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"Storage Wars"

Mystery Trunk Contained $24,000

In De-Faced Bills

8/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's the creepiest jackpot ever -- a recent bidder on "Storage Wars" paid $400 for a bunch of crap, including an old trunk ... which contained a shocking $24,000 in cash ... but for some reason, none of the bills had faces on them.

In case you're unfamiliar -- the A&E show features auctions in which people bid on the abandoned contents of large storage lockers ... but they only get a few seconds to see what's inside.

Laura Dotson -- who runs the auction company for the show with her husband Dan -- tells TMZ, the buyer paid the $400 for the locker ... and soon after, discovered the MOUNTAIN of cash inside the trunk.

The eerie part -- whoever owned the trunk beforehand drilled the faces out of every single bill. It's unclear why, but we're told the money was still considered legal tender ... despite losing face.

U.S. Treasury Fun Fact -- A bank will accept bills with the faces cut out ... if the both serial numbers are still in tact and the bills pass a series of tests.


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Grammar Police    

"... if the both serial numbers are still in tact ..."
PLEASE, PLEASE contact me for a job proofreading your articles. The "the" before "serial numbers" needs to be removed and "in tact" should be "intact. Very disappointed in you.

1160 days ago

Grammar Police    

"... if the both serial numbers are still in tact ..."
PLEASE, PLEASE contact me for a job proofreading your articles. The "the" before "serial numbers" needs to be removed and "in tact" should be "intact. Very disappointed in you.

1160 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

On Storage Wars they actually get 5 minutes to see inside the locker. They can't touch anything, they have to stay outside. And the storage lockers are not large, some have been small.

1160 days ago


Storage wars just like Pawn Stars is a SCRIPTED TV SHOW ! ! !

The items in these storage unts are STAGED.

These strange bills are just another way for the show to get publicity.

Amazing how gulliable people are.

1160 days ago


I'll take it!

1160 days ago


I reall would love to know if anyone of you knows when and if this episode will air it will be a very exciting episode thanks

1160 days ago

Bean Reel    

I hope Barry bought this locker, and gives Dave the finger!!!!

1159 days ago

kevin lafferty    

How many units do they go through before they hit a television worthy one?

1151 days ago


Just went this week August 31, 2011 to Now and Then Thrift store in Orange CA, owners are Brandi and Jared from Storage Wars on A & E. I was very disappointed with the merchandice as well as the high prices for junk. But thats not why I will never go back, its because they would not allow my 83 year old mother to use the restroom, they really need to rethink this rule, unless of course the back of the store is kept very dirty. They may want to bend the rules for the elderly and the handicapped. They actually send their customers three stores down the strip mall to a used book store, which was nice enough to let my mother use of their restroom.

1147 days ago

Shari Shay    

I think there ought be be a show of yard sale wars! Same type of deal, but have the people all bid on whatever it is your selling at your yrd sale and the highest bidder takes everything, every and ALL the items that's in the yard sale! No pains no headaces of having to deal with signs and all the strange kind of people coming to your home milling around your yard.

1139 days ago

Christie Bell    

What difference does it make if the show is staged or not? It is entertaining and fun to watch!

1135 days ago


There was an episode where they opened up the storage door and each clip was different. Each characters were looking in... the boxes was either taped up and neatly stacking or knocked down!

1119 days ago


I love TMZ! I wish I could get a job there.

1109 days ago


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1100 days ago


Its always good for TV to have Drama. And storage Wars has the ULTIMATE ******* That Dave Buster! What a DOUCHE!

1078 days ago
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