). I pray he had Jesus in his heart and life as only he can be perfect and allow us into his Kingdom.

1164 days ago


please first of all may angels sit on the shoulders of their sweet, innocent children. with that said, domestic abuse is a family secret that has been swept under the carpet for to long. i know how devestating a sucide is for anyone i lost my brother.too soon because depression is stillto hurtful to even talk about. taylor thank you for getting the word out there are inspiring. i remember your speech at a fund raiser about abuse.. dont give up now. much love to you and your family, which includes russles other children.God Bless you oxoxoxo

1164 days ago


Russell AMstrong went bankrupt in 2005. Just AFTER he married Taylor. I assume she didn't married him for his money.

Amstrong signed to be in the show. Nobody forced him to do it. The rest of the housewives they are quite wealthy but I didn't see them to spend a huge amount of money on the show. Amstrong and Taylor they were the only ones who they spend $ 60,000 in their daughter's birthday. The rest of the cast they were shocked. What I'm trying to say it's that Amstrong didn't refuse to spend that crazy amount of money. He was in charge of their finances. Blaming Bravo and everyone else it means he didn't want to take charge of his own decisions.

1164 days ago


She didn't want him when he was alive! and shouldn't his three kids have a say in where he's buried?

1164 days ago

Free dating sites    

That's good, i think the conflict was senseless why we are fighting for stupid issues.

1164 days ago


It is sad that they are quarreling at the time of his death

1164 days ago
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