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What Would You Do With

"Real Housewives"?

8/20/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of Russell Armstrong has put the spotlight on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and reality TV. Is it just plain ol' entertainment or has it crossed the line into the danger zone? We want to know ...


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Bravo should cancel ALL of the "Real Housewives" series because they're sh-tty television. Some dimwit killing himself doesn't even enter into it.

1168 days ago


I think it's sad that no one wants to take responsibility for themselves. No one placed a gun to anyone's head and said do this show or else! So you have to reap what you sow. People need to stop with this "poor me" out look on life. Your grown you make your own path. So even though it is a sad thing that happen to this man and his family. It isn't Bravo's fault. The couple knew what they were in for when they signed up for the show. Same thing goes for remote people don't like the show....then...guess....what? Don'*****ch the damn thing.

1168 days ago


So despite something potentially killing you, ruining your relationships a million bucks would make people do it. People on the shows have millions and seem quite miserable. I don't get it. Like Biggie said, "mo money, mo problems."

1168 days ago

shel kaye    

If the show continues , it should be without Taylor...she is clearly a fame whore and a wannabe.I am quite sure that her daughter would still have her father around if Taylor had used better judgement,and considered the welfare of those around her (instead of just herself). She is trash!

1168 days ago


It's a reality tv show and this is the reality of the situation.. No one made him do the show, everyone is responsible for their own actions. The show should not be editted or cancelled they all signed contracts and they should be up held.

1168 days ago


If you asked what I would do with the "housewives" themselves then I would say send them on a one way boat trip to an uncharted island, and make sure their boat breaks down, but please don't take any cameras.

1168 days ago

Mike Honcho    

Reality TV doesn't ruin relationships. People do. Reality TV doesn't abuse spouses, People do. This is the classic " LET'S Blame something that isn't really the issue here instead of the person for their actions" Take responsibility and accountability for the things you have done or do and stop trying to blame the media, the tv shows, etc.

1168 days ago

Snow White    

I wish all reality shows would disappear. They are so boring. Give me a well written, well acted show any day ( which rules out 99% of the cr*p on network tv, too).

1168 days ago


Russell was a jerk before Taylor was cast on Real Houswives, the show just exposed that to a national audience. Plus, Bravo has nothing to do with him losing all of his money.

1168 days ago


I feel so bad for him, his family, and Kennedy, but I have to say that i think it's so incredibly hypocritical of viewers to act like Bravo should cancel RHOBH and that it's their fault. First of all, i find it incredibly stupid that people had so much negativity and hatred to spew towards russel on the first season, but now that he died, they all of a sudden feel soooo bad. Second, i think the Media had more to do with it than bravo ever did. They literally blasted this mans life to shreds ina matter of days. His "absuive" past was on thousands of websites in a matter of hours! Thrid, They agreed to do the show. The bottom line is that they were willing to sign the contract, and if things were this bad, they shouldn't have done so at all! If not for themselves, for their daughter. Producers did not hand a gun to them and make them go on tv. I also think that people are ignorant for ignoring the fact that 1 out of multiple wives and husband went this far, not all of them did. I obviously feel bad, like many people do, but i hate the fact that the media (the silent killers) are acting sosoosos sad about this.

1168 days ago


The only way Bravo will end these ridiculous series if it it becomes too big a finanical liability -- either through insurance premiums or a lawsuit. What would be most fitting is if it were one of the Housewives who sued Bravo into oblivion -- exactly what the station deserves.

1168 days ago


Although it's horrible that this man decided he couldn't handle his life anymore, nobody should be blamed for what he chose to do. It's a shame he couldn't find the inner strength to overcome the obstacles in front of him, so he could be a father to his kids. Maybe even be able to show them how to handle the adversities of life. Nobody said life was supposed to be least nobody ever said that to me.

1168 days ago


Let Andy Cohen perform in a reality show and blindside him with people from his past that don't like him..oh BUT first let him sign his soul away on the dotted line of his realty TV contract. He wrote the book on this crap..loser.

1168 days ago

Donna Hitchner    

Is Bravo and everyone else blind? Through the whole first season, Russell never acted like he really wanted to be any part of the show. It was always Taylor that was putting
Russell down. It was like nothing he did was good enough for her. I feel like Russell was a very sad man that didn't know what to do anymore. I pray that GOD has mercy on some people that commit suicide. I think some people become so depressed that it's the only wat to rid themselves of it. My heart is really breaking thnking about that precious little girl having to grow up with out her daddy. Prayers are with tge whole family. GOD Bless

1168 days ago


This happens every day. It's just unfortunate that this happened to a Reality TV Star's husband. I do not think that Reality TV ruins lives. B/C if you are getting divorced or have problems, you know they were there..but if you are a strong unit you will work through anything. It's their fault that they signed up for this...and remember people-SUICIDE IS SELFISH! It's sad his life has ended, but Suicide is a choice. Just like being on these shows is a choice. It's sad..but it happens.

1168 days ago
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