'Storage Wars' Bargain Hunters Store Hit By Burglars Again!!!

Bargain Hunters Thrift

"Storage Wars" star Rene Nezhoda is having a bad case of déjà vu -- his store was burglarized, again ... and this time the crooks made off with thousands in merch, again.

So here's the deal, Rene and his wife, Casey -- owners of the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store featured on the show -- say they were enjoying a day off back on February 17 when they were notified that a couple of thieves were ransacking the San Diego area store.

We’re told surveillance camera footage shows the burglars entered through a back door after smashing the glass. When the dust finally settled ... we're told they made off with tons of sports memorabilia cards and other collectibles worth between $7k-$8k.

On top of that ... Rene, Casey and their crew say the store was a disaster -- physical damages only ran 'em about $1,500, but it took a long time to clean up the mess.

Two things to note ... Rene says the burglars missed out on some VERY expensive trading cards, and thinks one of the thieves left behind some possible evidence. DOH!!!

A spokesperson for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department tells TMZ ... detectives are in the initial phase of the investigation, but are working a few leads they've developed since the heist. They have not identified the suspects yet

As we reported ... Rene and Casey's store was hit back in May 2019 with the culprits jacking around $2,000 worth of rare coins and causing $2,000 worth of damage.

'Storage Wars' Barry's Back!!! Returns to Show After Bad Bike Crash

It's going to take more than serious injuries from a motorcycle crash to keep Barry Weiss away from the auction block ... he's back for the new season of "Storage Wars."

Sources close to production of the reality TV series tell TMZ ... they've resumed filming for Season 13 the past few weeks in L.A. and Orange County, and Barry's among the returning OG stars.

We're told he was on set earlier this week to shoot, and as you can see ... he's looking pretty good for a guy who had multiple surgeries on his back and femur less than 2 years ago following a nasty motorcycle accident.

We're told Darrell Sheets is another "Storage Wars" favorite returning for the upcoming season, along with Rene and Casey Nezhoda, Ivy Calvin, and Kenny Crossley. Dave Hester and Mary Padian will not be returning.

The show's been off the air since early 2019, but it looks like it's coming back strong ... just like Barry.

The new season of "Storage Wars" premieres April 20 on A&E.

'Storage Wars' Star Dan Dotson Son Shot in Lake Havasu ... Life Saved in Surgery

The son of "Storage Wars" star Dan Dotson got shot and had to be airlifted to a hospital for surgery ... but he's expected to survive.

Dan shared the troubling news Sunday on Twitter, saying he got a call his son, Garrett, was shot in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Dan said Garrett was stable at first, but then things got worse a few hours later.

Garrett's mom, Laura, tells TMZ ... her son was walking his date to a car when he heard someone say something and then he got shot. She said he was able to call 911 himself and rushed to a local hospital ... where doctors determined the bullet hit a main blood vessel to his heart and also fractured his spine.

Laura says the injury was so bad he had to be airlifted to a Vegas trauma hospital ... and during the flight a doctor's hand was in Garrett's chest to stop the bleeding. She says the move saved his life.

We're told he's now out of surgery and was able to move his foot, which is a very positive sign.

Dan wrote ... "Thank you to the surgeon that saved my son from bleeding out on the air trip to Vegas Thank you everyone for the prayers & positive thoughts thrown our way. Garrett is out of surgery & is expected to survive."

We reached out to law enforcement about the shooting. Police say no arrests have been made yet, but they are actively investigating.

'Storage Wars' Rene's Ready to Cash In ... On 'Dude Perfect' Storage Unit

"Storage Wars" star Rene Nezhoda just found a virtual pot of gold buried in a Dallas storage locker -- because it's filled with trinkets from "The Dude Perfect Show."

Rene -- who runs the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store featured on the reality show -- tells TMZ ... he and two buddies, Jeremy Hales and Justin Grimes, dropped $2,770 on a storage unit this week in Texas, and when they got inside they realized it used to belong to the super-popular YouTube stars.

"Dude Perfect" has a massive following -- 47.1 million subscribers -- so you've probably seen their insane sports trick shot videos, or recognize them from their Super Bowl commercial.

It's quite a haul for Rene ... the storage locker is filled with "Dude Perfect" props dating back to their first season -- trophies, a massive baseball mitt, the famous panda costume and more.

Rene says he's only combed through about 30 percent of the unit so far -- it's so jam-packed -- and starting Tuesday he's going to put everything up for auction, and he's expecting to rake in $50,000!!!

Ex-'Storage Wars' Star Dave Hester 'Yuuuuuuup!!!' Back to Work After Suffering Stroke

Ex-"Storage Wars" star Dave Hester is once again belting "Yuuuuuup!" at storage locker auctions ... but he needed months of intense therapy to get there.

Dave tells TMZ ... it was back in November when he woke up one night feeling sick and having trouble breathing. His GF rushed him to the hospital in Newport Beach, CA, where he suffered a hemorrhagic stoke.

Doctors performed a battery of tests and determined he had been suffering from sleep apnea. Tests revealed when he slept his breathing stopped more than 100 times an hour. The deprivation of oxygen along with high blood pressure triggered the stroke.

Dave tells us he spent days in the ICU and was then transferred to a live-in rehab facility for a month. The famous auctioneer -- arguably the face of A&E's popular show -- suddenly went from hunting down forgotten treasures in storage lockers to learning how to walk again and do the most basic functions -- like shower.

He's not fully recovered yet, but he's working with neurologists and other medical professionals to get back in shipshape condition.

Whatever his limitations ... they aren't enough to keep him from his auctioneer duties.

Dave's not the only OG cast member who has suffered health recently. As we reported ... ex-costar Darrell Sheets was hospitalized earlier this year after a heart attack and fan-favorite Barry Weiss is still recovering from multiple surgeries following a terrible motorcycle crash.

'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Out of ICU ... Lands Casino Gig!!!

Barry Weiss can now breathe a sigh of relief ... he's out of danger, but now the long road to recovery begins.

TMZ broke the story ... the "Storage Wars" star and popular auction guru suffered severe injuries in a scary motorcycle accident back in April after a car pulled out of a parking space and nailed him.

He was riding with a friend at the time ... as they slammed into the back of the car but Barry got the worst of it. As we first reported ... Barry landed in ICU and had to undergo multiple surgeries on his back and on his femur. He spent weeks in the hospital but a rep for Barry tells TMZ ... he's finally out.


We're told Barry's currently in an outpatient program and going through the long, hard process of rehab. The ordeal hasn't stopped Barry from working. He was just named the new face of Sherwood Valley Casino.

We're told Barry will do voice-over work for the NorCal casino while he's in rehab. When he recovers, the casino's global brand ambassador will appear in TV commercials to pimp the joint and also do meet and greets.

For now, Barry's rep says the reality TV star's thankful for the concern and well wishes his fans have shown since the accident. #OnwardsAndUpwards.

'Storage Wars' Bargain Hunters Store Burglarized

One of the shops featured on "Storage Wars" was broken into over Memorial Day weekend -- costing its reality TV star owners a few thousand dollars and a crappy day of cleanup.

Rene Nezhoda -- who runs the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store with his wife, Casey -- tells TMZ ... a thief, or group of thieves, smashed through the front glass doors of his San Diego-area business early Saturday morning around 4 AM ... and made off with some of their goods.

We're told the culprits jacked around $2,000 worth of rare coins Rene and Casey had in their possession, and ended up doing about another $2,000 of damage to the store in total.

All in all ... the Nezhodas are looking at a minimum set back of $4,000.

Rene and Casey posted a video of the aftermath later in the day, and it's clear they were pissed about the break-in. Rene goes so far as to call the culprit "the lowest scumbag out there." Check out his tour of how the burglars got in and out ... it's a pretty entertaining breakdown, even if it's a crappy financial situation for them.

Rene says they filed a police report and it's under investigation. It sounds like the security system the couple has set up inside saved them from losing out on more stuff ... 'cause we're told an alarm was triggered during the crime and alerted authorities.

'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Difficult Road Ahead After Motorcycle Crash

Barry Weiss is being put through the wringer following his nasty motorcycle accident, and he has more obstacles ahead on his road to recovery.

Sources close to the "Storage Wars" star tell TMZ ... he's had to undergo multiple surgeries since the crash last week -- one on his back and one on his femur. We're told more procedures will follow.

Despite the difficulties, our sources say Barry's in stable condition and alert ... and he's eager to get out of a hospital bed and go home.


We've also obtained a 911 call of the incident from the driver of the car that was hit by Barry's chopper. She tells the operator she got hit from behind, and someone was tending to him on the street.

We broke the story ... Barry and his friend were riding bikes last Wednesday in the Los Feliz area of L.A. when a car allegedly pulled out in front of them from a parking space. Barry and his friend both slammed into the back of it and went down, but Weiss got the worst of it.

We're told drugs or alcohol were not a factor in the accident.

Get well soon, Barry!!!

'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Hospitalized in ICU with Broken Bones After Motorcycle Accident

2:24 PM PT -- Barry's friend, Jamie, posted a video from the crash scene taken moments after the accident he dubbed a big disaster. In a separate post showing him in the hospital bed, Jamie says he got lucky with only a broken knee, elbow and wrist. He says Barry's in a much worse condition with a serious chest and leg trauma.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Storage Wars" star Barry Weiss is attempting to recover from a really bad motorcycle accident that landed him in the hospital with broken bones and other internal injuries ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the incident went down Wednesday around 2:30 PM in the Los Feliz area where he and another friend were each riding bikes.

We're told a car pulled out from a parking space, apparently without looking, and Barry and his friend slammed into the back of the car. Both went down.


We're told Barry was transported to an L.A. hospital, and he's currently in the ICU, but he's in stable condition. We're told drugs and alcohol are NOT a factor.

Barry, the eccentric and lifelong antique collector, appeared in seasons 1-4 of "Storage Wars" ... often riding in classic cars. He left the hit A&E show and had a short-lived spinoff called, "Barry'd Treasure." BTW, he's also Jesse James' godfather.

It's been a tough year for OG "Storage Wars" cast members. Just last month ... Darrell Sheets was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

Originally published -- 7:46 AM PT

'Storage Wars' Darrell Sheets Hospitalized After Heart Attack

"Storage Wars" star Darrell Sheets has landed in the hospital after suffering a heart attack and he'll need to undergo surgery to address the health scare.

Darrell says he's been very sick for 3 months and a couple of nights ago he suffered what he called a mild heart attack. The reality star -- who said he'll undergo surgery Tuesday but did not specify -- also said he found out he has congestive heart failure and a severe issue with his lungs.

Famous for gambling on storage lockers, Darrell took to Facebook to update fans with a picture of himself in a hospital bed and next to his wife, Romney Snyder. Darrell captioned the pic, "Well here we go I wasn't going to say anything, but you all have been the greatest friends and fans."

He went on to say, "Today I am having surgery so all your prayers would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for being there for me. It's been a great #storagewars and as you can see Romney is right by my side. Love you Rom."

Get well soon!!!

Mark Wahlberg Early Career Gear Up for Grabs ... Discovered in Old Storage Lockers!!!

A bunch of Mark Wahlberg's old and seemingly forgotten stuff has been found in abandoned storage units, and now ... a lot of it's hitting the auction block.

"Storage Wars" star Rene Nezhoda tells TMZ ... his friend Kevin went to a storage facility in the San Fernando Valley a few weeks back and bought 3 small lockers for $3k, which turned out to contain the actor's gear from years ago.

We're told the units contained some personal items -- family photos, kids' handprints and a dog's ashes -- but fortunately, Kevin was able to track down Mark's management and return them as a good deed ... free of charge.

All the other stuff is up for grabs, though ... with Wahlberg's blessing. As you can see in the pics, it includes old trophies and awards, golf photos, mementos from his "Boogie Nights" days, and yes ... Marky Mark memorabilia. There's also some furniture.

As for why Wahlberg lost ownership of the lockers -- Rene suspects someone on Mark's team simply forgot to pay the rent, and after 3 months of not paying, the lockers can go up for sale.

Kevin swooped and it's looking like a solid move. The items go up for auction Saturday.

'Storage Wars: Miami' Star Fatal Shooting At Viewing Party Star's Son Charged with Murder

Storage Wars: Miami” star Kevin Pew tackled and wrestled a gun out of his son’s hands after he allegedly shot and killed a family friend … this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

The story of the shooting surfaced last week, but we've now learned the TV show was the backdrop for the violence.

Pew, his son and others were at a viewing party in Pembroke Pines, FL for the 'Storage Wars' spin-off.

Cops say the Pews and family friend Janel Hamilton were watching when Hamilton left the room to grab a blanket. They heard a gunshot, ran into the room and saw Hamilton on the floor. Kevin’s son, Hashim, allegedly walked over, fired a second shot at her and said, “She’s dead as f***, dawg.”

According to the police report, Kevin tackled his son to the ground, wrestled a .9mm out of his hands and restrained him until cops arrived and took the 23-year-old into custody.

The son has been charged with first degree murder.


'Storage Wars' Brawl Caught on Video


10:55 PM PST -- Dan just tweeted: We're sorry Storage Wars fans! Violence is never the answer, it's not OK. We were attacked & did what anyone would do. #StopBullying

We just obtained video of the massive brawl that erupted on the "Storage Wars" set ... and it's as crazy as we first heard.

Short story ... Dan Dotson, the auctioneer, missed a bid. Producers needed to make things right, so they told Dave Hester -- a regular on the show who often bids on storage lockers -- to tell Dave about his oversight. Dan ignored Dave, so producers told Dave to persist. And that's when all hell broke loose.

The video shows how heated things got ... Laura, Dan's wife, is ballistic at Dave for knocking her to the ground.

In the end, Dave was kicked off the set and went to the hospital for a tetanus shot because Laura scratched him, drawing blood.

Production was halted. Take that, Real Housewives.

'Storage Wars' This Bid's Gonna Hurt ... Brawl Breaks Out at Auction!

A couple of "Storage Wars" stars just got into a massive fight -- with fists, and even a WIFE getting thrown around ... TMZ has learned.

The brawl broke out Friday afternoon while the cast was shooting in Palm Springs. Dan Dotson was holding an auction when according to witnesses ... he missed a bid placed by Mary.

We're told producers asked Dave Hester to tell Dan about the mistake, but Dan initially ignored him. When Dave approached again ... Dan got heated and screamed, "F**k you, David! I'm going to kill you!"

That's when the melee erupted -- we're told Dave punched Dan in the face ... then Dan raked Dave's eye. Dan's wife, Laura, jumped on Dave's back, and then SHE got tossed through the air! Security guards eventually broke it up, and we're told Dave immediately wanted to get back to the auction.

No dice. Producers booted Dave, who we're told was heading to a hospital. Unclear what he hurt in the fight.

Right now, the plan is continue shooting the auction ... sans Dave.

3:00 PM PT -- Producers decided to shut down the shoot after all. We're told Dave's in the ER getting a tetanus shot ... because Laura scratched him.

'Storage Wars' Star to A&E Pay Up or I'm OUT!!

The A&E hit show "Storage Wars" could lose one of its biggest stars ... because of guys who are younger, cheaper and hungrier.

Sources connected to "Storage Wars" veteran Darrell Sheets tell us the network is going to cut his pay in half, from around $30k an episode to $15k.

And there's more bad news for Sheets ... we're told he's slated to appear in only 4 of the show's 26 episodes. Sheets thinks the handwriting is on the wall -- he's being phased out so the network can put in new guys who will work for a lot less.

Our Sheets sources say he's willing to walk, because he's gotten offers to do other TV shows.

A rep from A&E tells TMZ they plan to go forward with the season, whether Darrell's a part of it or not.

'Storage Wars' Star Dan Dotson Released From Hospital After Double Brain Aneurysm

"Storage Wars" auctioneer Dan Dotson was released from the hospital Sunday ... and Dan says his double brain aneurysm didn't cause any permanent damage.

Dan tells us he's allowed to return to work in 2 weeks ... but for now, doctors have ordered him to rest at home and check his blood pressure every hour.

Dan tells us it was a miracle he survived -- crediting his team of doctors for saving his life.

The reality star is vowing to turn his health around now that he's been given a second chance.

Now that's a good deal.

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