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"Real Housewives"?

8/20/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of Russell Armstrong has put the spotlight on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and reality TV. Is it just plain ol' entertainment or has it crossed the line into the danger zone? We want to know ...


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How about Taylor's responsibility?! To publicize herself and the show, she took to media to discuss her problems. Where is responsibility of one's actions? Domestic violence is never right and a serious issue. This could have been discussed with serious therapy first, not to the entire world.

1107 days ago


How dare you say this person or that person is to blame for someones death ! I went threw the same stuff a couple of months ago and its the hardest thing ever. Seriously why dont you people get a ******* real job ! Instead of writing s***my news. You've crossed the line this time. WAY OVER THE LINE !

1107 days ago


It is absolutely NOT BRAVO'S FAULT that Russel Armstrong took his own life. The guy dug himself millions of dollars into debt... (allegedly) took millions from a company he represented to keep himself afloat... hence being sued for fraud... took out his frustrations by beating and hospitalizing his wives, and then reached for the end of a rope, so to speak. Just because Bravo put a camera into the mix, does not make culpable. That's crazy. If anything, Taylor and Bravo were helping to keep this guy afloat financially. Russel Armstrong was just looking for someone else to blame when he pointed the finger at Bravo, and so is the general public.

1107 days ago


While, I certainly think it is unfortunate that this man killed himself, Bravo and the Real Housewives franchise had little to do with it. If he indeed battered Taylor and I believe that he did and this reality was caught on tape...GOOD! He needed to be exposed. It was his behavior that led to his death. Had he not abused her and try to maintain a public persona of being an ideal husband he would not have been ****tered and in a deep depression.

1107 days ago


Bravo, I love to watch all the women from your Beverly Hills series.I do not think your program is responsible for Russell Armstrongs death.I do not think you knew he was an abuser.I think you should air this all of this for the sake of all women who are abused.This marriage would have never succeeded in real life without TV reality.Taylor would have never been satisfied with him nor Russell with her because of his track record. I do not think either one of them cared enough about each other to comfort one another through hard times. I feel sad for both but air it all.

1107 days ago


The greater problem is that the time span between filming and airing is ridiculous--in so many cases, the content is irrelevant by the time the public sees it. Why bother watching?? Time marches on...
Re-editing would be lame. On RHOC, not only was Jeff's death not off-limits, there was no end to the other women targeting Gretchen post-death for her motives toward the relationship.

1107 days ago

Quinn Stone    

Why does TMZ continue to write about this wife beating loser who killed himself? He took the chicken Sh*t way out with out the consideration of his children. This guy is not a celebrity or even worth a mention. Let's focus on people who did not hang themselves.

1107 days ago


There are no TV shows or another person that can be blamed for a suicide.Grownups have choices. It was his choice to signup for it and also for another season. Whatever pushed him to the edge was already lurking in his pysch. A lot of people have pressures but don't commit suicide or crackup.I feel for the family but it's time adults take responsibility for their own actions and stop playing the blame game when things go wrong.

1107 days ago


many actors have committed suicide should they just shut down the entertainment industry all together? how about musicians who have committed suicide, should we ban music? I don't understand the logic in blaming the show for this mans suicide.
We can't say without a doubt had he never been on the show the issues that lead to his downfall and decision to take his own life would not have happened regardless.
Depression isnt exclusive to reality TV

1107 days ago


THIS IS FOR, FISH. I agree with your comments and with similar ones by others on this site. I have never given more than a few seconds, of my time, for anything labeled, "housewives" or, "reality." A complete waste of time on so-called people absent of, talent. These individuals would not stand a chance against what we had, a few years ago, of highly talented writers, producers, businesses and corporations who were able to recognize the best of the best Television has been scraping bottom for years for lack of real talent. All these "actors" and "actresses" have to do is, smile pretty and, BINGO, a star is born. How pathetic to pass on to our children. Unfortunately, unless many of the "old" shows come back, they will never, never know "real" talent. How sad!!!

1107 days ago


OH PLEASE!! Noone told him to have sex with men and hide it, noone told him live beyond his means, and noone made him swing by his neck, He did it all on his own, HIS choice!! I get so sick of people wanting to blame others. People have no accountability these days. These people are fully aware of what they're signing up for when they do it. Something happens and his family wants to sue. Doubt they'll get a penny and they shouldn't. He was weak and selfish and that's all there is to it.

1107 days ago


Kill the show, not the people.

1107 days ago


It isn't the networks or the producers that ruin peoples is the people themselves. They chose to go on the show and what comes out of it is their fault. If they felt that the show was mistreating them, they could have stopped (maybe not during the first season, but at least after). We need to stop blaming everyone else for our own problems. Shows like this may be crappy tv, but they still shouldn't be blamed!

1107 days ago


Oh sure, people sign up for the show, they sure do.
At that point, all they can see is the fame and fortune (or in Russell's case - the fame and fortune his wife was so desperate for).

Yeah, at the point of signing, they aren't thinking - Andy Cohen is going to use any means he can find to degrade and humiliate me in front of all of America until I can't hold my head up when I am out in the public -- He would never use me that way just to get better ratings for his "reality" show.... they are only seeing dollar signs and stars.

1107 days ago

one voice    

Folks, let us remember there are 3 children out here who have lost their father. Therefore, it would be distasteful to air the show to include any of them; Russell, Taylor, and Kennedy. Seriously, what advertiser would want their brand associated with such an event where you have 3 children whose father is already dead, has been quoted as speaking out in fear of being crucified by the show, and the outcome of the show is his death. Reality TV, BRAVO, etc, please get a grip on reality!

1107 days ago
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